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Hello. Featured act this week is talented singer-songwriter Joel Thomas. Having recently located to Edinburgh, Joel has been delighting audiences with hisĀ acoustic songs which are performed delicately and precisely. His style has folk influences where the vocal melodies carry stories of love, life and human behaviour accompanied by Joel’s simple but effective finger-picking method on […]

“Eh…excuse me, could you please pass the salt and the little bowl of lemon dragees as well? Thank you”, said some random two-dimensional character at a generic dinner party one hopelessly mundane evening that crawled ever so slowly into the dark abyss of some night. ‘Dragees’ is a strange word you never really hear of, […]

Hello. I hate carrier bags. They are annoyingly noisy, particularly when a strong Scottish wind blows hard on filled shopping bags creating a loud rippling rasping sound as I walk home. Catching the attention of passers-by who peer through the thin plastic transparent sacks noting two packs of toilet paper bulging through. “Oh look at […]

Hello. We’re back! Just so there’s no misunderstanding, Post Festival Open Slots is not a weird celebration of wooden poles in which OOTB have pre-excavated deep holes in the ground for embedding such items for your convenience in readiness for a linage of telegraph-poles or some big tent sort of thing (ting-a-ling). My god perish […]

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