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OOTB 540 – 2nd November – Dave Keir

Posted 29/10/2013 By admin

Hello. OOTB have booked yet another great featured act this week. Dave Keir has been songwriting, gigging and recording since his youth. With such experience out there in the world of music, and with some European tours under his belt you can be rest-assured of a top quality performance. Dave’s music has a distinctive folk […]

Hello and all that sort of thing (ting-a-ling). OOTB have booked an incredible and experienced band as this week’s featured act. A New International, formerly The Starlets, are a rather talented group of musicians who have toured across Europe and as far as Japan. Their sound comprises a unique mix of styles drawn from their […]

Hello all o’ yeez. OOTB have booked a great headline act this week. Ross Neilson has been playing his catchy and memorable songs on the Edinburgh music scene for many years. His back catalogue spans an impressive eleven albums worth of music ranging from hard hitting post punk anthems to more delicate acoustic folk pieces. Now playing […]

Hello. My heart sinks when I’m reluctantly shopping in the local supermarket and one of my regular grocery purchases has printed on the packaging, ‘New Recipe’ or ‘Improved Recipe’. What it really means is that the company claiming this is actually making a financial loss and has to cut quality corners to save cash. Cheaper […]

OOTB 536 – 5th October – Open Slots

Posted 02/10/2013 By admin

Please note that ‘Out Of The Bedroom’ is not a collective society of harsh bottom inspectors who are in the habit of coaxing shy people out of their sleeping quarters for a detailed examination of what goes on between musicians’ legs whenever there’s an Open Slots night. It merely means that there is no featured […]

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