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OOTB – Late But Not Never

Posted 29/10/2010 By admin

Got to rush, sorry for the lack of personality in this email. I’m actually rushing out to yet another gig at The Lot tonight, it’s Hailie Beavis, The Last of Barrett’s Privateers, Kat McKenzie and Quickbeam. I would have given you the details properly but i left this week’s email too late and by the time you read this it’ll all be over long since. Okay, se you all next week! Take care, and remember to put your clocks back this weekend so you don’t miss all the gigs on Sunday night!

The students must be back or something, because Edinburgh’s starting to explode with artistic and creative activity. You all know i’m about to launch into a list of events for you to go to, so let’s get started. First thing is the Hidden Door Festival which is on from this Friday to Sunday at the […]

OOTB – just a minute…

Posted 12/10/2010 By admin

Has it been a week already? I was struck down by a cold this weekend so i missed some of this week unfortunately, though i did make it along to the Blue Blazer on Sunday, which was great. Now, one or two things to mention, mostly upcoming gigs. First of all though, Cloudland Blue Quartet […]

What’s On This Week?

Posted 05/10/2010 By admin

Hi everybody! People still say to me “oh i’ll need to get myself along to OOTB sometime”, which is very supportive of them, but a wee message to all those people, we’ve not actually been running OOTB nights for four weeks now. Just so you know. Don’t worry though, we’ll be back. In the meantime, […]

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