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OOTB 506 – 2nd February – Elbi Bauer

Posted 29/01/2013 By admin

Hello there. Another week and another OOTB. At last our old timeless enemy ‘Time’ is dragging us out of the misery that is the long cold dark month of January into the cold, shorter and slightly less dark miserable month that calls itself ‘February’. Never mind, there’s a Scottish spring and summer not so far […]

Hello to all you citizens in anticipation of the oncoming performers’ sweat, blood, egg and gravy outpourings extravaganza this Saturday. Agape arena doors hungrily await fresh musical meat to slaver over in a ‘Bio-tex’ nightmare forged of advert Hell. Fight with honour on stage against lions, tigers and washing machines whilst keeping at least one […]

Hi all. Last Saturday turned out to be a great night filled to the brim with top performances of live original music. OOTB 504 should be no different this week along with our featured act. Simon Herron has played at OOTB several times and always to a hushed audience as he possesses a natural way […]

Happy Ne….Happ…Ha…H… Nope sorry just can’t get myself to say it. We all know too well it will no doubt be another year of nonsense, drivel and bad weather. To counteract all that, OOTB’s doors are open for a happy new year (damn I said it!) showcasing talent new and established in Scotland’s capital city. […]

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