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OOTB Festival Break

Posted 29/07/2013 By admin

OOTB is now on Festival break and will not be hosting any shows throughout August. We return on Saturday 7th September at 8pm   See you after the Festival, OOTB 😀

OOTB 531 – 27th July – Nathan Fynn

Posted 24/07/2013 By admin

Hello everyone all at the same time. OOTB 531 is our final event before the insanity of the Edinburgh Festival is annually shackle-free of its straight-jacket and let loose like a rabid dog for several weeks to devour all the tourists in its slavering jaws. Don’t despair though, OOTB will return on Saturday 7th September […]

OOTB 530 – 20th July – Jackie Gill

Posted 17/07/2013 By admin

Hello and all that sort of thing ting-a-ling so to speak take-a-leak. Festival time is almost upon us where thousands of tourists migrate into Edinburgh meandering right in our way with aimless purpose, looking upwards and pointing at stuff whilst inadvertently treading in local dog-poo. This Saturday is our second-last event before we give way […]

Hello people and stuff. Our featured act booked for this week is rather famous out there in music-land as he has been playing live since 1990. As an experienced songwriter and performer the wisely music of Norman Lamont is popular, catchy and wry. Like Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen he draws on folk and American […]

OOTB 528 – 6th July – Calum Carlyle

Posted 02/07/2013 By admin

Hello. This Saturday’s headline act at OOTB is a well known and popular performer out there on the live circuit who is well embroiled in the capital city’s music scenery. Calum Carlyle is an independent singer-songwriter from Orkney, now based in Edinburgh. He writes an enchanting blend of acoustic pop where his catchy melodies and […]

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