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Tue 2 Aug – OOTB featuring Calypso Brown

Sat 6 Aug – Out of the Ordinary featuring Texas Breakfast, and Sir Tom Watton

Tue 9 Aug – OOTB featuring The Last Of Barrett’s Privateers

Sat 13 Aug – Out of the Ordinary featuring Graeme Mearns, and Hannah O’Reilly

tue 16 Aug – OOTB featuring Paul Gilbody

Sat 20 Aug – Out of the Ordinary featuring The Marvellous Mrs Mulvihill, and Calum Carlyle

Tue 23 Aug – OOTB featuring Caro Bridges and the River

Sat 27 Aug – Out of the Ordinary featuring Lisa Day, John Watton, and Holly Shep

Tue 30 Aug – OOTB featuring Ben Young

OOTB 434 with Holly Shepherdson

Posted 25/07/2011 By admin

OOTB Presents… Holly Shepherdson! I have somehow managed to not hear Holly Shepherdson‘s music yet, despite her having played at least twice recently at OOTB. Nevertheless, several people who’s musical judgment i trust say she’s great, so i’m definitely going to make it along this Tuesday to OOTB to hear her featured act performance. That’s […]

OOTB Presents… Pol Arida (and more…)

Posted 18/07/2011 By admin

The other thing i wanted to tell you about this week is that we’re running extra special Saturday events all throughout August in a not-actually-connected-but-doing-it-because-of-because-of-the-Festival sort of way. We’re calling them Out Of The Ordinary, and they’ll be in the Montague Bar, same place, same time, but on Saturdays. The format is going to be THREE featured acts every Saturday (and they’re all stoaters, though our Events Officer’s been keeping his cards close to his chest on the exact lineup), as well as a shorter, and therefore probably packed and dynamic, open mic session every Saturday too.

Hi everyone, i’m just going to be quick this week, i managed to do my shoulder in last week and it’s thrown me for six as far as doing stuff. Our featured act at OOTB this Tuesday (12 July) (8pm at the Montague Bar) is Roger Emmerson the Bluesfather himself. He’s fully guaranteed to play […]

OOTB 431 – Julien Pearly!

Posted 04/07/2011 By admin

Right, this week at OOTB the featured act is Julien Pearly. I think he may bring one or two mystery accompanists with him as well, definitely it’ll be entertaining. Plus, all the usual open slots (and this means plenty of Edinburgh’s performers and bands will be giving us fifteen minutes of their best).The other thing i need to mention is that the Montague Bar is great in summer. If you are thinking of OOTB in previous years in our dingy basements while the sun is out, then think again. We’ve got ceiling height windows at OOTB now, it’s glorious! 8pm (7:30pm for performers) at the Montague Bar on St Leonards street on Tuesday.

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