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OOTB 406 – Les Petits Maitres

Posted 19/08/2010 By admin

Hello again everybody. This week our feature act are Petits Maitres. They haven’t got a myspace that i can find, i haven’t (to my knowledge) heard them perform. Sorry if you wanted a rundown of what they’re like, looks like you’ll just have to turn up to OOTB and find out by listening to them! […]

The Last of Barratt’s Privateers are the featured act in this week’s Out of the Bedroom, in The Tron on Thursday at 8pm. It’s free, and to be frank, they’re awesome. They’re like modern Scottish bluegrass, and you may recognise one or two of the band members too. There’s no musical reason these guys shouldn’t be charging several quid to get into one of their gigs, see them now while you can for free.

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