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OOTB 514 – 30th March – Open Slots

Posted 26/03/2013 By admin

Hello. The clocks go forward this weekend, although you would hardly believe it as winter is defiantly holding its grasp on our section of the planet. My fingernail broke off more than is normal, just into the sensitive top part of my middle finger whilst playing guitar due to my hands being almost frozen at […]

OOTB 513 – 23rd March – Graeme Mearns

Posted 19/03/2013 By admin

Yes, I’ve still got the flu. You’re probably thinking, “What an unfortunate downtrodden unhealthy feckin’ bastard this one is. Undoubtedly doesn’t feckin’ exercise too much or at all, eats far too much feckin’ brown food and feckin’ cakes, and has no feckin’ right whatsoever to call himself any kind of creative bleedin’ artist or feckin’ […]

OOTB 512 – 16th March – Gerrybhoy

Posted 12/03/2013 By admin

Hello. I’ve caught the flu whilst visiting my mother outside of Edinburgh through Mothers Day weekend so I’m feeling rather poorly right now and will get straight to what’s happening this Saturday at OOTB. Featured act for ‘OOTB 512’ is Glasgow born Gerrybhoy. A regular performer and songwriter, Gerrybhoy has a distinct folk/rock flavour to […]

OOTB 511 – 9th March – Open Slots

Posted 06/03/2013 By admin

Good after-morning to you. Normal procedure for constructing this post would involve displaying a photo of our weekly featured act. This Saturday’s event is free of such a booking and we therefore have a full three hours of open slots for your delectation. Theoretically for me to get a snap of an ‘open slot’ to […]

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