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OOTB 290 – 28 February 2008

Posted 28/02/2008 By admin

The Canon’s Gait was packed for a fun-packed night of stylish performers – Big Jim wore his compering hat and an exceedingly fetching Out Of The Bedroom t-shirt (available at OOTB, be quick to get hold of this season’s limited edition must-have!).

OOTB 289 – 21 February 2008

Posted 21/02/2008 By admin

Darren Thornberry, Colin Milne, Starship, Hannah O’Reilly, Johnny Pugh, Aaron Lowen Berger, Rossco Galloway (Featured Act), Yogi, Colin Donati, Nigel Ashworth (debut), Ian Petrie

Our compere, Darren Thornberry, kicks things off with ‘In Theory’ which features his trademark soaring counter-tenor. The tentative early days of a relationship trusting nothing do not last and the novelty cannot sustain forever, love was meant to hold us.

OOTB 288 – 14 February 2008

Posted 14/02/2008 By admin

A bit of an apology to go with this review, as essentially I’m writing it from memory. I was compering the night and our reviewer sadly couldn’t make it. I didn’t take any notes or anything, but this morning I decided it would be a pity not to document the night in some way. So don’t expect much detail (and if you want song names you can pretty forget it). Nonetheless I shall do my best to convey the mood of what was a superb (if short) evening in the company of a wistful few music lovers who have nothing better to do on Valentine’s night.

OOTB 287 – 7 February 2008

Posted 07/02/2008 By admin

OOTB 287 – 7 February 2008

Performers: Nelson Wright, Aaron Lowenberger, Jonny D, Fletcher, Jim Tudor, Will Tomson, Lindsay Sugden, Mike, Jim Whyte.

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