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Posted 21/10/2012 By admin

Hi everyone,
Our nights at Kilderkin have been going very well and we are looking forward to our 500th, yes our 500th OOTB!
It will be a covers night (although you can play your own material if you wish) and we especially encourage you to cover songs from other OOTB performers (with their permission of course!). We would like to show the Kilderkin just how many of us are out there, and it would also be lovely to see you as well!

The feature acts for the new few months are the powerful songs of Calum Carlye (27th Oct), the blues man himself Roger Emmerson (10th Nov), the incredible Dave Keir (24th Nov), thoughtful and dynamic Pol Arida (1st Dec) and the witty Jack Blimey! (Dec 15th).

We now have a fantastic team of comperes and sound people, although we could always use some help (especially for sound). So if you feel you’d like to take part (even if it’s writing the review for one night) please let us know!

Many Thanks

Nyk Stoddart
OOTB Secretary


Posted 18/09/2012 By admin

Hello OOTB Friends,

Our tenure at the Montague/Maltings has now come to an end – but fear not intrepid troubadours, as this moment has been prepared for!

OOTB proper will start again on Saturday 6th October in OOTB’s new home: The Kilderkin (Down the Royal Mile). If you haven’t been there before please see http://goo.gl/maps/8mwtJ

This Saturday, 22nd at 8pm, will be a bash for Peter Michael Rowan at, you guessed it: The Kilderkin (are you spotting a pattern here?), so come down and give one of Edinburghs great movers and shakers and all-round good blokes a fine send-off!

We are also holding our AGM at The Kilderkin on Wednesday 3rd October at 7pm. This will be an open public meeting to air your views and elect committee positions.

I also want to take the opportunity to thank all the people who have helped the night so far, in so many ways, too many to mention here, our volunteers are all brilliant, and without whom we wouldn’t have the fantastic night that we have all, in our own ways, built over the years.

Cheers to everyone, and hope to see you Saturday for Peter, the 3rd for the AGM, or even Saturday 6th October for the first night in our new home!

See you out there!

Nyk Stoddart

OOTB Secretary

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Posted 19/07/2012 By admin

OOTB Presents… Tina Avery

OOTB 483

Thanks so much to those that came along on Saturday night, helped out and played their songs to everyone. Special thanks goes to Jim Bryce, for such excellent compering – and his song about a cat and well, it’s complicated, you know…

Just to mention, both the Listening Room (Blue Blazer, Sundays, 8pm) and The Ale House (Clerk St, Tuesday & Fridays, 9.30pm) which are also excellent open mics and well worth a visit.

You may also want to check out the latest news on the open mic and gig front by going to


This Saturday coming, we have the haunting and memorable songs of Tina Avery. So bring along your songs and your friends, and pin back your ears to hear some fantastic music!

All the best

See you out there!

Nyk Stoddart – OOTB Secretary


Open Slots!

Posted 09/07/2012 By admin

OOTB Presents…



Thanks so much to those that came along on Saturday night, helped out and played their songs to everyone. Special thanks goes to Dave Keir, and his excellent feature set. He has CDs for sale too!…just go to http://www.dave-keir.com/.

Just to mention, both the Listening Room (Blue Blazer, Sundays, 8pm) and The Ale House (Clerk St, Tuesday & Fridays, 9.30pm) are also excellent open mics and well worth a visit.

You may also want to check out the latest news on the open mic and gig front by going to http://edinburghunlimited.blogspot.com. brought to you by the man whom, by sheer coincidence, is presenting Katie Forbes, Stevie B Good, Caro Bridges and himself (Calum Carlyle) Live for only £3 at The Third Door, Lothian Street, 8pm.

This Saturday coming, we have a special evening of Open Slots! Yes, that’s right, three hours of non-stop (well almost non-stop) songwriting mayhem! So bring along your songs and your friends, and pin back your ears to hear some fantastic music!

All the best

See you out there! 🙂

Nyk Stoddart – OOTB Secretary



Fantastic Guitar……………

Posted 04/07/2012 By admin

OOTB 481

Feature: Dave Keir’s “Good Grief!” CD Release Feature

Dave Keir appeared on the Edinburgh music scene about a year ago, and impressed us with his fantastic guitar playing and memorable songs…if you haven’t heard him yet, you must!. He has a website at http://www.dave-keir.com/

So please come along, and bring your songs – and your friends! You’re all very welcome!

As you know, our hard-working webmaster, Calum Carlyle, is very busy and has sadly decided to move onto other projects. His fantastic work on the committee, upgrading the website, and not to mention his fantastic weekly OOTB emails have become the stuff of legend. So please give Calum a warm round of applause as we wish him well for the future!

But have no fear! He is still performing, writing songs and organising music nights, such as Edinburgh Unlimited (which is on at The Third Door on the 11th July, 8pm, £3) , and also has a blog at http://edinburghunlimited.blogspot.co.uk/ which contains his usual information about the latest open mics and gigs.

Our committee is undergoing a transitory phase at the moment, so please bear with us. Our night is still running fine, and is as busy as usual. Thanks so much to the people who have volunteered to help out. We would be nothing without you.

Hope to see you soon! 🙂

Nyk Stoddart
OOTB Secretary

OOTB Presents…………..

Hi everybody. This will be my last Out of the Bedroom mailout. I’m stepping down from the OOTB committee and all rota positions following a reevaluation of my own priorities and commitments.

But we’ll get to that in a minute. This week’s featured act is none other than Scott Renton. Scott was one of the best ever OOTB hosts in his day and he is an excellent and engaging performer, though it is VERY rare to see him out there performing these days. That’s why OOTB 479 (Tomorrow, Saturday 23 June) is a one-off event, not to be missed.

Speaking of one-off events, wait forever and two come along at once! This Thursday there’s a Hailey Beavis gig at the Voodoo Rooms at the SAME TIME as a Matt Norris gig at The Third Door! Hailey Beavis is £4 to get in, and it’s a 7:30pm start, and Matt Norris is £5 to get in and it’s an 8pm start. Both shows have some excellent support acts on as well, and BOTH look really worthwhile.

Before we go any further, I have two messages for you, from our chairman, Daniel Davis:

As you may be aware the Montague Bar came under new management just over a week ago. The changeover required us to remove all of our equipment from the premises. Having been told that the pub would be open as usual on Saturday we set a plan in place to get everything up and running and asked you to come along. Regrettably, things did not go to plan.

I came to the Montague at 5pm to help move the equipment back in and to meet the new manager, however I found it to be closed. The pub did open for business shortly after 7pm, by which point we could not fetch the gear and get back in time to start the night.

By the point the pub opened I had stood in the rain for far too long and apologised to rather too many people. My thanks to Calum who came along to help me, also getting soaked in the process, and to Nyk and Malcolm who were prepared to come, but whom I told to stay put until I had news.

Obviously the circumstances were beyond our control, and we were unable to put on the kind of high-quality night we would like to run under the OOTB banner. As a result the committee decided, with regret, to cancel Out of the Bedroom.

I feel especially sorry for those who travelled further to come along and were disappointed. Thanks to those who decided to stay around and make something of the night with an informal gathering playing acoustically to each other. Several people even commented to me that they enjoyed the intimate atmosphere.

Obviously we will try again this week to stage Out of the Bedroom and have been assured that the pub will be open and ready for us. So please come along and join in, and please bear with us if there are a few hitches in the rather large undertaking of getting all the gear back and set up in time. Better still, lend a hand.

My apologies once again

Daniel Davis
OOTB Chair

A Brief Request…

Once upon a time a little music group sprung up. It met weekly in a basement where Edinburgh musicians shared their songs with each other. Gradually the people came, it grew, and it flourished, because it was the best god-damned music night in the world. There are other music nights in town, some of them better than others, some only allowing the very best performers, but OOTB has always stayed true to its founding purpose of giving performers their first step on the ladder, being a great place for networking and getting feedback on your songwriting and performing, and giving a hand up to the little guy.

Most music nights are run by one person who gets paid for his effort. By contrast OOTB is run by committee and no committee member gets paid; we are all volunteers. We grant that this is not always the most efficient arrangement, but it does keep us in touch with our ethos, and ensures that the organisation is always run for you.

When I first came to OOTB there were always a few newcomers, then there were the regulars, most of whom help out at the night by being on rotas for doing sound, compering, or writing a review, and there were always people there to set up and put away the equipment. Beyond that there was the committee who helped organise the night. Each year the new committee members came from those who were already helping out.

A few years down the line and we now find that there are very few outside the committee actually on the rotas, and precious little help. We have stopped writing reviews due to a lack of volunteer reviewers, and are approaching a time when we will no longer be able to continue running the night on a weekly basis.

The AGM is overdue having been postponed to help smooth over the changeover of management at the Montague. Most of the committee have been serving far too long, have too many other commitments, and several only stayed on the committee this last time because there was no one else willing to step in to help.

So this is your final call. All you people who come to OOTB and who enjoy all the extended musical family of events and services that it provides; I’m talking to you. If you want OOTB to survive, and if you want it to go on to a successful future, get involved. If we have a healthy number of people on the rotas the commitment is small and fun. However if we remain as we are right now then the night will stop within the next couple of months.


Daniel Davis
OOTB Chair

The current committee is as follows:

Daniel Davis: Chair (retiring)
Calum Carlyle: Web (retired)
Nyk Stoddart: Secretary (probably retiring)
Steve Osborne: Treasurer (maybe aye maybe nae)
Malcolm McLean: Equipment (may retire)
Tom Watton: Events (retired)

Hi, it’s Calum here again. Edinburgh Unlimited!Well, it’s a shame this is my last OOTB email, wouldn’t it be nice if there were somewhere else you could read my musical updates and gig listings every week… well WAIT! THERE IS! Starting next week, i will be blogging on a weekly basis about the excellent music that comes my way, from Edinburgh and beyond. It’ll have updates on a few choice events each week, but more than that I plan to have free downloads available almost every week as well, USUALLY exclusive ones that you wouldn’t get elsewhere. And you can find this blog here:


AT THE MOMENT, it’s just got a hello message, but starting NEXT WEEK, i’ll be blogging about the interesting, exciting, and often quite obscure, music that comes my way. The Edinburgh Unlimited blog will run in partnership with the Edinburgh Unlimited monthly gigs, of course. The plan is that the next Edinburgh Unlimited will be the final one at The Third Door, and we’ll be relaunching ourselves after the Festival at a new venue, so stay tuned to the Edinburgh Unlimited blog for more news of that when it happens. You can also follow Edinburgh Unlimited‘s tweets to keep up with what’s happening.

I still plan to retain close ties with Out of the Bedroom, which is still the best open mic in Edinburgh, in my opinion, but yes, after four years on the committee, it’s time to move on, and this means OOTB still needs volunteers, so if you have got something out of OOTB over the years, please consider putting something back in. You can contact OOTB through the facebook page, or by emailing reviews@outofthebedroom.co.uk.

So that’s pretty much it from me. Obviously if you want OOTB to continue, you know what you need to do to continue to support it. I’m not going to give you a “three line whip” or anything, but if you value good music, i know you won’t consider it a chore to come out and support OOTB on a regular basis, and get involved with Edinburgh’s music scene a bit more. The more the merrier. Anyway, it’s been good, hope you’ll all subscribe to the Ed Unlimited blog, and i’ll see you all out there in Musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

Hello again everybody.

Okay, Out of the Bedroom is an open mic night, but it isn’t JUST an open mic night. It’s a community. It’s a community that’s been changing and growing for over ten years, and it’s a community that includes a wide diversity of performers past, present, and hopefully future, that are creating stuff, and putting it in front of people that appreciate it.

We Need You!But like any community it is constantly in danger of being taken for granted, and like any community, it’s often “use it or lose it” time. I’m writing to warn you that that time could be sooner than you think. We need you. It’s as simple as that. If you enjoy music, then we need you to come along to Out of the Bedroom, this week if you can, but also in the future. We try to make it a great show every single week, and whenever i go along (which is a lot), i enjoy the evening throughout, and i think you will too. So come along, not just this week, but whenever you feel like some live music in a relaxed environment. ALSO we very much need you to tell your music loving friends about OOTB. This is a capital city. There must be literally thousands of people that would love Out of the Bedroom, and we don’t have a marketing department to get the word out. This is why it’s up to you, as part of the community, to make this happen. It doesn’t have to be much, just tell your friends about it. Take them along in person if they’ve never been before, make an evening of it. You’ll enjoy it. Use it as an excuse to see friends you’ve not seen for a while, perhaps friends who might sign up and play a couple of songs, but who need a bit of encouragement.

This week at Out of the Bedroom we haven’t booked a featured act and this gives performers more of a chance to sign up and perform their material, so there’s more of an incentive for performers to come along as well, and also more of a variety for those of you who’ve come along to listen.

I think you know where i’m going with this, basically we put on a weekly open mic night, for songwriters only, and we believe it attracts a high standard of performer, which lovers of good live music will usually enjoy. But this won’t continue indefinitely if our audience numbers start to wane. When that happens the whole community starts to unravel.

We ALSO need people to volunteer, either to do compering or work the sound desk. If you would like to get involved on that front, you can let us know through our Facebook page, or send an email to reviews@outofthebedroom.co.uk – from experience i can tell you it’s very rewarding and enjoyable, but we do need a few more people doing it. Many hands make light work, after all.

So that’s it, support your local music community, because it’s well worth it.

Out of the Bedroom happens EVERY WEEK at the Montague Bar on the corner of Montague and St Leonards Streets in Edinburgh. The music starts at 8pm, and performers should arrive by 7:15/7:30pm or so to sign up for an open slot. Slots are allocated on a first come/first served basis.

See you all out there in Musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom


Hi everybody, well, in all the excitement of yesterday’s rallying call by email, i forgot to give you this week’s events listings.

Also, some of you may have tried to reply to yesterday’s OOTB email and been unsuccessful, due to our inbox being too full to receive emails for a few hours. This should now be fixed, please feel free to reply to this email (or email to: reviews@outofthemedroom.co.uk) if you want to get involved in Out of the Bedroom, either by hosting, running the sound desk, or promoting OOTB in the wider world.

And events-wise, Out of the Bedroom is still on every Saturday at The Montague Bar on St Leonards Street at 8pm (7:15-7:30pm performers sign up), tonight there’s NO featured act so it will be wall to wall open slots, full of Edinburgh’s most eclectic selection of performers no doubt.

Tomorrow evening at The Listening Room the featured act is Dog On A Swing, who you will have heard a taster of if you were at The Listening Room last week. And that’s in The Blue Blazer on Bread Street at 8pm on Sunday.

Plus the Leith Festival’s currently going on, so check out some of those live and exclusive events if you can.

And to finish with here are a couple of excellent looking events that i’ve been asked to make you aware of, enrich your life, check it out:


Rude Bookings and WishingWell Production present Ruth Katerelos in ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It?’ with Monique Kenny on guitar.

In her cabaret debut, Australian actor/singer/songwriter Ruth Katerelos explores the power of love (and fear), leading her audience on a musical journey through various states of love; lost love, unrequited love, falling in love when you’re already involved …. and much more. Katerelos’ “crystalline voice” expresses every emotional nuance of her stylistically diverse songs, which are woven together with personal stories and observations of life, love and the whole damn thing, with humour and pathos. Ruth presents a memorable cabaret, beautifully supported by the dulcet tones of Monique Kenny on guitar.

“A truly compelling show.” Cabaret Confessional – Adelaide Feast

“Ruth took us on a moving journey and her very attentive audience thoroughly enjoyed the night, with a couple even flying specifically to Melbourne from Adelaide to see this friendly performer.” Theatre Press, Melbourne.


More info at: http://www.facebook.com/events/264907813597067/


Saturday 23rd June, 2pm, The Scottish Poetry Library, Free

Simon Jackson/Torpedo Buoy poetry book and album launch of Fragile Cargo by Jackson, winner of eight national and international awards for poetry, and Tomorrow when I awake as god’  the majestic mongrel of an album by his musical alter-ego, (a once often appearance at OOTB before children and proper job) Torpedo Buoy.

“A joyously eclectic experience… T.S. Eliot sound-tracked by a ramshackled, Latino, gypsy orchestra,” Manchester Evening News

Poetry, live music, booze and biscuits all provided.


See you all out there in Musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

OOTB Presents… Stephen Harrison!

Posted 08/06/2012 By admin

Hi there,

If this is your first time reading the OOTB newsletter, then hello and welcome. If not then welcome back! 🙂 If you’re reading this somewhere else than your email inbox, and you’d like to join our mailing list, then you can do so at www.outofthebedroom.co.uk.

This week the featured act is Stephen Harrison. He’s really good. We wouldn’t have booked him otherwise. ALSO there are a lot of OPEN SLOTS. They’re not just beginners fiddling around with half baked songs, these slots are usually full of QUALITY PERFORMERS perhaps trying out new songs, or just lifting the tone with their musicianly mien. ANYway, you too could hear these luminaries in action, and if you’re of a mind (and if you’ve written your OWN SONGS) then you too could sign up for one of the open slots, just turn up by about 7:15-7:30pm tomorrow (Saturday 9th of June) at The Montague Bar on St Leonards Street!

One or two other things you might be interested in:

Well, as usual the Ale House open mic is running tonight (Friday) from 9:30pm, search for their page on facebook if you’d like to book a slot in advance, otherwise why not just pop in? It’s a great atmosphere and there’s live music all night.

And on Sunday, it’s the Caro Bridges EP launch! that’s on 10th June at 2.30-5pm in the Meadow Bar, support will be by Kaley Ukulele, playing some songs, and Tom Watton, doing some storytelling. Sounds awesome!

Then in the evening on Sunday, The Last of Barrett’s Privateers are playing the featured act set at The Listening Room, in The Blue Blazer on Spittal/Bread Streets, and that starts at 8pm.

And ALL the stuff i just told you about is FREE!

See you there!

Out of the Bedroom Needs YOU!

We Need YOU!I can’t believe i forgot to mention this, but Out of the Bedroom seriously needs your assistance. We urgently need more people who can act as the compere, or the sound person. If YOU could fill this role, then please let us know.

It’s completely voluntary, but can be very rewarding too. Out of the Bedroom is in its eleventh year because of the involvement of volunteers, and now we’re looking for the next generation of volunteers.

“How can i sign up?” i can hear you clamouring! Well, it’s as simple as replying to this email (or if you are reading this online, the address is reviews@outofthebedroom.co.uk), or better still, leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Let us know whether you’d like to host a night or do the sound, and we’ll fit you into our rigorous training schedule and get back to you. 🙂

And there’s more…

And while i’m at it, a couple more events to mention to you as well. The first is the Ale House Songwriters Night, which is on at… yes, you guessed it, the Ale House, on Tuesdays from 9:30pm. It’s been really good so i hear, so that’s on Tuesday.

Then on Wednesday it’s a gig you can’t miss, in fact make sure all your friends know about it too, because it’s also a gig THEY can’t miss, and that’s Edinburgh Unlimited at The Third Door on Wednesday 13 June starting at 8pm. This month the performers are Darren Hendrie appearing with his band for their debut performance, as well as the incredibly talented Lake Montgomery, and the equally excellent Aaron Wright, and ALL THIS for only £3. Don’t miss it.

Okay, i think that really is it this time…

See you all out there in Musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

OOTB Presents… Jamie Hay!

Posted 01/06/2012 By admin

OOTB Presents… Jamie Hay!

Ladies and gentlemen, this week at Out of the Bedroom, open slots from the most eclectic of Edinburgh’s songwriters plus a featured act set from one of Edinburgh’s most eclectic songwriters, it’s Jamie Hay!

All this for FREE. And that’s at The Montague Bar on St Leonards Street at 8pm on Saturday 2 June.

And while i’ve got your attention i might just point you in the direction of this video (click here), it’s me performing one of my newest songs at Out of the Bedroom in April. Hope you enjoy!

Also, it’s the Meadows Festival this weekend, so let’s hope the weather stays nice.

See you all out there in Musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

OOTB Presents… The Ferny Brackens!

Posted 07/04/2012 By admin

Tonight at The Montague from 8pm (7:15 for performers), it’s Out of the Bedroom with The Ferny Brackens. They’re an eclectic quartet with an eclectic repertoire. And it’s FREE! Be there. 🙂

Also, i am going to just mention the excellent bulletin from James of Secret CDs, which he sent out a few days ago. Check out the information below for upcoming and regular gigs you might be interested in.

Take care, and have a good weekend!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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