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OOTB Festive Break

Posted 20/12/2013 By admin


OOTB are putting the brakes on in order to take time off for a festive break.

We will return on Saturday 11th January at 8pm.

To keep OOTB on it’s toes over the holidays, we shall be practising how to rumba in 7/4 time at 210bpm for 4 hour long marathon sessions in absolute silence. Next year we’ll be ready for anything anyone may throw at us.

Live long and train hard.


Hello. It’s that time of year once more where long stressful weeks of spending money and preparing for that one so-called special day that most people silently dread. By the time Hogmanay comes along, so much leftover turkey and rich food has been consumed that it’s realistic to expect bird feathers to blast out on your next visit to the toilet. Partially digested sultanas and raisins also pebble-dash the porcelain leaving an additional marzipan blended stench of stale rum in the bathroom air. All ended rather fittingly with a merry tune from the festive annual musical toilet-roll dispenser apportioning what looks like a slightly softer version of wrapping paper to clean yourself up with.

Anyway before we all overwork our unforgiving bowels, OOTB have a Christmas themed evening ahead. As always original material is welcome, maybe you’ve even written a seasonal song for our ears to hear. Cover songs this week are being accepted, as long as they have a Christmas flavour of course. Expect open slots, some guests, drink, music and lots of good fun.

It all starts at 8pm, get there a little earlier if you want to sign up for a stage slot.

OOTB will be taking a break after this event for a few weeks and will return hopefully sobered up by the time Saturday 11th January hits us all.

Be there or be indefinitely subjected to cheap jokes from cheap crackers in holiday hell somewhere…


OOTB 545 – 7th December – Tom Watton

Posted 04/12/2013 By admin

Hello. Featured act this week is the very talented and most legendary Tom Watton. Tom is a songwriter, storyteller and natural-born entertainer. His music has a direct folk influence in harmony with Tom’s unique twist on life. His finger-picking style on guitar along with his confident vocals are energetic and entirely musical. He plays a pretty mean double-bass as well. Never short of a word and a laugh, Tom is guaranteed to entertain any audience. A must see this Saturday that OOTB dare thee not to miss.

Here’s a link to Sir Tom’s website: sirtomwatton.co.uk

Slots that measure fifteen-minutes in size are ready to be volumised by your instruments and musical moans. Sign up time is 7:15pm-7:30pm and OOTB starts the bed rocking at 8pm. Original material only and free entry as always.

The Open Mics events page is updated for December. Check that son of a gun out.

Next Saturday is our traditional Christmas Bash before OOTB takes a festive break for a few weeks. There’s going to be guests, open slots of course and lots of good fun to be had. Performing Christmas songs, poetry and the like is very welcome to keep us all in the mood. OOTB reliably returns refreshed on 11th January for a new year of musical shenanigans.

Be there or be a soon to fall out unwashed grey pubic hair…


OOTB 544 – 30th November – Enradgey

Posted 27/11/2013 By admin

Hello. No picture of our featured act this week as I have been unable to find one, apart from the logo you see to the right. To find out what he looks like, then you’ll just have to get the hell down here and check the situation out. Enradgey has played on the OOTB stage several times with his own style of self-penned acoustic blues/rock songs. He’s a gritty performer with a vocal to match and plays a mean harmonica too. All this combined makes for a great performance not to be missed this Saturday at the Kilderkin bar.

Here’s a link to Enradgey on Reverbnation: reverbnation.com/enradgey

Open slots are carefully carved by OOTB craftsmen so that your artistic well-formed creations fit perfectly in place. It’s fifteen-minutes of stage time (three songs usually), original material only and you better believe your ass that it’s free entry as always.

Next week we have the amazing Tom Watton as headline and then the following Saturday it’s the traditional OOTB Christmas Bash type thingy going on sort of thing ting-a-ling-a-jingle.

Be there or be needy of tightly-permed hairy love from Leo Sayer…


Hello. End of this year is upon us and end of OOTB ’til next year, after December’s Christmas bash, is encroaching fast. This week’s featured act can be found at end of Kilderkin bar at end of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile playing to an attentive OOTB audience. End Of Neil is a well seasoned performer playing gigs in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling and beyond. His style evokes a mixture of indie folk and rock, which comes across confidently with his strong finger-picking and strumming style on acoustic guitar alongside the occasional harmonica solo. His unique lyrics and polished vocals take you on a journey where you might discover something as diverse as chimpanzees escaping from a zoo. Intrigued and want to hear more? Then bring yourself and your friends along to back end (sorry) of the Kilderkin for a drink or two and one fine performance. End Of Neil keeps himself busy with recordings too, so here’s a link to his Soundcloud page.

Open emotional wounds of fifteen-minute durations are available to grab and sooth with fine original performances from your good selves. Sign up time is 7:15pm-7:30pm and OOTB blasts the starting fog-horn at 8pm for an evening of creative entertainment.

Be there or be constantly inhaling sulphuric rotten-egg toilet air…


John D RevelatorHello. Featured act this week is a duo well up for putting on a fantastic show of music. John D Revelator consists of battle-hardened musicians Johnny Diment and Colin Baird. Tired of playing old country, folk and Bob Dylan songs around Edinburgh, they started playing original songs at the beginning of this year after John’s song “In my loving arms” won a local folk club songwriting competition. Expect guitars, blues harps, mandolins and a very entertaining performance from John D Revelator’s own brand of folk/country/blues original songs. Here’s a link to their music: soundcloud.com/english-johnny

OOTB starts at 8pm, sign up time for a fifteen-minute open slot is 7:15pm-7:30pm. Will be great to hear your own self-penned songs and creations. Free entry as always.

Be there or be stuck on platform two in a desolate station with the wrong train fare…


OOTB 540 – 2nd November – Dave Keir

Posted 29/10/2013 By admin

Dave KeirHello. OOTB have booked yet another great featured act this week. Dave Keir has been songwriting, gigging and recording since his youth. With such experience out there in the world of music, and with some European tours under his belt you can be rest-assured of a top quality performance. Dave’s music has a distinctive folk influence played with a strong finger-picking style on acoustic guitar which he is well recognised for. His vocals carry enchanting melodies with thoughtful deep lyrics which can’t help but draw you into Dave’s cleverly crafted songs.

Check out the official website for more insight to Dave’s musical history and his songs: www.dave-keir.com

Fancy a bit of stage-time this Saturday? Open slots are there for grabbing so you can show us what you got. Sign up time is 7:15pm-7:30pm, and OOTB will kick off at 8pm. Original material only and free entry as always. Will be great to see you there.

The Open Mics page will be updated for November, at latest, by next Monday or Tuesday. You will notice that the Ale House will be later excluded as it is closing down for refurbishment on 10th November and re-opening mid December possibly under a new name. Open mic events are still being held there presently on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays right up until the closing date. Well worth a visit or two.

Be there or be locked out this winter of any warm sun-glare…


A New InternationalHello and all that sort of thing (ting-a-ling). OOTB have booked an incredible and experienced band as this week’s featured act. A New International, formerly The Starlets, are a rather talented group of musicians who have toured across Europe and as far as Japan. Their sound comprises a unique mix of styles drawn from their musical history where vocals, guitars, accordions and violins come in to play. I’ve seen them perform live several times and they never fail to put on a great show. For a far better and in depth description of who they are, visit their website: starlets.co.uk

You really would actually be fully considered to be completely and utterly to the fullest degree undoubtedly insanely crazy to miss this.

Performance slots of fifteen-minutes are available. OOTB starts at 8pm, sign up time is 7:15pm-7:30pm. Original material only and free entry as always.

Be there or be forever looping in a fervent tango with Lionel Blair…

TB 😀

Ross NeilsonHello all o’ yeez. OOTB have booked a great headline act this week. Ross Neilson has been playing his catchy and memorable songs on the Edinburgh music scene for many years. His back catalogue spans an impressive eleven albums worth of music ranging from hard hitting post punk anthems to more delicate acoustic folk pieces. Now playing completely as a solo acoustic artist, he takes his influences from the likes of Bob Dylan, Elliott Smith, and Tom Petty to name a few.

Here’s a link to Mr. Neilson’s music: www.reverbnation.com/rossneilson

Performance slots are up for grabs this Saturday. It’s fifteen-minutes of stage time, sign up at 7:15pm-7:30pm and OOTB will raise the velvety metaphorical curtain at 8pm. Original material only and free entry as always, brought to you with a touch of reverberation and quite likely no echo this week.

Just another reminder about Nicole’s EP Release Party with Sir-Tom Watton & Friends starring Nicole Strachan, special guests, surprises and with open slots up for grabs if you want to join in. It’s on this Sunday, 20th October at 7pm, and is part of the Open Event Week at St. Margaret’s House (151 London Road, Edinburgh). Click the link for more details.

Be there or be caught rosy-bottomed and bare…


Hello. My heart sinks when I’m reluctantly shopping in the local supermarket and one of my regular grocery purchases has printed on the packaging, ‘New Recipe’ or ‘Improved Recipe’. What it really means is that the company claiming this is actually making a financial loss and has to cut quality corners to save cash. Cheaper and nastier ingredients are used instead with the taste, look and texture results being rather downgraded to what I was used to. Food gets worse as prices get higher.

Dog On A SwingMore thought for food is featured act this week who is a regular performer in Edinburgh going by the name of Dog On A Swing. We are very pleased to have Ed Ritchie play for us at OOTB again. If you haven’t heard him by now, now here is your chance!
What Ed says:
I play music under the name of Dog On A Swing, a cross between a band and a solo project. I’ll be joined on the night by the excellent James Whyte. James also played multiple instruments on the first studio EP, On Love, released online earlier this year. You can stream (and buy) it by visiting dogonaswing.co.uk. CD copies will also be available on the night!

Performance slots are available as usual. Sign up time is around 7:15pm-7:30pm and soon after OOTB starts at 8pm with the first act. Original material only, no covers or duvets here.

An open mic event worth a mention on Sunday 20th October is part of the Open Event Week at St. Margaret’s House (151 London Road, Edinburgh). Nicole’s EP Release Party with Sir-Tom Watton & Friends starring Nicole Strachan, special guests, surprises and with open slots up for grabs if you want to join in. Click the link for more details.

Be there or be unwillingly bolted to a chair in a nightmare flat-share…


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