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OOTB 523 – 1st June – Nyk Stoddart

Posted 28/05/2013 By admin

Hola. Skin, skin, skin, fishy scaly skin. Why do so many TV chefs cook fish, or chicken, serving it with crispy skin to be eaten?  I don’t know or have come across anyone who eats such a thing. Us ‘normal’ folks just like to eat the fleshy bits, right? Another thing that I don’t get […]

OOTB 522 – 25th May – Jim Bryce

Posted 21/05/2013 By admin

Hello. So many extra-solar objects in our galaxy are being discovered at a rapid rate these days. Apparently Earth-like planets are surprisingly common, about one in eight sun-like stars with orbiting bodies carry such water-filled planets similar to ours. Makes it hard to believe we are entirely alone and therefore quite possibly there is another […]

OOTB 521 – 18th May – Roseanne Reid

Posted 14/05/2013 By admin

Hello. Nothing useful or silly to say this week as I’ve been out of touch with everything and my head has nothing inside it. Nothing new you might say. My ongoing knee injury has worsened recently and have been unable to find myself mobile enough to venture outside to do anything worthy of words concerning […]

OOTB 520 – 11th May – Robert King

Posted 08/05/2013 By admin

Hello. Trying to think out of the box these days to conjure up some kind of invention that everyone would want to buy into is no easy task. So many people out in the streets are walking directly (almost deliberately) in my way as if I don’t exist at all simply because they are transfixed […]

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