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OOTB Presents… Pol Arida (and more…)

Posted 18/07/2011 By admin

This week at OOTB it’s Pol Arida doing the featured act slot. He’s got a bunch of huge and impressive songs, and he manages to play them solo, with his own guitar/amp setup and his trademark fingertip guitar playing style. come along and enjoy the melodic onslaught of Pol Arida! 8pm start, 7:30pm for performers, it’s free, and it’s on Tuesday at the Montague Bar on St Leonards Street.

The other thing i wanted to tell you about this week is that we’re running extra special Saturday events all throughout August in a not-actually-connected-but-doing-it-because-of-because-of-the-Festival sort of way. We’re calling them Out Of The Ordinary, and they’ll be in the Montague Bar, same place, same time, but on Saturdays. The format is going to be THREE featured acts every Saturday (and they’re all stoaters, though our Events Officer’s been keeping his cards close to his chest on the exact lineup), as well as a shorter, and therefore probably packed and dynamic, open mic session every Saturday too.

BUT don’t forget we’re also running on the Tuesdays as usual at The Montague Bar, during the Festival AS WELL as Saturdays! Check out our website for details of upcoming featured acts. A quick look down the list reveals the next few Tuesdays feature: Holly Shepherdson, Calypso, The Last Of Barrett’s Privateers, Paul Gilbody, Caro Bridges, Ben Young (yes, he’s back from outer space!), and Lost Telegrams (phew!). Also all the open slots tend to get filled up with an array of incredible performers as well, so get out of your slippers and get down to OOTB on Tuesdays. If you don’t, you’re missing it. 🙂

By the way, Lost Telegrams (while we’re talking about them) were awesome at Edinburgh Unplugged on Wednesday last, as were Edward And The Itch (and as usual my hat’s off to Susanna Mulvihill and Sir Tom Watton for joining me as Calum Carlyle and the Mixed Reactions, i loved playing the gig with them, as i always do). Kirkcaldy band “Little Buddha” never showed up (and have ignored my attempt to contact them subsequently, obviously they don’t take their music, or other people for that matter, all that seriously) but despite their unexpected non-attendance we all had a fantastic time. The photos are on Facebook, courtesy of imagemeister extraordinaire Malcolm Mclean.

Oh yeah, tons of songs are getting written as part of the 50/90 challenge, click the link to listen. Some of our favourite Edinburgh songwriters are doing this this year, have fun listening to all the new songs. Remember, everything on that site has been written since 4 July!

I haven’t even got to other events. The place is heaving with them though, i’m struggling to keep up. I think i’m going to keep it mainly to OOTB, Secret CDs, Ed Unplugged and Out Of the Ordinary listings for the next month or two, as far as this email is concerned, unless people have specific gigs they want me to mention (in which case, just reply to this email letting me know, and i’ll list them too).

Oh i might just briefly mention that there’s a 7-9pm event happening from now till at least the end of the Festival on Sundays, and going to be Thursdays at The Black Rose Tavern on Rose Street, i’ll probably include those too, since there are so many performers from OOTB and the McEwans Ale House extended network playing at them. I may mention the odd Red Dog Music Sunday too, for the same reason. Just warning you. 🙂

Okay, see you all out there in musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

Hi everyone, i’m just going to be quick this week, i managed to do my shoulder in last week and it’s thrown me for six as far as doing stuff.

Our featured act at OOTB this Tuesday (12 July) (8pm at the Montague Bar) is Roger Emmerson the Bluesfather himself. He’s fully guaranteed to play some great acoustic music, so get yourself along and enjoy the evening. Plenty of open slots too, and i am sure they’ll be filled with a pot pourri of Edinburgh’s finest singer/songwriters as usual. Plus it’s free!

On Wednesday 13 July, downstairs in the Royal Oak on Infirmary Street, it’s the seventh Edinburgh Unplugged, for ONLY £2 you get four bands, performing in an intimate acoustic setting. This time, the bands are: Little Buddha, Lost Telegrams, Edward And The Itch, and Calum Carlyle and the Mixed Reactions. 8pm on Wednesday downstairs in the Royal Oak.

Neoviolet are playing on Friday 15 July at Noble’s in Leith, we’re on about 9:30pm or 10pm or so, I’m sorry i’m so vague about this, but i thought i’d better mention it at least! 🙂 I think it’s even free.  There are other bands too, i’m sure they’ll be awesome. Noble’s is great, did you know they have an open mic there on Thursdays actually? I’m planning to start going to that one fairly regularly too.

Anyway, right, the place is oozing with music, that’s just a small selection, so get yourself out of the house and i’ll see you out there in the mosh pit.

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

OOTB 431 – Julien Pearly!

Posted 04/07/2011 By admin

5090 starts today...Hi everyone,

Right, this week at OOTB the featured act is Julien Pearly. I think he may bring one or two mystery accompanists with him as well, definitely it’ll be entertaining. Plus, all the usual open slots (and this means plenty of Edinburgh’s performers and bands will be giving us fifteen minutes of their best).The other thing i need to mention is that the Montague Bar is great in summer. If you are thinking of OOTB in previous years in our dingy basements while the sun is out, then think again. We’ve got ceiling height windows at OOTB now, it’s glorious! 8pm (7:30pm for performers) at the Montague Bar on St Leonards street on Tuesday.

Secret CDs is this week on Wednesday too, here’s the blurb:

  • 10.00 THE SUNDANCER [www.reverbnation.com/thesundancer]
    The Sundancer is the brainchild of the outrageously talented Paul Brunton, who writes uplifting and powerful songs that feed your soul and make you want to dance.  Check out the band’s classic video for `The Alarm Clock Song` (on the Bandcamp site).
  • 9.15 LISA RIGBY [www.myspace.com/lisa_rigby]
    Townhouse singer, multi-instrumentalist, Burnsong songwriting winner 2007 and 2009 and one of the finest female singers in Edinburgh.  Lisa releases her new CD this evening – miss this and you know you’ll regret it.
  • 8.30 FRANK BURKITT [www.frankburkitt.co.uk]
    Born and raised in the Scottish Highlands, Frank is a humourous raconteur as well as a very fine songwriter and folk artist, and will be playing songs from his new CD ‘Valley of Gold’.  Frank is co-presenter of
    The Garden Sessions.
  • 7.45 JONNY DOWNIE [www.facebook.com/jonnydowniemusic]
    A mere 21, Jonny has been building up a repertoire of songs since he was 15 and has just released his first EP “Out of the Dark”.  Jonny is influenced by artists such as U2, Bob Dylan and Ryan Adams.

And that’s Secret CDs at The Voodoo Rooms on Wednesday at 8pm, and it’s only three pounds to get in.

Today’s the first day of 50/90, the fifty songs in ninety days challenge, and basically if you are a songwriter and you haven’t signed up yet, you’re really doing yourself a disservice. I’m not going to try and cajole you any further, but here’s the link, hope to see you there. 🙂

that’s it, enjoy the summer, while it lasts, hope to see you out there sometime in musicland.

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

This Tuesday, the featured act at OOTB is Stewart Maclennan, the evening starts at 8pm (but get there before 7:30pm if you’d like to sign up as a performer). Stewart will be performing a half hour set, and there will be plenty of open slots too, and it’s at the Montague Bar on St Leonards Street.

The other thing i wanted to tell you about is the free mp3s. You already know about them if you’ve been reading these emails, but basically this is your last chance. These free mp3s will be off the internet in a few days (by the beginning of July). So download now, and then buy buy buy the CDs of the artistes you like most.

The other thing i want to tell you about this week is the soon-to-start 5090 challenge. It’s an open invitation to any songwriter to try and write 50 songs in 90 days, beginning on 4 July. You might think this sounds unlikely, but who cares? If you write one song, it’s better than having written no songs, plus they have a thriving online forums and chat, plus you get the overwhelming opportunity to collaborate with literally hundreds of songwriters the world over, for a period of ninety days. Sign up on the site, get active, stay active. I’m not going to moan at you to sign up and all that, if you don’t then you’re the one who loses out. Not to mention the fact that even if all you do is listen, the 5090 website is your heaven as well, because literally thousands of songs will be written over the next three months and you can listen to most of them for free on the site.

And that’s it from me, i have a feeling i am hosting another open couch session in Red Dog Music in the Grassmarket on Sunday (2nd July). It’s free, it starts at 3pm, so bring your instruments along and we’ll all have some jolly good musical fun.

Calum Carlyle

Out of the Bedroom


Welcome to the week!

This week at Out of the Bedroom (tomorrow, Tuesday 21 June), the featured act is Neoviolet, with the classic lineup of Nicky, Georgie and Calum. Relive the old days, or rediscover Neoviolet, it’s going to be a fun night either way. 8pm start, at the Montague Bar on St Leonards Street, 7:30pm if you want to perform, and it’s free admission.

Now, Tom Watton wrote a review of last week’s OOTB! You can read it here on our website. You could listen to some of our free mp3s while you read it, in fact…

Speaking of which, the next thing i’m going to do is give you all the featured mp3 downloads in one lump. Tell all your friends because by the end of June, these songs will all be gone from the Internet. I suggest you download them all now, and when you listen to them please look up the artists you like, and consider buying their CDs or other product. These aren’t big artistes, your purchase will put a smile on their faces and money in their wallets. Support grass roots music, honestly, if you can afford to pay to get into gigs, and you can afford drinks when you get there, you can afford some CDs of bands that you genuinely like. Often you get only one or two chances to get somebody’s CD, because you never know when you’ll next see them. So make the effort, tell all your friends about these free mp3s while they’re available and everybody wins. Let’s face it the performers deserve and need your money more than the pubs or breweries do.

Consider this our equivalent of Ten Tracks (except ours is free, and there are twelve tracks). Here they are:

Paper Truth – Dead White Males
The Sensational Alex Salmond Gastric Band – Pop Culture Bore
Darren Thornberry and Ross Baird – Would You Do It Again?
Francie Jones – Los Angeles
Lorraine McCauley – Haunt Me
Tim Holehouse – A Rainy Thursday In Augsburg
Lindsay and the Storm – Time Stands Still
Aaron Shanley – Here Without You
Calum Carlyle – In All Things There Is A Proper Order
Tina Avery – Travel Writing
Lorelei Loveridge – What You’ve Seen
Nick Splinter Smith – Patience Has Left The Building

Not a huge amount of events this week (well, there are, probably tons and tons, but i haven’t got a lot of OOTB related ones for you. Here’s what i do have:

Tonight (Monday 20 June) it’s Paper Truth‘s CD launch at the Montague Bar, here’s the FB event, but it’s free and it’s at 8pm (i’m fairly certain).

Tomorrow (Tuesday 21 June) it’s Neoviolet unplugged, doing the featured artiste slot, and tons of open slots too, 8pm, Montague Bar, and it’s free.

That’s it, really. The Ale House open mic is still on on Fridays at the Ale House on Clerk Street, from 9:30pm, and the Listening Room is still on Sundays at the Blue Blazer, from 8pm (with featured act on at 9pm). Both are free. If you’ve been missing them, then stop it, and drag yourself along, you’ll enjoy it. And bring your friends too, they’ll enjoy it as well, and you’ll enjoy it more. And buy the bands’ CDs too, similar reasons.

Okay, i think that’s it for this week! 🙂

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

OOTB 428 – 14 June 2011

Posted 14/06/2011 By admin

The incredible Tom Watton has written a review of OOTB 428! Awesome! Here it is…

    Out of the Bedroom #428 

    A review by Tom Watton (and Calum Carlyle)

Paper Truth

The evening starts with a trio of songs on our keyboard from Paper Truth (aka our very own Colin Walmsley).

Colin’s style is a quirky take on the surreal imaginary paper world truth with dogs regularly eating other dogs, Lady Ga-Ga eating other dogs all juxtaposed with Colin’s keyboard talent. Keen to get on next weeks OOTB playlist Colin will be arriving at the Montague (For all those who don’t know (shame on you) the Montague is on St Leonards, and used to be called ‘The Maltings’) a day early next week – launching his new album on Monday the 20th from 8pm. For more information please check www.papertruth.co.uk

Lake “sometimes I’d rather be lonely” Montgomery

What a shame that this is a squashy set from Lake Montgomery, but lesson to be learned from this is that you must “arrive before 7.30pm, if you want to play”.

With the Moral of the story over, we can go back to the joyous task of reviewing Lake Montgomery. Her simple but effective guitar technique is overshadowed by her wonderful voice; although on occasions her vocal embellishments distract from the well crafted songs. Her song ‘Sometimes I’d Rather Be Lonely” is a strong statement of independence from the useless masculinity. With the body of an angel and a bucket full of holes.

Kim ‘not balls’ Ralls

Kim’s first song is called ‘Judas’. No this is not an declaration of treachery, nor is this the evening’s second reference to the “Pop Queen Diva Lady Ga Ga”, its actually a good song. Kim has a powerful rock voice and he writes in a simple early 60s style.

His final song gets some members of the audience (Caro) yelping for home. Kim conjures images of post war Britain and working class fun with the words “A friday night in Norwich in 1954”. Beautiful songcraft.

TAU BOÖ! (aka Craig)

The name Tau Boo [t-ow! Bou] comes from an astronomical reference to Tau Boötis, a distant star in the Boötis system with orbital planetary satellites, known as Tau Boötis A and Tau Boötis B. All this being said I think the name Tau Boö, would be a good name for a band, or an album, but doesn’t really work to describe an individual (just my opinion, and why I will from now refer to Tau Boö as Craig).

Craig has been before (on a recce mission), but this is his first performance at Out of the Bedroom and he sings with a confident self assured baritone style, which supports his dominant songwriting technique.

All Craig needs is a bank of synthesisers and accompaniment from Lisa Gerrard on a yangqin (hammer dulcimer) and other worldy vocals. In my opinion Craig is very similar in style to Brendan Perry, which is not bad thing. One thing that lets Craig down is over use of tremolo on the vocals, which arcs attention away from the powerful deep notes that he has been hitting. I think that the tremolo technique would be really effective if used once or twice in each song, to the most climactic parts of the songs.

Craig finishes the set with a powerful glance up, similar to that of ‘Neo’ in the ‘Matrix’ after ‘the kick of power’.

Calum Carlyle (CC)

Calum starts with his fast paced multi-genre political pastiche ‘Politics, Politics’. A popular number with fast changing chord progressions and even faster lyrics. During this song Calum sings like a youthful Frank Sinatra, a boisterous Chris Barron (spin doctors), and a brilliant Calum Carlyle.

In the middle of a three gig tour of Edinburgh & Leith, Calum shows no signs of tiring.

Calums second song ‘Get Over Yourself’ is a more soulful number with a vocal sound inspired by the great Superstar soul&swing singers of the 40s and 50s.

‘For the Rest of our Lives’ can be described simply as – clever guitar, cleverer song writing, and even cleverer vocal skills, performed superbly, and this on top of hosting the evening. A confident performance from our very own “CC”

Lindsay & The Storm

Lindsay & The Storm is the name of Lindsay Sugden’s band. Lindsay recently launched her long awaited first album. The band line up has changed since the Storms featured set in February, and the new line up keeps Nelson Wright on percussion, but sees a new and improved strings section, of Cello and Violin.

Lindsay’s stage presence has doubled since February, with clear and confident singing, a good rapport with the audience and a sense of style only beaten when she dons her phosphorescent cycling garments.

The precision of the strings is pleasant, and although this might go unnoticed, it is rare to find such a good balance of tone, technique and tembre in a pub environment – well done Peter and Jen! It would be nice if over the next few months the musicians could lose their scores, as it masks some of Jen’s Cello’s natural resonance.

Nelsons percussion must also be recorded in the review. Nelson has great passion for Lindsay’s music, and with his eyes closed he recites the well written percussion parts perfectly.

Lindsay’s music is both sophisticated and appealing, with a sound which is not unlike Martha Tilston & The Architects or the Unthanks. This is in part down to the professional sounding harmonies provided by Anne Lazaro (and kicking noises from the baby within).

Lindsay’s album is a great buy and you can find more information about the album and upcoming gigs at www.lindsayandthestorm.co.uk

Nick Splinter Smith

Nick played well tonight, but I would like to withhold my review as a protest as Nick only returned to the venue (since leaving after booking a slot) at 9.20, well into the featured slot – which I don’t feel is within the spirit of the community of songwriters. – but a good set nonetheless.

Sir Tom Watton (Review written by Calum Carlyle)

‘Days Out in The Sun/The Cropredy Song’ reminds us that June is traditionally a summer month. Even in this quieter song, Tom takes the opportunity to fully perform the song, in good voice as usual. [Despite slipping in a few wrong chords] …Tom’s performance was rock solid.

For his second number, it’s a rock number with some ‘soultastic’ vocals. Quite remeniscent of “the sixties”, some might say. Like a generous slice of Christmas cake with brandy butter.

His third tune stays in Drop D, and Tom shows his ability to properly play the heck out of a guitar in his sea shanty/ballad “The Coupland & The Amelia”.

Caro Bridges

Caro’s new song is penned clearly with the intention of her band (The River) in accompaniment, thats not to say that she shouldn’t be playing without her band, because clearly Caro is one of the best musicians in Edinburgh and her music is of the moment.

‘Time and Again’ is a nice song with daring rhythms intricate guitar, and she is joined on stage by the irrepressible Matt Norris on Banjo. Superb

“Make me love/laugh” This is a very nice song, but I wasn’t sure whether the song is called “make me laugh” or “make me love” but either way, it was well performed and great to listen to.

*by this point in the proceedings my hand written notes are beginning to show signs of alcohol consumption, as there are beer stains, and almost illegible scribblings on the page – but never mind.

Matt ‘Nozza’ Norris

Matt learned several lessons tonight, including to make sure his flat keys are in his pocket before he leaves the flat. This mistake meant that Matt missed an opportunity to get an earlier set.

Moral of the story over….etc. Fresh from banjo duties, Matt tries his unnamed new song first, and despite a few memory problems ( the song being so new) it sounds like another real shindig maker (any song which when played confirms the status of the evening as a proper shindig).

“When the Sky falls” is a Seth Lakeman/Steve Tilston style masterpiece. I didn’t want to write while Matt was playing, as it was so impressive. Well done. “When the Sky falls, When the Sky Fa-aa-alls” (Me singing at home from the memory of the song). In hindsight – the packaging should read just add oboe.

Matt finishes the set with a classic Moon song, and the audience partake in much foot stomping – Grrrreat!

Blair Durward

Blair opted to have his squashy after everyone else had played. Blair played a good song and finished off a long, and full OOTB.

See you all next week for an acoustic performance of Neoviolet (a fabu-diddle-doo-docious band – I honestly can’t wait!)

review: Tom Watton

compere: Calum Carlyle

sound: Malcolm McLean

Hi everybody,

Okay first of all let me present to you the final of our “featured mp3s” – all good things, and all that, and you’ve hopefully had the chance to hear some OOTB performers you’d not heard before.

Anyway, this week’s featured MP3 is by Lindsay & The Storm, from their CD album “Behind Us Is Water” the song’s called “Time Stands Still”.

Lindsay & The Storm – Time Stands Still

(right click to save)

Lindsay & The Storm are the featured act at Out of the Bedroom this Tuesday, and they’re also performing at The Village on Monday too, more details below…


Well, there are a lot of events on the list this week, here are some of them. Click the links! Hear the music! (those links take ages to put in in the first place…)

Sunday 12 June – Man Gone Missing at The Listening Room – 8pm – free
The excellent ethereal blues of Man gone Missing from 9-10pm, following an open mic from 8-9pm.

Monday 13 June – Matt Norris & The Moon + Caro Bridges & The River + Lindsay & The Storm + Calum & The Mixed Reactions + Sir Tom Watton at The Village – 7:30pm – £5/4
What more can i say, these five acts, for a total of a fiver.
Matt Norris & The Moon
Caro Bridges & The River
Lindsay & The Storm
Calum Carlyle & The Mixed Reactions
Sir Tom Watton
How can you say no? It’s at The Village on South Fort Street in Leith at 7:30pm on Monday evening as part of the Leith Festival.

Tuesday 14 June – OOTB 428 featuring Lindsay & The Storm! 8pm – free
Casting a mystical spell over audiences wherever they go, it’s Lindsay & The Storm! plus tons of open slots (which will be filled with eclectic and breathtaking performers, no doubt) – it’s at The Montague Bar on St Leonards Street and it’s free to get in.

Tuesday 14 June – Open Mic in Glasgow!
For everyone who’s going to be stuck in Glasgow on Tuesday, and unable to attend OOTB, this looks like a good alternative, at The Box, from 9pm. According to the Facebook, they also have £2 pound drinks too (which doesn’t sound like much of an incentive to me, but you know…)

Wednesday 15 June – Calum Carlyle and Sir Tom Watton at The Blind Poet – 10pm – free
From 10pm this all star pair play tag-team on the Blind Poet stage, free admission, so come along and join in the fun. That’s at 10pm at The Blind Poet on West Nicholson Street.

Thursday 16 June
Catch up on your TV and reading, and get some rest, you’ll need your energy for….

Friday 17 June – Supermarionation at Whistle Binkies – 7:30pm – free
A free set from lovable hard rockers Supermarionation! Rock on!

Friday 17 June – Rhythm Beats Workin’ + Babylon Dub Punks at Nobles Bar – 9:30pm – free
When you’ve finished rocking out to Supermarionation, come along to this free gig in Leith at Nobles and kick back a bit with these two bands. 9:30pm start.

Friday 17 June – Caro Bridges & The River + The Machine Room + John Taylor + Yesterday Today at Electric Circus – 5pm to 10pm – free
Holy Creamoley! Another free gig on Friday??? Again, this one pretty much speaks for itself, sounds like quality entertainment to me. Electric Circus on Market Street from 5pm till 10pm.

Friday 17 June – Jacques Labouchere at The Forest Cafe – 7pm – free

Jacques Labouchere is on tour, and playing at The Forest, so that means this is also free.

Sunday 19 June – Echo Arcadia + Monsters On Movie Posters + The Surf Coats + So Watt + Last Man Frees All + Rachel Morrison + Jade Keir + Xander Duffy at Maggie’s Chamber – 3pm-10pm – £4
This is a Busking For Cancer event, so all the money raised goes to Cancer Research. looks like a marathon with tons of talented performers, starts 3pm on Sunday afternoon, and continues till 10pm.

I also wanted to mention that next Monday (20 June)Paper Truth is launching his CD at The Montague Bar (yes! The very same!) at 8pm, so be there!

Right, that’s probably well into information overload, but hope to see you at all of those gigs, and i’ll be back in your inbox next week to reveal that Neoviolet are going back to basics and playing next week’s OOTB featured act slot as a trio of all three of the founder members.

Take care out there in Musicland!


Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

OOTB 427 – Patrick Rody

Posted 07/06/2011 By admin

OOTB Presents…

These weekly emails go out later and later each week, don’t they? Well, Hannah Werdmuller put on a stoater of a final gig last night at the Listening Room/Blue Blazer. I did try and convince her to come along to OOTB on Tuesday but given she’s flying to California (for good) on Wednesday i’m not sure she’ll make it.

However, we do have something interesting for you on Tuesday (7 June), and it’s Patrick Rody (click the link, hear the music), a touring musician from Canada. He has played at OOTB before, but anyway, he’s based in Canada so come along on Tuesday because this is the only chance you’ll get to hear this great performer in Edinburgh for the foreseeable future. It’s at The Montague Bar as usual on the corner of Montague/St Leonards Street. 7:30pm to sign up for an open slot, 8pm kick-off, and it’s free.

I just wanted to mention something to you about Dave Robertson from Perth, but this time it’s Dave Robertson from Perth, Western Australia. Dave was the person who first told me about OOTB many years ago (Dave and I had previously met at the Edinburgh Songwriters’ Showcase, long story), anyway, Dave Robertson is writing a song a week at the moment and he wants your feedback! Go and listen to his songs for free, and then tell him what you think of them please, here’s the link: daverobertsonau.wordpress.com

Just a quick rattle through the other various events this week now, Lindsay and The Storm asked me to mention that they’re playing at Acoustic Edinburgh this month (also Tuesday 7 June, controversially), but bear in mind that we have them as our OOTB featured act next week. Other performers at this month’s Acoustic Edinburgh are The Dead Man’s Waltz, K-Lab, and Jason Kyrone (who you will have heard playing the featured set at OOTB a couple of weeks ago). And that’s at Medina on Lothian street, probably 8pm start if i recall correctly.

On Wednesday 8 June it’s Edinburgh Unplugged at The Royal Oak on Infirmary Street (downstairs). This month it’s only £2 for: Kat McKenzie, Chris Rodger, The Marvellous Mrs Mulvihill, and Lipsync For A Lullaby. 8pm start, i think it would be advisable to be prompt, considering the level of seating availability in the room.

On Friday it’s the Ale House open mic night of course, from 9:30pm run by Dave Law and his phalanx of familiar friendly faces. Fifteen minute slots for performers, always a bunch of excellent and interesting stuff (including the spontaneous collaborations that the Ale House is now famous for)

On Sunday remember to go to the Listening Room, they always keep you on your toes about who the featured act is, but the open slots are at 8pm in the Blue Blazer on Spittal Street, and the featured act will be on at 9pm.

Next Monday (13 June) the Leith Festival will have started and our very own Tom Watton is organising an excellent sounding gig at The Village, starring Matt Norris and the Moon, and one of the support acts is Calum Carlyle and the Mixed Reactions, possibly the only Edinburgh appearance of this lineup of the band. It’s £4/5 to get in and it’s a 7:30pm start, at The Village on South Fort Street in Leith.

The Monday after that Welcome Home are having another event in the Fort Community Centre on North Fort Street in Leith, it’s free, and they will have international food, international music and various other multicultural attractions. I went to the last one and Lorraine McCauley and her band were playing, as well as Lisa Rigby and several other excellent performers. Well worth it. This time it’s on Monday 20 June, from 5:30pm to 9pm, but it’s a drop-in thing, you don’t need to be there at any particular time.

One thing though, they are still looking for one or two performers for the open stage part of the event, preferably non-music acts to balance it out a bit, but anyway if you want to perform, contact Katherine Botterill at welcomehomenight@gmail.com for more details. But do go along anyway, it’s going to be good. That’s two weeks from today though, so before we get even further ahead of ourselves let me wrap it up for this week and say, see you on Tuesday.

Keep your eyes open for next week’s email though, it will contain the last of our limited run of free MP3s, and then for one week only the following week, i’ll give you all the download links in one go for your ease and listening satisfaction.

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

OOTB 426 with Aaron Shanley + free MP3!

Posted 30/05/2011 By admin

Hi everybody, this week’s featured artist is Mister Aaron Shanley, all the way from Ireland. Come along, you’ll not get many chances to hear him performing in Edinburgh and this is the only time he’ll be playing a gig that’s free to get into i suspect. OOTB on Tuesday 31 May, 8pm, The Montague Bar on St Leonard’s Street, you all know it by now. 🙂

And here’s this week’s featured mp3. This week it’s by our featured artist Aaron Shanley, and it’s a track called “Here Without You” from his next album.


(right click to save mp3)

And remember to pick up any other MP3s you may have missed from the OOTB website too.

Okay, tons of events this week. Here we go…..

By the way i go to as many of the events i list as i can, and i always thoroughly enjoy them. If you spend your evenings at home, seriously you should think about checking these gigs out. It’s well worth it, they usually turn out to be rollicking evenings of musical entertainment for sweetie money. It’s yourself you’re cheating by staying at home. 🙂

Tonight (Monday 30 May) it’s Christine Collister supported by Supermarionation, and if you send an email or tweet (@smnwail4u) to Supermarionation, you can get on the guestlist. It’s at Sneaky Pete’s at 7pm.

Tomorrow (Tuesday 31 May) it’s OOTB 426 featuring Aaron Shanley of course, 8pm start, 7:30pm to sign up as a performer, and it’s free!

On Wednesday 1 June Secret CDs is happening in the Voodoo Rooms, and this week for a measly £3 you get to experience Tom McConnell, Aaron Shanley, Paul Gilbody and Arran Arctic. There are tons of good reasons to go to this gig, not the least of which is that Tom McConnell’s leaving for the states after this gig, and Aaron Shanley’s off on the rest of his tour, so if you want to hear these performers, now’s your chance! And that’s at 7:30pm for 8pm.

On Thursday 2 June you can hear Trapped in Kansas, Plastic Animals, and Letters at Sneaky Pete’s starting from 7:30pm, not sure of the admission cost? £4? £5? Not knowing keeps life interesting though, don’t you think?

Also on Thursday 2 June, at The Forest Cafe, it’s the annual Rock Against The Work Ethic, featuring Freeloadin’ Frank and his many friends. It’s free, of course, though you will no doubt be encouraged to contribute to the Save The Forest fund. Gone are the days when “free performance venue” meant “free” (Heavens forbid the performers might actually make any money, after all!) but i suppose every ideology comes up against reality sooner or later, and it’s all for a good cause, as they say.

On Friday 3 June there are a couple of things on, firstly, at The Blind Poet, Mutant Lodge otherwise known as Nyk Stoddart is performing, it’s a 10pm start, and free!

And also on Friday 3 June, for a fiver, it’s The Industry, Edward and the Itch, Lost Weekend and Jack Hinks, all of them performing at The Store on Guthrie Street, at 7pm. All proceeds go to Strangetown Youth Theatre.

On Saturday 4 June at The Blind Poet it’s Hannah Werdmuller, and rumours have been flying around that it’s a 10pm start, though make your own mind up about that. It’s Hannah’s final UK gig ever though, so don’t miss it.

That’s not even mentioning Friday‘s open mic night at The Ale House on Clerk Street (a 9:30pm start) and the Listening Room at the Blue Blazer (8pm on Sundays, with a featured act every week). Whew! It’s all going on!

Oh yeah! I completely forgot to mention we’re having another jam session in Red Dog Music in the Grassmarket on Sunday 5 June at 3pm. Come along! Bring your instruments, or just come to listen. it’ll be fun!

So yeah, a good musical start to the month of June. There’s lots more coming up too, we’ve got Lindsay and the Storm as well as Neoviolet playing featured act sets at OOTB over the next couple of weeks, and next week’s Edinburgh Unplugged has a couple of fairly unmissable acts too. Anyway, see you all out there…

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

OOTB 425 featuring Bethia!

Posted 23/05/2011 By admin

One of the things OOTB has always done is to support upcoming singer-songwriters, and this week we’re proud to present Bethia. She’s played several fifteen minute slots at OOTB since we restarted the night in January, and she’s very good, frankly, so this week she’s playing a half hour feature length slot. If you haven’t heard her, then this is a great opportunity to do so, and if you have heard her, you won’t need any further convincing.

I don’t know how it got to be Monday before i got a chance to do the OOTB email this week, but anyway, because of my tardiness, i’m skipping the featured MP3 this week, but that’s all the more reason for you to scour the free MP3s that are available so far on our website. There are some very good ones.

By the way, i did mention this once before but there’s a fairly new online discussion forum for songwriters, why not join up and get networking with some other online songwriters? The Songwriters Anonymous web board is a great resource for songwriters who are actually interested in songwriting and collaborating.

I’ve not got many gigs to tell you about this week, firstly there’s OOTB featuring Bethia on Tuesday 24th May, 8pm start, but get there by 7:30pm if you want to sign up for an open slot, and it’s free! and that’s at the Montague Bar on St Leonards Street.

Then on Thursday 26th May there’s a gig on at Henry’s Cellar Bar you should probably check out. It begins at 8pm and only costs £4 to get in. The acts are:
Sea Bass Kid, an up-and-coming, Edinburgh based 5-piece, sporting a unique indie pop sound, flavoured with lashings of reggae, blues, folk and funk.
Conscious Route, Expect the unexpected and most of all keep conscious!
Hannah Werdmuller, Amazing Folk/ Blues acoustic singer songwriter – and since Hannah’s going away imminently this is one of your last chances to see her performing in Edinburgh!
Calum Carlyle (accompanied by Sir Tom Watton), Eclectic and quirky songs played by people who usually get them right most of the time!

You can download Conscious Route‘s entire Edinburgh Unplugged set by the way for free, it was a thoroughly invigorating performance. There’s a link on the Edinburgh Unplugged FB page.

That’s it, hope to see you all on Tuesday and/or Thursday!

Remember to listen to all those free downloads as well. Fit it in while you’re doing the dishes (or filling the dishwasher, whatever…)

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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