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OOTB 403 – Another Evening of Treats

Posted 29/07/2010 By admin

And so ends the third Out Of The Bedroom VO has covered. We hope you enjoy the review and if so, come along next week and enjoy the music! Thanks again to the OOTB team, we hope to see you all soon.

OOTB 403 – Cam’s On, Feel The Noise!

Posted 27/07/2010 By admin

Out of the Bedroom 403 features Cameron Robinson, and he’s great, so come along this Thursday. He’s a strong acoustic songwriter, always with something up his sleeve. He might even bring his ukelele if you’re lucky!

OOTB 402 – 22 July 2010

Posted 22/07/2010 By admin

When I arrived, this week’s Out Of The Bedroom (OOTB) was already in full swing. I arrived in time to see the compère, musically known as Broken Tooth, play a filler song in his dark, blues-rock style. It was a strong performance, with big chords and big vocals, and broke me nicely in to the night.

OOTB – The Fury And The Passion

Posted 20/07/2010 By admin

It’s Out of the Bedroom 402 this week, only 98 OOTBs to go till the next “hundred” celebration. this week it’s Furious who’s our featured artist, so come along to The Tron this Thursday and hear Furious exemplifying his music for half an hour, and also soak up the eclectic vibe of the other OOTB performers.

OOTB 401 – 15 July 2010

Posted 15/07/2010 By admin

I arrived early to the basement bar of The Tron. There were already a few musicians kicking back in the corner and the event organisers were busy setting up the stage and recruiting the nights entertainment. I feel at this point that a brief introduction is necessary. Out of the Bedroom (OOTB) is one of […]

OOTB 400-401 July 2010

Posted 11/07/2010 By admin

So Out of the Bedroom 400 was indeed an all star extravaganza of epic proportions. It was also the culmination of a lot of people helping out and making the night excellent in spite of a handful of minor setbacks. Huge thanks to everyone who pulled together and made it an excellent night, you all know who you are!

It’s Out of the Bedroom 400 this week! it’s our first (and only?) covers night of 2010. Learn some covers, especially covers of someone else you’ve heard at OOTB, and come along. There will be cakes, it’ll be reviewed by Visual-Opinions.com. It’ll probably all run hideously off-schedule, but that’s rock ‘n’ roll! I’m certain it’ll be memorable. Come along, and in years to come, you’ll be able to say you were there. Mark my words, it’ll be an all star extravaganza of epic proportions.

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