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OOTB Festive Break

Posted 20/12/2013 By admin

OOTB are putting the brakes on in order to take time off for a festive break. We will return on Saturday 11th January at 8pm. To keep OOTB on it’s toes over the holidays, we shall be practising how to rumba in 7/4┬átime at 210bpm for 4 hour long marathon sessions in absolute silence. Next […]

Hello. It’s that time of year once more where long stressful weeks of spending money and preparing for that one so-called special day that most people silently dread. By the time Hogmanay comes along, so much leftover turkey and rich food has been consumed that it’s realistic to expect bird feathers to blast out on […]

OOTB 545 – 7th December – Tom Watton

Posted 04/12/2013 By admin

Hello. Featured act this week is the very talented and most legendary Tom Watton. Tom is a songwriter, storyteller and natural-born entertainer. His music has a direct folk influence in harmony with Tom’s unique twist on life. His finger-picking style on guitar along with his confident vocals are energetic and entirely musical. He plays a […]

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