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OOTB 349 – 30 June 2009

Posted 30/06/2009 By admin

Nicky Carder This was an impromptu set from Nicky. Her first song, ‘In Hiding’ was by request. She instantly hits us with her stunning voice and I get goosebumps. Her second song was about her favourite pair of purple shoes. I just love the fact that she can write a song about shoes, it really […]

OOTB 348 – 23 June 2009

Posted 23/06/2009 By admin

OOTB 23/06/09 Calum and Jimmy Carlyle Orkney’s finest kick us off with a jaunty tale of childhood games and playing soldiers in the street, named eerily ‘Commando’. Their second is a protest song which talks of ‘the promise of better days’. Jimmy has the rhythm on guitar, while Calum embellishes on Mandolin, giving warmth to […]

Songwriters Unite!

Posted 21/06/2009 By admin

Just a quick post to make you aware of this new Facebook group i heard about, for performing songwriters. As far as i can see, it’s an attempt to create a loose union of performing songwriters worldwide on Facebook. Here’s the link: http://www.facebook.com/inbox/?drop&ref=mb#/group.php?gid=110532175707

OOTB 347 – 16 June 2009

Posted 16/06/2009 By admin

It was a quiet night at the Tron compared with the exceptional throngs we have had in recent weeks, but all the best people were there. In fact Liam Gallagher popped in: I didn’t have the gall to ask him if he knew any Oasis covers, but if you are reading this, then there is a good chance you missed it. That’s your fault. Man, you should have been there.

Ever read one of the Out of the Bedroom reviews and thought, “I could do a better job?” Want to get more closely involved with Out of the Bedroom and provide a very unique service in the Edinburgh acoustic scene? Then join our review team! Out of the Bedroom is the only open mic in […]

OOTB 345 – 2 June 2009

Posted 02/06/2009 By admin

Review by Darren Thornberry Story time with JOHNNY GUITAR. Did you know he once performed nude in Hair and protested Princess Anne in an episode of Rebus? We learn all this before the first string is plucked. My love is like a feather in the night: melancholy tune written on Arran. Following are a couple […]

OOTB update + other events

Posted 01/06/2009 By admin

Well, I’m beginning to think that the OOTB Reviewers’ Union must have called for industrial action and forgot to tell us! I am sure one of these days i’ll end up with half a dozen reviews for you to read all in one week, but in the meantime, we’re all just going to have to wait expectantly, i’m afraid…. Please, once again, accept our apologies for not having a review along with this email.

Now, the sun’s out, we’ve all had a lovely weekend, and what could be nicer in weather like this than going out to the Tron and sitting in a basement all evening? Actually, in all seriousness, it’ll be a good night, so do pop along.

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