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OOTB 452 ft the irrepressible Jim Bryce!

Posted 28/11/2011 By admin

Clear your calendar and get yourself along to all these gigs. You only get one life to live! And i’ve got a ton of stuff for you next week too, and the week after, so get prepared. ALSO, tell all your friends. Your friends like good live music, too you know, why not combine it with whatever christmas outings you’ve got planned?

And the other thing is, if you remember, please mention that you heard about these gigs from www.outofthebedroom.co.uk when you go along to these things. The more connected we can make this scene, the better it will be for everybody concerned, and the more quality music we can offer you all. It depends on the audiences though, and this means YOU.

Okay, see you out there in musicland!

OOTB 451 – It’s Matt Norris! OMG!

Posted 21/11/2011 By admin

Well, this week’s featured act practically needs no introduction, it’s Matt Norris! Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see Matt Norris as a solo act! As far as i know it’ll be a moonless night this Tuesday at The Montague Bar (from 8pm, or 7:30pm to sign up for one of the open slots), so it should be very special indeed. Open slots as usual, silver bag of dreams, how could you live with yourself if you missed it?

OOTB 450 ft Dan Gillan

Posted 14/11/2011 By admin

Well, it’s OOTB 450 this week, but we feel as young as a fresh spring lamb, and this week we’re presenting the incredible Dan Gillan as the featured act! He’s deep, he’s purple (wait a minute! no he’s not, must have been some sort of spelling mistake there…), but above all, he’s a very good songwriter and performer. Not only that but you get tons of excellent performers doing floorspots as well. It’s possibly the best free night in Edinburgh at OOTB, and it’s the performers that make that happen, every single week! And that’s at The Montague Bar on St Leonards St, at 8pm (7:30pm to sign up for a floorspot) on Tuesday.

OOTB 449 ft Lisa Rigby

Posted 07/11/2011 By admin

Well, we might be the first ever Edinburgh open mic night to make it into a second decade! Anyway, it’s quite appropriate that the featured act bringing us into our second decade is none other than the smooth and sophisticated Lisa Rigby! She’s a proper star, that’s all i need to really say, and if you need any further reassurance of that fact, then pop along to OOTB tomorrow (Tue 8 Nov) and judge for yourself.

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