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OOTB 459 – Make Way For The Young!

Posted 26/01/2012 By admin

OOTB Presents… Al Young! hi everybody. i’m typing this with my left hand only, due to an injury so this week it’ll be short and sweet. Al Young is this week’s featured act (on saturday 28 january), don’t miss it, he’s got a spellbinding touch to his songwriting. As for listings, there are a lot […]

Okay, OOTB is now on Saturdays, at The Montague Bar (practically across the road from St Leonards Street police station), and it starts at 8pm. We’ve got a half hour featured act every week, and at least eight open floorspots. If you’d like to sign up for a floorspot, 7:30pm’s probably the latest you can do that because the slots are allocated on a first-come/first-served basis by the host of the evening on the night, no phoning in advance or getting a friend to sign you up. PLUS we don’t allow cover versions. You can perform whatever you like (at the discretion of the bar, that is, and the law, of course!) so long as you wrote it yourself. Also it’s free, and the standard is usually very high, so bring your friends and have a listen, this is not just a night for performers!

This week the featured act is Dave Keir. I’ve heard him several times and got his CDs and he’s very very good. He writes intriguing songs, and his fingerstyle guitar playing really reminds me of John Renbourn amongst others. His 45 minute set at the Listening Room a couple of months ago was great and his set at the four hundred and fifty seventh Out Of The Bedroom this coming Saturday (14 January!) will no doubt be at least as good. Don’t miss it, honestly, for free this is pretty much the best gig in town this Saturday! 🙂

Hi everybody and happy new year!

Right, we’re moving OOTB to SATURDAYS as of this week. The thirty-two of you who have been reading the emails these past few weeks know this already, everybody else TAKE NOTE. 🙂 Everything else stays the same by the way, it’ll still be in the Montague Bar with the music starting at 8pm.

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