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OOTB – Counting The Days….

Posted 21/12/2010 By admin

Not long now, i bet you’re all counting the days… That’s right, it’s only four weeks till OOTB starts again! 🙂 Our “welcome back” evening will be at the Montague, on the corner of St Leonard’s and Montague Street, on Tuesday 18th January, and then on Tuesday 25th January, we’re having a Burns Night special, so in addition to doing your own original material, you’re encouraged to do a song (or poem) by Robert Burns! I don’t think we’ll be having haggis, but you never know, certainly whisky will be available!

We’re Back! OOTB 407: 18 Jan 2011

Posted 14/12/2010 By admin

We’re Back! Finally, Out of the Bedroom number 407 is going to go ahead in our new home, The Montague (formerly known as The Maltings), on Montague Street. OOTB 407 will be on Tuesday 18th January 2011 at 8pm, and OOTB will be running on a weekly basis every Tuesday at 8pm after that. Our […]

Who’d have thought the snow’d last this long, eh? Well, this week people seem to be just going out regardless (after a slight spate of staying in last week), which is quite odd considering the conditions for going out are probably worse this week, but anyway, we’ve all got things to do i suppose. Well, this week i’ve got some events to tell you about and also a few other wee updates as well, so here we go.

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