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OOTB 468 featuring Damien Casey-Boyce

Posted 31/03/2012 By admin

So yeah, there’s tons of other stuff going on at the moment, my head nearly explodes thinking about it all. For instance tomorrow (1 April) as part of a thing called April Foolery, as many musicians as possible will all be turning up at The Pavilion Cafe in The Meadows at 1pm in the afternoon, and then playing music on the number 23 bus route to protest against the new Entertainment Licensing legislation that’s coming into force. Here’s more information, but if you want to stick up for small venues and live music, then be at The Pavilion Cafe in the The Meadows at 1pm SHARP with your instruments, or just yourselves.

OOTB 467 with Jamie and Shoony Eh?

Posted 22/03/2012 By admin

Hi everybody. Right this week at OOTB the featured act is Jamie and Shoony Eh. They are 100% energy. A young duo with a lot fewer inhibitions than most open mic acoustic performers. You can’t help but get into the party mood with them. Also, two hours of open floorspots which will be filled with […]

OOTB Presents… This evening it’s the haunting sound of Nyk Stoddart (ably backed, by Calum Carlyle on bass) at OOTB at The Montague Bar at 8pm this evening (17 March), so come along for this quite possibly unique event. Spring is in the air and you’re only young once, plus the rest of the evening […]

OOTB 465… Jill Hepburn ignites!

Posted 09/03/2012 By admin

OOTB Presents… Jill Hepburn! Hi everybody. Right, it’s the talented and very personable Jill Hepburn performing the featured act slot this week (Saturday 10th of March) at The Montague Bar from 8pm, and if you’re quick enough you might get to sign up for one of our three song floorspots too, or just come along […]

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