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OOTB 426 with Aaron Shanley + free MP3!

Posted 30/05/2011 By admin

Hi everybody, this week’s featured artist is Mister Aaron Shanley, all the way from Ireland. Come along, you’ll not get many chances to hear him performing in Edinburgh and this is the only time he’ll be playing a gig that’s free to get into i suspect. OOTB on Tuesday 31 May, 8pm, The Montague Bar on St Leonard’s Street, you all know it by now. 🙂

OOTB 425 featuring Bethia!

Posted 23/05/2011 By admin

One of the things OOTB has always done is to support upcoming singer-songwriters, and this week we’re proud to present Bethia. She’s played several fifteen minute slots at OOTB since we restarted the night in January, and she’s very good, frankly, so this week she’s playing a half hour feature length slot. If you haven’t heard her, then this is a great opportunity to do so, and if you have heard her, you won’t need any further convincing.

Hello music lovers! OOTB 423 was indeed great, here are Malcolm McLean’s pictures of the night. This week it’s Jason Kyrone who will be gracing us with his wide ranging singer-songwriting talents. Come to OOTB at The Montague Bar at 8pm on Tuesday (7:30pm to sign up for an open slot) and be part of the action. 🙂

On The Riviera by Colin Milne

Posted 15/05/2011 By admin

You’ll have read about it. Old guy hired a Roller for a vacation – with a chauffeuse he had personally selected. They floated through Europe, stopping at five-stars, all the way down to the Riviera, up to Switzerland – and he vanished. The girl got payment in cash – so tax free then. Refused interviews. The media sensed a story; sieved facts, texts, emails till all became clear.

Good Morning!!!!!

OOTB was awesome last week, if you don’t believe me (or even if you do), here are some pictures by the unstoppable Malcolm Mclean. This week’s going to be awesome too, it’s HANNAH WERDMULLER who’s the featured act. 8pm start, 7:30pm for musicians wanting to sign up for an open slot. And as always it’s free. And that’s at the Montague Bar on the corner of Montague and St Leonards Streets.

Whew! That’s enough of that for now, i’m off to get my breakfast i think, what a way to wake up on a Sunday!

Okay, come to all the gigs, tell all your friends, and remember to buy all the artists’ CDs etc when you go to the gigs, they’re a lot better value than buying drink, that’s for sure, and with a lot of local acts you never know if you’ll get the chance to buy their CDs again. Support local and grassroots music!

Peace, see you all on Tuesday…

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

OOTB 422 – FREE FOR ALL + Free MP3!

Posted 01/05/2011 By admin

Hi everybody and welcome to the warm half of the year!

That’s Beltane been and gone and what auspicious sunny weather we’ve had, and long may it continue. It bodes well for explosions of spontaneous music in parks, streets and gardens, that’s for sure…

Okay, this week at OOTB the featured act is… nobody! What’s this! no featured act at OOTB? That’s right, just for once we’re having a break from the featured acts for ONE WEEK ONLY, so get yourself along and take advantage of this opportunity to celebrate the start of summer by grabbing an open slot. Our current venue, The Montague Bar, is going to be great in the summer, with all the big windows to let in the sun. So yeah, NEXT week (Tue 10 May) it’s the final ever Edinburgh gig from the incomparable Hannah Werdmuller, who’s going away forever, after one final gig at OOTB, but THIS week (Tue 3 May) it’s all open slots. Come down, you never know, all your favourite musicians might be there. 🙂

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