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Festive Holiday Toilet Break

Posted 24/12/2012 By admin

Unconvenient Convenience OOTB is spending quality time in Toiletland over the holidays and will be Out Of The Bathroom for normal service after New Year on Saturday 12th January 2013. See you then, then.

Have a seasonal trouble-free journey of posterior ablutions… 😀

It’s that time of year we all love to hate and systematically waste our hard earned cash on presents nobody really needs. A dilute Christian festival now primarily based on the monetary value of gifts we all receive and give to each other. Santa is grateful although to Coca Cola for changing his suit colour to red rather than the awful dark purple that everyone seemed to hate. Poor bewildered Jesus these days is scratching his bloody thorned head wondering where he, his sacrifice and religion fits into this unrepentant calculated world of mass human commercial consumption. Father forgive them, for they know not what they do. Anyway, despite all that we are not party-poopers as OOTB is having a special Christmas celebration and we’re expecting some Christmas songs to leak from the pores of songsters this Saturday night.

Matt MidgleyAlso for this festive week’s featured act we have booked an amazing Scots-born musician who is known as Matt Midgley. Oxfordshire based Matt employs a unique percussive guitar style that involves a rather high calibre technical method of detuning, tapping and finger-picking which defines his alternative indie folk sound. All this is showcased in his 2010 debut album ‘Cyan’ and has now released part one of his second album ‘For Everybody and No One’. Well worth checking out if you want to witness something that’s a bit different and original. Find out more on his website: Matt Midgley.co.uk

Regular slots are available as usual if you want to don your Santa hat and play us a few songs, influenced perchance by the drunken pleasure of warm medicinal-tasting mulled wine and burnt Christmas pudding interrupted with a good long turkey burp.

Please note that OOTB will be taking a break over the holidays and will be back after new year on 12th January 2013. Have a good time everyone and see you real soon!

TB 😀

OOTB 500 is done and dusted and it’s now countdown (or is it count-up?) to OOTB 1000! Our special celebration on Saturday was a great night filled with cake, drink and music. Big thanks to everyone who turned up to play and join in the fun. Check out the review of the evening and performances (if you haven’t already) written by one of OOTB’s originals, James Igoe. Pics of the momentous night are on our Photos page.

Jack Blimey

Featured act this Saturday is Jack Blimey. An emerging talent from the Edinburgh music scene, Jack has been a regular (and now a committee member) of OOTB for some time now. His music is an energetic mix of eclectic beat poetry and 1960s spy theme music underlined with a touch of dark humour. He has an acoustic guitar phobia, so it’s normal to see Jack adorning one of his electric guitars which adds to his unique style and sound.

It’s business as usual with regular slots available for the taking. Just turn up 7pm-7:30pm to sign up for fifteen minutes of fame (you know the drill by now). Also check out our new Open Mics page which is a monthly updated list of such events in and around Edinburgh. See you there at the Kilderkin this Saturday, and possibly somewhere else out and about in music-land!

TB 😀

OOTB 500, Saturday 8 December 2012

Posted 10/12/2012 By reviewer

OOTB 500

11 years, 5 regular venues, 4 CDs, and countless performers after that enjoyable, if sparsely-attended, opening night in November 2001, Out of the Bedroom is still very much alive and well.

It’s hard to quantify the effect OOTB (to use the acronym) has had on the Edinburgh music scene. OOTB has been chucked out of more pubs than Amy Winehouse, no million-selling rock stars have emerged (we missed out on KT Tunstall!), and, in the company of many of the best local music nights, OOTB has been almost completely overlooked by the mainstream Edinburgh media.

Yet the packed house and warm appreciation from the audience tonight underlined a collective feeling that OOTB provides something special and unique. The nights are, and have consistently been, well-organised and artists are welcomed and appreciated – whether old or young, familiar or unfamiliar, expert or novice.

Compere par excellence Scott Renton opened the night in his own inimitable style. It was a great pleasure for me to hear Scott performing for the first time in ages too. ‘Waverley Nights’, based on Kiss’s ‘Crazy Nights’, was endearing, 100% Scottish and very distinctive. The lyric, written when OOTB left its original home of The Waverley Bar, was updated for OOTB 500 and was an amusing, brutally honest tale giving his reasons for coming to OOTB. I’m sure both Gene Simmons and Iain ‘Smiler’ Walker would be proud.

I, James Igoe, played next and think I was the only person this evening to cover a song by another OOTB artist. Norman Lamont’s ‘Nicole’ was dedicated to the Nicoles loved and lusted over. There was not much sympathy for my sad tale of Paris but that’s something I’ll just have to live with. J The lurgy I had all week affected my preparation but I think it went okay – Norman was appreciative.

Edinburgh open mic legend and champion of all things counterculture Freeloading Frank was next up. His version of the sensitive Beatles song ‘I Will’ was morphed into a heartfelt paean of self-love, inspired by his own reflection. Frank updated (“remixed”) an old song ‘Rupert Murdoch’ changing the target of his ire towards the heinous double act of Tories David Cameron and George Osborne. I felt the crowd were on his side.

Master guitarist Graeme Mearns went completely left field and played a supper club jazz version of The Ramones’s punk classic ‘Blitzkreig Bop’. Coincidentally I was listening to The Ramones version in the car coming to the gig. I thought it was a great, highly original re-imagining of the song, though I think the late Johnny Ramone might have been spinning in his grave.

Next up – a new act! Not only had Trouble in Paradise never played OOTB, the trio had never played together live before. They rehearse via Skype which is quite unusual even in this age of ubiquitous internet access. For lead singer Alice this was her first ever gig though you would never have guessed from her onstage ease and confidence. ‘Modern Woman’ had some very nice harmonies supplied by the two gents on guitars. The chorus of “are you a modern woman? / do you pleasure yourself?” got a few minds racing among the rapt audience I’m sure. Their acoustic cover of Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ was very endearing with Alice singing with a near cut glass BBC accent, very different from Ms Lauper’s Queens twang. They cheekily sneaked in a third song about old fashioned love in a digital age, which was very well received by the audience. The old fella (a Kilderkin regular?) at the end of the bar shouted that she had a nice voice, and he was right.

Julien Pierrefeu has brought musical intensity and lyrical depth to many an OOTB evening and this fine performance continued his sequence of top notch performances. Accompanied by Tom Watton on guitar, Julien’s bi-lingual (French/English) song was a romantic tale which reminded me a bit of mid-‘60s French-inflected pop music and I could imagine an accordion. This was very pleasant.

Tommy Mackay lets his creative juices flow in the Scottish comedy circuit after some years as an OOTB stalwart. In his alter ego tonight as The Sensational Alex Salmond Gastric Band, Tommy played what I thought was my song of the evening – ‘Wee Country’. It was an original, heartfelt, patriotic and serious song about modern day Scotland, with part of the lyric challenging one of the scourges of Scotland – sectarianism. I think this should be a contender for the national anthem, or at least part of the soundtrack for the 2014 election. I’d vote for that.

One of the longest serving OOTB committee members Calum Carlyle played a Radiohead song which Calum introduced as “track 4 off the 3rd album” (‘Exit Music?’). Calum sung this in a Jeff Buckley-esque manner, no mean feat, and played it immaculately on the guitar. Calum’s second cover was George Harrison’s ‘Long Long Long’, perhaps one of the lesser-known tracks off The Beatles’ ‘White Album’. I felt Calum really made the song his own and gave it a new life, seamlessly fitting in with his previous cover, in a new Carlyle sound? Flawless guitar playing and a strong set from Calum.

Next was the break when there was some bidding for the 500th raffle ticket, which reached the dizzy heights of £1.70 rather than the standard £1! As well as chatting to some old and gold individuals I was also casting my eye over the rather fine 500th anniversary guitar-shaped chocolate cake courtesy of Tina Avery.

An OOTB original Colin Donati started part two with his own song ‘Various Moons’, using the powered-up house guitar nicknamed ‘golden retriever’.  Colin’s slick jazzy guitar playing was a bit of class and it’s great to see Colin playing regularly after a while when he was pursuing other creative outlets. His pre-gig Kilderkin pizza set him up nicely, I’ll make a note for future reference.

Cake-maker and current OOTB committee member Tina Avery began with ‘80s classic ‘Luka’ by Suzanne Vega. I remember the song practically single-handedly resurrecting the singer-songwriter genre in the 1980s. Tina gave a faithful cover version of the song, beautifully picked and sung. Out came the ukulele for Tina’s last song ‘River Man’. It’s not easy to play a picked uke and make it sound good but Tina had no problem, managing to play the instrument admirably. This floaty, dreamy song had the audience rapt with attention and quiet which was a blessed rarity this evening.

Perhaps the youngest performer this evening, Tomas was fresh from being out busking and was unaware of the significance of the evening. John Farrell helped him with some guitar strap problems. His two songs were social commentaries about living a young working class life in 21st century Edinburgh and received warm applause.

Tau Boo is one of the more unusual performers I’ve ever seen at OOTB. This is principally because he has perhaps the deepest voice in show business, giving the late Paul Robeson a run for his money. His song ‘Standing in the Steps of Giants’ uses natural vocal reverberation that has echoes of ‘Starsailor’-period Tim Buckley. It’s a haunting sound that stays with you long after the show.

The previously-covered Norman Lamont  played Paul Simon’s ‘You Can Call Me Al’. I think Norman managed to play the song with two chords, and still retained the interest. For such a densely lyrical song I was impressed that Norman didn’t need a lyric sheet (voice in head: “it’s called practice, James”. Okay, thank you voice-in-head). Norman’s next song was new and jazz-tinged, in keeping with the style of several songs this evening. Unfortunately ‘Big’ James Whyte who was due to accompany Norman was otherwise engaged tonight. On this evidence, I look forward to hearing the forthcoming album ‘Watching Paint Dry’.

The great Fiona Thom has been in great form musically all year, currently recording her album. She played a jazzy version of ‘Love, Peace and Harmony’, which featured John Farrell on guitar. Fiona stop the song halfway through as the altered timing didn’t fit the metre of Fiona’s lyrics. Fiona picked up the guitar and played the more familiar version and sounded much more comfortable. The new album should be very good indeed.

Scott announced that John’s friend, and friend of OOTB, Fraser Drummond was not feeling well and couldn’t make it this evening. Scott spoke for us all in passing our best wishes on to Fraser.

Another of the newer committee members, Jack Blimey played two originals, saying he considered covering one of Nyk Stoddart’s songs but the thought of that almost made his head explode! The somewhat brooding and dark ‘Tuesday’s Child’ was played on electric guitar. The style was minimalist, in a kind of Duane-Eddy-meets-The-XX style. Classic. ‘Demolition Street’ was about a place where he used to live and featured some neat, precise, almost metronomic, guitar playing and technically very good. I think Jack is a bit like a male version of Virginia Astley, who I’d put money on he’s never heard of.

A new band to me were Forgotten Works, with one chap wearing a guitar strap made out of jeans and the other chap was Jen and the Gents double bass player moonlighting! The style was John Martyn / Richard Thomson which is difficult to do well but these chaps achieved that level with ease. The first song (titled ‘Digging Holes’?) was gently hypnotic and pleasing. Last track was an instrumental ‘Horse Steeped in Jam’ which continued the good vibes. I was impressed that the double bass player was also able to play tambourine with his foot at the same time. Ones to watch out for.

A night with much vintage talent on show wouldn’t be complete without seminal Edinburgh open mic organiser Tom McEwan. Tom started the Edinburgh Songwriters Showcase 20 years ago next March, which might be another good cause for celebration! Tom played a spirited version of Springsteen’s ‘Born to Run’ which included a harmonica solo where Clarence Clemons saxophone once was. Upbeat and enjoyable stuff from Tom – Bruce would have been proud.

Robert King lit the sparklers in the form of numbers 5-0-0 on Tina’s cake and we all sang happy birthday to the entity of Out of the Bedroom. The cake tasted lovely Tina!

Darren Hendrie is a regular; the night clashes with his regular slot at the Jazz Bar but Darren dashes down, usually getting a squashee slot at the end of the evening. ‘Morningside’ showcased his skills – relaxed, timing perfect, vocal measured and controlled, a proper musician. One of the most improved musicians I’ve seen in recent years.

Stalwart OOTB committee member Nyk Stoddart dedicated his set to two people in the scene who are not very well at the moment in Malcolm MacLean and the aforementioned Fraser Drummond. Nyk went electric with a distorted electric guitar which has a compressed sound that gave it a new wave, Skids-like feel. Nyk played the crowd favourite ‘Mutant Slash Killer Zombies From Planet X’ which achieved the classic ‘na-na-na-na-na’ sing-a-long.

It was a pleasure to see Tom Watton again as I hadn’t seen his face around town awhile. Scott requested that Tom didn’t play any epics as we were tight for time so he played the 7-minute ‘Matty Groves’! It was requested by a few in the audience and Tom really went for it, with plenty of resonance in that guitar of his. On this form, Tom would have given Jeff Buckley and Percy Plant a run for his money, such was his unbridled vocal range.

The raffle – I drew my own ticket out (to cries of “fix”) and then Robert won the extra prize.

The dreadlocked Robert King was another debutante this evening and it was fitting to end the regular slots this evening with a newbie. The song, which I think was entitled ‘Rainbow Unfurled’, had plenty of positivity which I was trying to channel in my flu-like exhaustion. I think it worked. More positivity please sir, you’re welcome back to kick off the next 500!

We finished with Tommy Mackay’s ‘500 gigs’, based on a famous Proclaimers tune, as sung by the The OOTB Chorus (or cat’s chorus as some may have said about the drunken rabble)! Legendary! As Tommy said himself: “sheer poetry – shambolic to the end”.

OOTB 500 – December 8th – OOTB 500!

Posted 04/12/2012 By admin

OOTB 500
Out Of The Bedroom this Saturday is hosting its 500th event! Established way back in November 2001, OOTB has witnessed eleven years of live original music and performances from so many talented people coming through our doors to reach this incredible milestone. This longevity proves that OOTB has played a significant part over the years in promoting songwriters and original artists in Edinburgh, and often providing a stepping stone for those who are contemplating their first gig. With turnout of performers and audience being very healthy these days (and in the past of course!) along with new faces constantly turning up to play, it’s realistic to think that another 500 events are entirely possible.

To celebrate we are inviting performers to play cover versions of musicians who have played on the OOTB stage in the past. Alternatively you are welcome to play any song at all, whether it’s a cover of a song you love or your own material.

We are expecting our 500th this Saturday to be rather busy, so it might be one or two songs for each performer depending on how many people turn up before 8pm and throughout the evening. We’ve organised special OOTB events like this in the past and they’ve always ended up being fantastic nights of music and entertainment. Rumour has it that there might be a cake as well! It all kicks off at 8pm and is admission free as always. So come down with your friends and join in the fun, frolics and music.

Check out our new OPEN MICS page which is a monthly updated list of open mics (and the like) in and around Edinburgh!

😀 TB

OOTB 499 – 1st December – POL Arida

Posted 27/11/2012 By admin

‘OOTB 499?? Hmmm…now wait just a damn minute there, that must mean the next one has to be OOTB 500! Oh my God, are the folks at Out Of The Bedroom doing anything at all to celebrate this momentous achievement?!?’. Damned right we are, but more on this in a bit.

POL AridaThe act this week more than worthy of our featured slot is POL Arida.

POL is an accomplished singer songwriter working from Edinburgh, UK. Many of his songs are ‘subject specific’ covering areas far from the conventional love song.

His ‘hammer’ guitar style is widely regarded as unique, where the guitar is hit hundreds of times per minute to produce a multi-instrument sound. Many of the recordings have no backing or effects although more recently POL has been working with other musicians to compliment the songs.
He is a well known live performer in ‘Second Life’ playing virtual gigs on a regular basis.

Check out his website: cultx.com

On Saturday 8th December we celebrate not only reaching our 500th event, but also eleven years of hosting live original music in Edinburgh! OOTB 001 was launched quite a while ago in November 2001 where since then songwriters and performers have had an accessible platform to show off their talents to a supportive audience.
To commemorate all this we are breaking our own rules! Performers are invited to play cover versions, particularly covers of OOTBers (with their permission of course). Those of you who sign up to play are just as welcome to perform original material if covers are not your sort of thing. It all starts at 8pm, so come down with your friends to help us rejoice in what will be a heavenly night of music and damned good fun!

😀 😀 😀

OOTB 498 – November 24th – Dave Keir

Posted 20/11/2012 By admin

The big bright glistening milestone that has ‘OOTB 500’ etched by bloodied hands in large epic font and stands tall like a Space Odyssey monolith built from slavish pride, is almost upon us. With ‘Out Of The Bedroom’ celebrating what is now eleven years of live original music and the like in Edinburgh (ootb was established way back in November 2001), it’s going to be a memorable night where we break our very own rules! Performers are invited to play cover versions, better still covers of musicians who have turned up to OOTB over the years (with their permission of course). It’s not a strict rule though, anyone who comes along to play are just as welcome to perform their own songs if covers are not one’s cup of tea.

Dave Keir

Back to this week and featured act is Dave Keir. Dave is a folk musician who is recognised for his distinctive and assured finger-picking style on acoustic guitar which is accompanied by strong clear vocals delivering melodies with deep lyrical content. His performances around Edinburgh, including a number of times at OOTB,  have been top notch and well worth seeing if you’re out there. Along with a CD release titled ‘Good Grief’ at OOTB 481 earlier this year, Dave’s music is on the up . So no excuses, get yourselves down to the Kilderkin bar this Saturday night to witness a session in ‘how it should be done’ with original music from the man himself. Check out his website for more: dave-keir.com

Regular slots for performers are open as usual if you fancy fifteen minutes in the starry spotlight displaying your creative wares to an appreciative audience (latest sign up time is normally 7:30pm).

See you there :D, TB.



OOTB 497 – November 17th – Tau Boo

Posted 13/11/2012 By admin


Tau Boo

Buuuurrp!  Oh please excuse, still digesting what went on out there in music-land over the weekend. First though, the featured act this week is Tau Boo. Tau Boo is short for Taurus Bootis (Latin) which is a star in our galaxy a little more dense than the sun, and reportedly some years ago was supposed to have a solar system quite similar to ours. It was thought that maybe this system had a chance of harbouring some kind of intelligent life. More recent findings however have shown that Tau Boo’s most interesting planet is a very large hot Jupiter style gas giant that orbits very close to its star and is therefore unlikely to be a haven for any life.

What can we say about Tau Boo the musician? Well he’s a solo act who sounds a bit like em…eh…hmm…well you know, sort of like someone who comes across a little bit like…well you know…eh…er…um…maybe kind of like that person who sounds a little bit like you know what, that sort of thing, possibly. Anyway he is obviously indescribable so get yourselves along this Saturday and delve deeper into the strange yet enthralling mystery that is Tau Boo, and of course book yourself a slot (latest sign up time is usually 7:30pm) if you want to play…

OOTB 496 was an excellent night of music. Dave Robertson, the headline act, gave a spellbinding indie-folk style performance of his songs to a captivated audience last Saturday. Hopefully he will return to our shores soon for more of the same. As always, the performances from all the other musicians who turned up to play proves that Edinburgh still has a vibrant and high quality cauldron of talent. They were Tomas, Nicole Strachan, Roseanne Reid, Nyk Stoddart, Tina Avery, Pol Arida, Kyle Hurley, Calum Carlyle, Graeme Mearns, Bruce Nicol, Alan Henderson, John Crawford and Mike McFarlane. Check them all out on our Photos page.

The Listening Room on Sunday was a great night as well with ‘Lach’ as the featured act giving a notable turnout of people there a very energetic and entertaining show, along with the other folks who were also there to play.

😉   TB

Featured act this week is Australian born Dave Robertson playing an acoustic set for us all. Worth checking out as he lives abroad and is a rare treat to see him perform live in Edinburgh. Dave actually played his first live performances in Scotland a decade ago. His new indie folk band is the Kiss List who you can check out here:


Along with the regular open slots and general good fun, Saturday promises to be a great night of music!

Big thanks to everyone who turned up to OOTB-495 whether you were playing or listening. Our night of open slots turned out to be a very enjoyable journey of high quality performances with a good diverse range of styles. We even had a bit of storytelling and illustration! Performers were – Kyle Hurley, Nyk Stoddart, Tau Boo, Dog On A Swing, John Crawford, Simon Herron, Robert King, Tomas, Calum Carlyle, Colin Milne, Alice V., and Pete Wylie. Check them out on our Photos page!


OOTB 495 – November 3rd – Open Slots!

Posted 01/11/2012 By admin

No featured act this week, so we have a radiant evening comprised entirely of Open Slots to warm you all up!

It will be a good three hours more or less of hot live performances from a diverse collection of original artists flaunting their song-writing talents!

So come along to experience a great night with your songs and friends (Sign up at 7.15pm!), and button back your lobes to hear (and play) a kaleidoscopic array of fantastic music!


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