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…Just One More Thing

Posted 31/08/2011 By admin

Sorry! I forgot to tell you about Fox Elipsus, who’s coming to Scotland from New York for his first ever concert in Edinburgh, at Beanscene (Nicolson Street) on Sunday 4 Sept, at 7pm and it’s FREE. Here’s what he says: “my songs are about peace & environment, inspired by Lennon and such… the live show […]

OOTB 439 – Ben Young!

Posted 29/08/2011 By admin

So, did you survive the Festival? Apparently the Fringe is now finished (as of today) but the actual Festival officially lasts till next Sunday. Hope to see you all at the Fireworks Concert by the way!

Well, we’re still bringing you some of the best local and visiting artistes at Out Of The Bedroom, including this week’s featured act, it’s Ben Young! He’s incredibly good at writing and performing, and what’s more he’s a jolly nice chap too. This is pretty much your only chance to hear him play in Edinburgh so come along to The Montague Bar tomorrow (Tuesday 30 August) for his half hour feature set. And remember there are a ton of open slots too from 8pm, which tend to feature some great performers as well. Plus it’s free.

OOTB Presents… Hi folks, thanks for reading, i know most people don’t read these every week (and i suspect many don’t read it any week!) but you’re reading this now, so that’s a great start. Here’s some information about independent original music in Edinburgh for you: This Tuesday at OOTB (23rd August) at The Montague […]

OOTB in August

Posted 18/08/2011 By admin

Hi folks! So i’m back from outer space, hope you’re all enjoying the Ed Fest. Hope you enjoyed Paul Gilbody‘s set on Tuesday, and The Last Of Barrett’s Privateers, Graeme Mearns and Hannah O’Reilly et al last week. Having performers like that at OOTB, with no admission charge, is one of the things OOTB is […]

Right well the festival’s properly started now!

We had a great time on Tuesday and on Saturday at The Montague, you should have been there (oh you were? well i hope you enjoyed it then!)

OOTB 435 ft Calypso Brown!

Posted 01/08/2011 By admin

Is it a surreal moment in your life? Who knows, but it’s Out Of The Bedrom number 435! It’s at The Montague Bar, it starts at 8pm (7:30pm for performers), and it’s on Tuesday. And the featured act is Calypso Brown, she’s got personality, talent, and a great singing voice. Don’t miss her. If you’ve heard her already, you know why you should come along, and if you haven’t heard her already, now’s your chance. I’m serious. This is your chance. 🙂

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