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OOTB 519 – 4th May – Fiona J. Thom

Posted 30/04/2013 By admin

Hey! Has May Day been through its hay day so they say? Some more say the lay of the bay has washed away because the gay day of Spring’s sun-ray has lost its way in amongst the clouded fray. My friend Kay will not outlay whey on her tray to delay hunger as I cannot […]

OOTB 518 – 27th April – Ross Neilson

Posted 23/04/2013 By admin

Hello for goodness’ sake. Music, what’s it all about? Apparently music is the most powerful art-form. People connect and forge gangs, such as mods and rockers, where the indoctrination of songs style the way of life like a religious belief. Couples join together in a mash of human sweat, liquids and groans to the sounds […]

Hello there and all that sort of thing-ting-a-ling. Add 5+1+7 to make 13. Now some of you superstitious numerologists out there might think of thirteen as having an unlucky influence on proceedings, but be assured that in this case the number thirteen is purely a prime number. Which means this Saturday we have booked a […]

OOTB 516 – 13th April – Chris Yendell

Posted 10/04/2013 By admin

Hello, straight onto this Saturday’s featured act. Chris Yendell is a solo artist who’s music showcases his strong vocals and full sounding acoustic guitar riffs, which take influence from the likes of Kelly Jones and Dave Grohl. Having supported the likes of Two Door Cinema Club in previous bands, Chris is currently pursuing his solo […]

OOTB 515 – 6th April – Colin Donati

Posted 03/04/2013 By admin

Hello there, sitting here at my laptop poised to type and thinking about nothing really. If entirely nothing existed then what would be there instead?  A perception of endless and dimensionless black or white void perhaps, which of course is an existence in itself.  Just saying ‘nothing exists’ is a blatant paradox. So existence has […]

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