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Dave Robertson demos online!

Posted 23/04/2009 By admin

He’s not been along to OOTB for a few weeks (as far as i know), but he’s posted a link to his new site in the OOTB bulletin board, Dave Robertson, aka Heroin in a Nutshell, has some demos online that you can listen to with your ears. Get to it, and then let him […]

OOTB 338 – 14 April 2009

Posted 14/04/2009 By admin

Mutant Lodge Nyk started off with a set of new material, the only thing you can expect about Nyk’s songs is that you don’t know what to expect. Mr Sleaze was a bright and buzzy satire about a music night host who only opens his mouth in order to change feet. Well that’s my interpretation […]

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