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OOTB 499 – 1st December – POL Arida

Posted 27/11/2012 By admin

‘OOTB 499?? Hmmm…now wait just a damn minute there, that must mean the next one has to be OOTB 500! Oh my God, are the folks at Out Of The Bedroom doing anything at all to celebrate this momentous achievement?!?’. Damned right we are, but more on this in a bit. The act this week […]

OOTB 498 – November 24th – Dave Keir

Posted 20/11/2012 By admin

The big bright glistening milestone that has ‘OOTB 500’ etched by bloodied hands in large epic font and stands tall like a Space Odyssey monolith built from slavish pride, is almost upon us. With ‘Out Of The Bedroom’ celebrating what is now eleven years of live original music and the like in Edinburgh (ootb was […]

OOTB 497 – November 17th – Tau Boo

Posted 13/11/2012 By admin

  Buuuurrp!  Oh please excuse, still digesting what went on out there in music-land over the weekend. First though, the featured act this week is Tau Boo. Tau Boo is short for Taurus Bootis (Latin) which is a star in our galaxy a little more dense than the sun, and reportedly some years ago was supposed […]

Featured act this week is Australian born Dave Robertson playing an acoustic set for us all. Worth checking out as he lives abroad and is a rare treat to see him perform live in Edinburgh. Dave actually played his first live performances in Scotland a decade ago. His new indie folk band is the Kiss […]

OOTB 495 – November 3rd – Open Slots!

Posted 01/11/2012 By admin

No featured act this week, so we have a radiant evening comprised entirely of Open Slots to warm you all up! It will be a good three hours more or less of hot live performances from a diverse collection of original artists flaunting their song-writing talents! So come along to experience a great night with […]

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