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OOTB 441 – Supermarionation!

Posted 12/09/2011 By admin


Hi everybody, right i’ve got two gigs to tell you about and two important announcements. Really important ones, so don’t skip this email. All your friends will be talking about it and you’ll be the only one left out of the loop. 🙂 

While i’m here, let me welcome any new subscribers to the list. There are a few people receiving this weekly mailout for the first time, and basically i just wanted to hello. Hello!

This week the featured act at OOTB is Supermarionation. That’s right, Edinburgh’s hard rockin’ wailers are coming to The Montague Bar to give us an acoustic set on Tuesday 13 Sep! Doors 8pm (7:30pm to sign up for a floorspot), and it’s free.

And on Wednesday 14 Sep it’s the long awaited launch of Edinburgh Unlimited at Medina, it’s the spiritual successor to Edinburgh Unplugged, except bigger, better, juicier! Doors open 8pm, it’s at Medina, 45-47 Lothian Street, it’s only £2 to get in, and you get to see four acts. This time they are: Donna Maciocia, Matt Norris and the Moon, Tim Holehouse, and Gipsy Rufina. They all have websites so fire up google if you’re on the fence, and have a listen, but take it from me £2 for all this is a bona fide bargain! It’s the big launch night this Wednesday, though there’s another Edinburgh Unlimited on 28 Sep, and another on 12 October, so stick those in your diary. More info available on the FB page

Now to the announcements, first of all it’s our TENTH ANIVERSARY coming up in November. Weve got three associated events, OOTB 448 (which falls on the exact ten year anniversary of the first ever OOTB), Secret CDs (which is the day after) and the big OOTB tenth anniversary extravaganza, which will be in the Bongo Club on Holyrood Road on Friday 4 November. There will be four acts (as yet unconfirmed) performing, and several floorspots, from OOTBers down the ages, and it’s pretty much an opportunity to get together and celebrate ten years of OOTB and see everyone again and all have a big knees up. The acts are still to be confirmed, but here are the rest of the details: It’s at The Bongo Club, it’s 7pm till 10pm (don’t be late!), it’s Friday 4 November and it costs just £5 admission, and all the money goes to OOTB. There will be a rather more extravagant raffle than usual, and all sorts of other excitements.

Now, back to the tenth anniversary covers night. That’s on 1 November and what we really want you to do is learn at least one cover song by another OOTBer past or present. You can do that, or some of your own stuff, but really we’re not looking for covers of your favourite Oasis or Radiohead songs, and that’s on 1 November at 8pm at The Montague Bar, another date for your diary. And that’s why i’m telling you about it now, to give you time to learn up your OOTB covers. Let’s do it, and make it special, it’s been a while since we’ve done one of these. Get in touch with your favourite OOTBers and ask them for lyrics and chords, if you like, don’t be scared, they’re all lovely.

Actually, i’ve got more announcements for you i just realised. First of all, Pockets came along to OOTB on Tuesday, did a great set, and announced that he’s now running Edinburgh’s cheapest recording studio, The Noisy Pocket, so click the link and check it out. Oh yes, if you are using The Noisy Pocket, please let them know you heard about it from the OOTB list, it’s helpful for us and for them. 🙂

And also i just wanted to remind you to go to the Ale House open mic on Friday at 9:30pm and The Listening Room on Sunday at 8pm. I could do a whole run down of open mics (like the one at Noble’s on Thursday, or the one in Walkabout in the Omni, also on Thursday) but that’s another project really. Nevertheless, get involved, get around. It’s fun!

And that’s it for another week, hope to see you at OOTB and/or Edinburgh Unlimited, take care till then!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

OOTB 440 + Lost Telegrams

Posted 05/09/2011 By admin

OOTB Presents…

So, that’s it. Festival’s over, now we can get back to enjoying ourselves properly without all those arts types in the way! Students are back soon too, so they’ll be (hopefully) looking for all the best events on offer.

Speaking of which we’ve got something on offer for you on Tuesday (6 Sep), it’s Lost Telegrams at Out of the Bedroom. Not only do we get a featured act set from these creators of acoustic goodness, but we’ll also have two hours of open slots guaranteed to be filled by some of Edinburgh’s most impressive talents. No BS, i’m serious, the standard is really high at OOTB. And that’s at The Montague Bar on Tuesday at 8pm, for free! 7:30pm if you want to sign up for a slot to perform.

Then it’s the return of Secret CDs on Wednesday 7 Sep at The Voodoo Rooms. It’s only £3 for four acts, and this month the acts are: Lost Telegrams (hmm, that name sounds familiar!), Sam Barber and the Outcasts, Annette Chapman, and The Aspect (an electro-folk duo i believe) and that’s at 8pm at The Voodoo Rooms.

Also on Wednesday, Caro Bridges and the River are supporting Karima Francis at

Sneaky Pete’s on the Cowgate from 7-10pm, tickets are £6 and Caro Bridges is the first act on. 

The usual festivities are happening at the Ale House at 9:30pm on Friday, and at the Blue Blazer on Sunday at 8pm. Both free, both have open slots, and the Listening Room at the Blue Blazer has got The Sundancer as the featured act this week so pop in to that, it sounds good.

I don’t think i’ll be running a competition any time soon on this mailing list, just to follow that up for those who read last week’s email. Out of the bulging mailsack of two responses, only 50% were actually positive about the idea, it doesn’t bode well for the number of people who might enter the competition.

Next week has a bunch of stuff on as well, it’s Supermarionation giving us a featured act set at OOTB, and next Wednesday (14 Sep) it’s the first ever Edinburgh Unlimited featuring Donna Maciocia, Matt Norris and the Moon, Tim Holehouse, and Gipsy Rufina, all for only £2! We need to make this a hugely stonking night so come along, and most importantly get your friends (who like music) to all come along too. Also, at least two of them are touring acts (not local) so you’re unlikely to get the chance again in a hurry. (oh yeah, and please “like” the facebook group too)

Okay, thank you, music lovers, see you all soon!

Calum Carlyle

Out of the Bedroom

…Just One More Thing

Posted 31/08/2011 By admin

Sorry! I forgot to tell you about Fox Elipsus, who’s coming to Scotland from New York for his first ever concert in Edinburgh, at Beanscene (Nicolson Street) on Sunday 4 Sept, at 7pm and it’s FREE. Here’s what he says:

“my songs are about peace & environment, inspired by Lennon and such… the live show makes people laugh 😀 & is free for all ages… sleeping in the car to make the tour possible, so since it’s free, was hoping you might come & bring family & friends, kids welcome 🙂 & other cities below xx

Sun 4th Sept, starts 7pm – EDINBURGH
Beanscene, 95-97 Nicolson St, South Bridge, EH8 9BY

Also Wed 31st Aug Inverness (6pm @ Gellions), Thu 1st Sep Aberdeen (7pm @ Kilau Coffee), Fri 2nd Perth (7pm @ Willows Coffee), Sat 3rd Dundee (Noon @ Cafe Buongiorno) & Glasgow (6pm @ Rio Cafe), & others, see sites. “

Do go along, i’m sure it’ll be ace. 🙂



OOTB 439 – Ben Young!

Posted 29/08/2011 By admin

OOTB Presents… Ben Young!

So, did you survive the Festival? Apparently the Fringe is now finished (as of today) but the actual Festival officially lasts till next Sunday. Hope to see you all at the Fireworks Concert by the way!

Well, we’re still bringing you some of the best local and visiting artistes at Out Of The Bedroom, including this week’s featured act, it’s Ben Young! He’s incredibly good at writing and performing, and what’s more he’s a jolly nice chap too. This is pretty much your only chance to hear him play in Edinburgh so come along to The Montague Bar tomorrow (Tuesday 30 August) for his half hour feature set. And remember there are a ton of open slots too from 8pm, which tend to feature some great performers as well. Plus it’s free.

So yeah, that’s about it. Obviously don’t forget to go to some of the other things that are on too, if you have the time. There’s the open mic night at Noble’s in Leith on Thursday, and the Ale House open mic night on Friday (it was excellent again last week). As i said, it’s the Fireworks Concert on Sunday, and in previous years this has meant The Listening Room has taken a week off, though not this time, apparently. I just had a look at the Listening Room website, and it turns out that not only are they still running the night on Sunday 4 Sep, but it’s the incomparable James Igoe doing the featured act slot. It’s an 8pm start (open slots first, featured act afterwards) and it’s free, so go along there for an explosive performance from him.

Next week i’ll be giving you the details of the next Secret CDs night, and the week after it’s the huge relaunch extravaganza of Edinburgh Unlimited (formerly Unplugged) at Medina. Check your FB invites if you want to know the details before then, but again, both events promise to be a huge dollop of quality at bargain basement prices.

And if the chilly weather is keeping you in your house, why not listen to some of the new songs that have been written by songwriters the world over as part of 50/90 in the last couple of months? There are even some familiar OOTB regulars taking part. Enjoy!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

PS – i’m thinking of running some sort of competition in this mailing list sometime, what do you think? If you could reply by emailing reviews@outofthebedroom.co.uk and let me know what you think of that idea it would be awesome.

OOTB Presents…

Hi folks, thanks for reading, i know most people don’t read these every week (and i suspect many don’t read it any week!) but you’re reading this now, so that’s a great start. Here’s some information about independent original music in Edinburgh for you:

This Tuesday at OOTB (23rd August) at The Montague Bar, we have a lot of open slots, and Caro Bridges And The River are playing the featured act slot. It’s an 8pm start, 7:30pm to sign up for an open slot. I am hoping to pop in myself at some point, but i will be playing a gig at The Southern Bar on Tuesday it’s free, here are the details, if you fancy coming along to that too actually.

I just wanted to quickly say thanks to everyone who’s come to either our Tuesday nights or Saturday nights so far in the Festival, they’ve all been good, thanks from me to everyone who was there for my set on Saturday night, i do have one or two other gigs lined up in case you missed that though.

Then on Saturday (27 August) we’ve got three featured acts! Liza Day, John Watton, and Holly Shep. They’re all fantastic, you’re going to get them all for free, this is at The Montague Bar, 8pm start, 7:30pm to sign up for an open slot.

While I’m here, I may as well tell you that the incredibly talented Ben Young is coming to Edinburgh specifically to play Out of the Bedroom next Tuesday (30 August), at The Montague Bar, and you need to check him out. He’s not played in Edinburgh for two years, though he used to be an OOTB regular, and he’s really good. How can you pass that up for free?

As you may know there is a huge amount of stuff happening in Edinburgh at the moment, so i won’t attempt to list it all, though Johnny Pugh has asked me to let you all know he is hosting The Listening Room on Sunday (28 August) at The Blue Blazer, and as it’s his final night in Edinburgh, it promises to be a celebratory going away party of sorts. Two hours of open slots, why not go along? It’s free, in case i didn’t mention that, and starts at 8pm.

Next thing i need to mention is Edinburgh Unplugged. We have had an incredibly successful run in The Royal Oak, as many of you will be aware, but we are now moving to a new venue, Medina (beneath Negociants on Lothian Street), and we’re very excited about it. So we’re changing the name of the night to the funky, hip, and dynamic EDINBURGH UNLIMITED, and having a big launch night on Wednesday 14th September. That’s downstairs in Medina, it’s an 8pm start and it’s only £2 for four acts! So who are these acts? Well for the 14th September, it’s Matt Norris And The Moon (professional sounding modern folksters), Donna Maciocia (a one woman juggernaut of sound), Gipsy Rufina (travelling Italian singer-songwriter), and Tim Holehouse (bearded blues/country impressario).

Then we follow it up with another honking hootenanny on 28 September, also at Medina.This time the acts are: Fitzroy Soul (tackling an acoustic set for the first time ever!), Nyk Stoddart (dark textured folk songs, with possibly some zany humour for good measure!), Stu Goodall Band (excellent local acoustic performers), and Darcy DeSilva (an upcoming Glasgow folk artist, with an excellent band). All this for only £2, and it’s in Medina on Wednesday 28 September.

Sorry for going overboard on the promo of this but we really want to make the night a big success in the new venue so we can continue to bring you the best in emerging music at a low cost, so please come along and support Edinburgh Unlimited when we relaunch at Medina. We’re still using the existing facebook page for now (at www.facebook.com/EdinburghUnplugged) but this will change soon, so keep your peepers on that page for more updates as they happen.

Now, i was contacted recently by a chap who runs a fortnightly podcast of independent new music. If you like music, you need to check it out. And if you don’t, why are you even reading this? :¬) Go and check it out, here’s the link:

http://labelledindependent.podbean.com (or on iTunes)

It’s a new music podcast featuring releases from independent labels and artists in the UK – giving them a platform to get heard, so have a listen, and if you are an independent artiste yourself, then why not get in touch with them and see if you can get your music featured on the podcast?

That’s pretty much it for now, from me anyway, so get out there and get some music into yourself, and i’ll be back with more musicky goodness in your inbox about this time next week.

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

OOTB in August

Posted 18/08/2011 By admin

Hi folks!

So i’m back from outer space, hope you’re all enjoying the Ed Fest. Hope you enjoyed Paul Gilbody‘s set on Tuesday, and The Last Of Barrett’s Privateers, Graeme Mearns and Hannah O’Reilly et al last week. Having performers like that at OOTB, with no admission charge, is one of the things OOTB is proud to keep up.

Anyway, here are the juicy details for the rest of August once again, i’ve got one or two other pieces of news for you but they’ll wait till nearer the end of the Festival.These OOTB events look really good though, and i’m looking forward to all of them.

Sat 20 Aug – Out of the Ordinary featuring The Marvellous Mrs Mulvihill, and Calum Carlyle

Tue 23 Aug – OOTB featuring Caro Bridges and the River

Sat 27 Aug – Out of the Ordinary featuring Liza Day, John Watton, and Holly Shep

Tue 30 Aug – OOTB featuring Ben Young

So it’s all go. I’ll start including gig listings again in next week’s email i think, it’s just been really busy gigwise, far too much stuff going on at the moment to properly list it all. I’ve even got some solo gigs myself (in fact i’m playing at The Ship in Glasgow tonight, if you happen to be around, it’s free, and it’s at 8:30pm), so it’s busy busy busy for everyone concerned.

Right, see you all out there, i’ll probably do one more email this month and then it’s back to normal in time for September.


Right well the festival’s properly started now!

We had a great time on Tuesday and on Saturday at The Montague, you should have been there (oh you were? well i hope you enjoyed it then!)

Anyway, this Tuesday it’s The Last Of Barrett’s Privateers as the featured act, and on Saturday it will be Graeme Mearns and Hannah O’Reilly who are our two featured acts. It’s still FREE admission and there are still open slots at both nights (both 8pm start, 7:30pm artist sign up).

Also, it being the Festival we get an even higher chance of interesting and impressive open mic performers, so if you can make it at all, i’d suggest making OOTB at the Montague your regular hangout on Tuesdays and Saturdays (and the Ale House on Fridays and the Blue Blazer on Sundays of course!)

I was going to do a huge list of all the OOTB related performers and links to all their pages listing their gigs, but you can do this yourself, it’s a mammoth task for me! 🙂

Oh yes! I’m hosting the penultimate OOTB open couch session today (Sunday!) as well at 3pm, in Red Dog Music in the Grassmarket, bring an instrument and join in the jam session!

Actually i might have to go and get ready for that. Keep in touch, friend us on facebook, come to the gigs, get involved! You’re only alive once! 🙂

See you out there in festival land!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

OOTB 435 ft Calypso Brown!

Posted 01/08/2011 By admin

Is it a surreal moment in your life? Who knows, but it’s Out Of The Bedroom number 435! It’s at The Montague Bar, it starts at 8pm (7:30pm for performers), and it’s on Tuesday. And the featured act is Calypso Brown, she’s got personality, talent, and a great singing voice. Don’t miss her. If you’ve heard her already, you know why you should come along, and if you haven’t heard her already, now’s your chance. I’m serious. This is your chance. 🙂

And the other purpose of this email is to let you know about all of our Out of the Bedroom events over the month of August at The Montague Bar. There will be open slots at all of these events as well as the featured acts listed. They’re all free admission. Here’s the list:


Tue 2 Aug – OOTB featuring Calypso Brown

Sat 6 Aug  – Out of the Ordinary featuring Texas Breakfast, and Sir Tom Watton

Tue 9 Aug – OOTB featuring The Last Of Barrett’s Privateers

Sat 13 Aug – Out of the Ordinary featuring Graeme Mearns, and Hannah O’Reilly

tue 16 Aug – OOTB featuring Paul Gilbody

Sat 20 Aug – Out of the Ordinary featuring The Marvellous Mrs Mulvihill, and Calum Carlyle

Tue 23 Aug – OOTB featuring Caro Bridges and the River

Sat 27 Aug – Out of the Ordinary featuring Lisa Day, John Watton, and Holly Shep

Tue 30 Aug – OOTB featuring Ben Young


Every one a gem. I guarantee the ones you haven’t heard of (whichever ones they may be) will be at least as riveting as the ones you have. And this information is also on the OOTB Website.

PLUS many of our performers are doing something in the Edinburgh Festival, so please go and talk to them or google them to find out where and when they’re playing. There’s a lot of great music out there, plan your month, and don’t miss out on the best stuff. At this level a lot of performances are one-off specials, and especially at this time of the year, it’s often not an option to say “i’ll go and see them next time” – anyway, with that thought in mind, i’ll take my leave…

See you in Musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

So, I’ve finally managed to get hold of some information about our upcoming  “Out Of The Ordinary” event, which will be running on Saturday nights at The Montague Bar in Edinburgh throughout August, it looks like a fantastic lineup, you heard it here first.

Remember we’re still running our Tuesday nights as usual throughout the Festival as well, and you can get all the details of who the featured performers are on the left hand sidebar of the OOTB website. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s to come over the Festival:

Tue 2 Aug – OOTB featuring Calypso Brown

Sat 6 Aug  – Out of the Ordinary featuring Texas Breakfast, and Sir Tom Watton

Tue 9 Aug – OOTB featuring The Last Of Barrett’s Privateers

Sat 13 Aug – Out of the Ordinary featuring Graeme Mearns, and Hannah O’Reilly

tue 16 Aug – OOTB featuring Paul Gilbody

Sat 20 Aug – Out of the Ordinary featuring The Marvellous Mrs Mulvihill, and Calum Carlyle

Tue 23 Aug – OOTB featuring Caro Bridges and the River

Sat 27 Aug – Out of the Ordinary featuring Lisa Day, John Watton, and Holly Shep

Tue 30 Aug – OOTB featuring Ben Young

Out Of The Ordinary

Out Of The Ordinary

OOTB 434 with Holly Shepherdson

Posted 25/07/2011 By admin

OOTB Presents… Holly Shepherdson!

I have somehow managed to not hear Holly Shepherdson‘s music yet, despite her having played at least twice recently at OOTB. Nevertheless, several people who’s musical judgment i trust say she’s great, so i’m definitely going to make it along this Tuesday to OOTB to hear her featured act performance.

That’s at The Montague Bar on St Leonards Street, 8pm start (7:30pm to sign up for one of the open slots), and it’s on Tuesday 26 July. I don’t like to name names but the open slots will probably be heaving with excellent performers too, so don’t miss out.

Then on Wednesday 27 July, for only £2 it’s Edinburgh Unplugged number 8. This time round, the acts are: Caro Bridges And The River, Andy Paul, Julien Pearly and Gavin Taylor.  Any one of those would be worth the admission price, i think. Anyway, get there promptly, last Edinburgh Unplugged was totally rammed. People were queueing up just to be put on a waiting list for a seat! This is our last Ed Unplugged until 14 September (which is seven weeks away!). It’s downstairs in The Royal Oak on Infirmary Street and it starts at 8pm.

On Thursday, well, you’ve got to have a night off. Let’s hope it’s sunny! 🙂 Actually, there is that open mic night at Nobles on Constitution Street in Leith. It’s at 9pm on Thursdays and it’s hosted by Hailey Beavis. I haven’t been along to the open mic yet but have been meaning to go along. In fact why not spend your night off at Nobles?

Friday‘s Ale House Open Mic day, as you all know. It’s opposite the old Odeon, it starts at 9:30pm and it’s run by Dave Law and all the friendly faces will no doubt be there. I popped in for five minutes on Friday just past and all the performers on the list were excellent and everybody was really friendly. It was really difficult wrenching myself away actually. They’re lovely. 🙂

Then on Saturday, again there are probably a ton of things for you to do, but you’ll need to get your gig guides out to find out what they are. The following Saturday however, we’re having the first or our super secret (apparently) Out Of The Ordinary Extravaganzas. It’ll be on each Saturday of August in The Montague Bar. I have heard rumours of who some of the performers will be, and they are well worth seeing, and definitely worth seeing during the Festival, so stick that in your diary.

Then on Sunday it’s Blue Blazer/Listening Room time again. At 8pm in The Blue Blazer on Spittal Street. It’s an open mic from 8-9pm and a featured act from 9-10pm. By the way check out the new flashy Listening Room website! The best feature is this, click “calendar” on the right hand sidebar of their site and you can see the forthcoming list of featured acts, just like you can do on the OOTB site! This week’s featured act at The Listening Room is The Hermitage.

And that’s it for the final week before the festival. See you out there!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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