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OOTB – Duvet Days, Musical Nights

Posted 30/11/2010 By admin

Hi everybody, well, there’s a lot of snow about. It’s possible you’ve noticed. Anyway, if you’re snowed in then you’re not going to be at any of the events i’m about to tell you about, but if you can make it, i think lots of them will be well worth it, but then i always say that (and that’s because i go to a lot of these gigs and usually enjoy them thoroughly).

OOTB – 31 Days Till You Know What

Posted 23/11/2010 By admin

Hi everybody, You know it just occurred to me that this might be the first year since OOTB began that we’ve not had an Out of the Bedroom Christmas Extravaganza of some sort. Luckily the Lot Acoustic Showcase are having one, featuring highly entertaining Tigertown favourites Matt Norris and the Moon, and Caro Bridges and […]

Okay, it looks like we might have a new home for the OOTB open mic night, but it’s not in the bag yet, and we can’t start till the new year if so. Never mind, it’s promising news, and looking at the next week and a half or so, there really is a wealth of […]

OOTB – Remember, Remember

Posted 09/11/2010 By admin

Hello again everybody, i’ve got quite a few events to tell you about this week, but first of all, let me just quickly say sorry to anybody that turned up at The Lot on Wednesday looking for the Tigertown Presents gig, there was a gig on at The Lot that night, but the gig i […]

OOTB – Nights Fair Drawing In etc…

Posted 02/11/2010 By admin

So yeah, still no word on where we’re going to be holding the OOTB open mic nights, or when we’ll be starting them again, it seems like every possible venue has some logistical reason why we can’t hold the night there, or else (more commonly) they already have an open mic night in place. We’ll be back though, we’re not giving up on finding a venue, so it’s only a matter of time. Okay, take care, and i’ll see you out there in the world of music!

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