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OOTB 336 – 31 March 2009

Posted 31/03/2009 By admin

Tonight was no ordinary OOTB- as the banner across the stage proudly proclaimed to all and sundry, tonight’s OOTB was all in aid of Oxjam; this could mean only one thing: bring on the covers!

OOTB 335 – 24th March 2009

Posted 24/03/2009 By admin

It’s another mammoth pot-pourri of excellent music tonight at OOTB, so without further ado, here’s what i wrote about it, hurriedly, and on borrowed paper…

Edinburgh gigs during the Festival…

Posted 23/03/2009 By admin

If anyone is interested in playing in the Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival and/or slots on the Pear Tree garden stage in August check out www.freefestival.co.uk and email alex@laughinghorse.co.uk

OOTB 334 – 17 Mar 2009

Posted 17/03/2009 By admin

An outstanding night, filled with so many new performers of great quality. We old-timers are wondering if the new vanguard has arrived.

OOTB 333 – 10 March 2009

Posted 10/03/2009 By admin

Now the stars go out, one by one – to the noise and the traffic of the Edinburgh streets – their paths which were entwined become difuse again, while the moon looks sagely on – as it has for a very long time – do i detect a smile from the face on the moon, between those craters and loose rocks ?

OOTB 332 – 3 March 2009

Posted 03/03/2009 By admin

Out Of the Bedroom 332 – Review 03/03/09

Willie (Furious), Eddie (machar granite), Ross Neilson, Nicky Carder, Mark, Mia, Tommy, Gerry, Jim Bryce, Dave Robertson, CBQ, The Victorians and Mayhew.

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