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Out Of The Bedroom is taking a little bit of time off for a festive break.

We will return on Saturday 10th January 2015 at 8pm.

Have a great time and see you all soon.



Nyk StoddartHello. We have booked a former long-serving and one of the original OOTB committee members for this Saturday’s headline act. Nyk Stoddart is well known and well liked out on the Edinburgh live circuit and never fails to entertain his audiences. Nyk’s music takes you on a colourful psychedelic journey where his style veers from prog rock to as far as ‘Fake Jazz’. His lyrics are deep, intelligent and occasionally humorous sung with melody that compliments Nyk’s complex chord changes on guitar. Get yourselves along to OOTB to witness an experienced performer who you can’t help but like. Here’s a link to Nyk’s music: soundcloud.com/nykstoddart

There will be plenty of performance slots up for grabs too if you fancy a shot under the OOTB spotlight. We start at 8pm, but sign up sometime from 7:30pm to confirm a fifteen-minute booking. No covers remember, just your own self-written creations are worthy of our audiences’ ears.

This our last OOTB event of the year. We return freshly bathed with new haircuts on Saturday 10th January 2015 after the winter holidays.

May your bowels be full of tuneful festive cheer…


Mike DonaghyHello followers of all things good. OOTB are rather really pleased to feature Mike Donaghy – a fantastic Irish singer-songwriter who has visited us a few times in the past.

In his own words:
“Mike Donaghy has been making a name for himself in Ireland and the UK since releasing his first EP (January never came this year) back in 2009. His music and writing has a very inimitable sound, occasionally being linked to folk, Americana and bluegrass. Mike grew up to the sounds of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, John Prine, The Beatles and Van Morrison being played out from every sound system in the house. He was also fortunate to grow up in a musical family, and a home never short of instruments, and his father working as a TV producer and director, and more importantly, on music shows. He remembers vividly sitting round the fire at home joining in and learning songs with such legends as the Clancy Brothers, June Tabor, Ralph McTell, Keiran Goss, Sonny Curtis and long time friends the Sands Family”

Here’s a link to Mike’s website: www.mikedonaghyofficial.com

Gaping wide open slots await your tightly wound G-strings. Sign up from 7:30pm and OOTB will start rubbing your brass nuts to a high sheen at 8pm. Original material only.

Will be like touching slightly under-cooked doughnut dough to see you there…


OOTB 587 – 29th November – Open Slots

Posted 26/11/2014 By admin

soup2Good morning, afternoon and evening my daring derrieres. Please be aware that ‘Out Of The Bedroom’ is not a collective society of harsh bottom inspectors who are in the habit of coaxing shy people out of their sleeping quarters for a detailed examination of what goes on between musicians’ legs whenever there’s an Open Slots night. It merely means that there is no featured act this week, so OOTB has more fleshy slots up for grabs.

Get down to the Kilderkin bar and show us what you got. It’s fifteen-minutes of stage time, original material only and free entry as always. OOTB starts at 8pm, sign up time is from 7:30pm.

Will be rather eggy to say the least to see you there.


OOTB 586 – 22nd November – Tim Wylie

Posted 19/11/2014 By admin

Tim WylieA stark bald hello to you all. Featured act for this Saturday is the popular Tim Wylie. Tim is a regular performer around the Edinburgh music scene and also a prolific songwriter with folk/pop/rock influences coming through. He released his debut studio album “The Charm Offensive” earlier this year and is well worth a listen. You can catch some of it here: soundcloud.com/tim-d-wylie

It would be considered grotesquely hairless of you to miss this one.

And yes you better believe your ass that regular slots are up for grabs for all you equestrian performers. No horsing about with covers, original material only. Sign up from 7:30pm and OOTB will pin the tail on the donkey’s hairy bottom at 8pm.

Settle in your saddle of meat for a beefy ride down memory lane.


OOTB 585 – 15th November – Gerrybhoy

Posted 11/11/2014 By admin

gerrybhoyHello every-ruddy-one. We are very pleased to have the fantastic Gerrybhoy play at OOTB this Saturday. He writes catchy, witty, memorable songs which are influenced by his Glasgow upbringing. It’s a rare opportunity to hear him play live, as he doesn’t play gigs very often, preferring to publish his songs online and produce other peoples work.

In his own words:

” Singerysongwritery type individual, a natural born weegieburger and lover of black country dogs. I have over 100 original songs posted on Soundcloud with the help of some wonderfully talented collaborators. To date I have considered myself as a bit of a virtual singer songwriter given my entire collection work is done in a studio and the audience web based.”

Sore open slots that require the healing power of artistic creation are available to all you doctors of musical aspiration. Sign up around 7:15pm-7:30pm and OOTB will open the operating theatre at 8pm.

Scratch your balsams to keep the hairs clean…


Julien PearlyHello all you flavoursome roast chicken and herb chinwags. We have a rather tasty treat on stage as this Saturday’s headline act. Originally from Avignon City in the South of France, Julien Pearly has been playing in Edinburgh music scene for 9 years. After completing an MSc Sound Design in 2005 at the University of Edinburgh where he released his 1st conceptual album “The Changing Man”, he worked freelance creating musical soundtracks and sound design for multimedia video projects. As a collective project Pundigrion (Album 2009) was the starting point for a creative journey exploring genres, live performances and cultures, playing with meanings and poetry in songs. Pundigrion Films followed shortly after to make unique cinematographic experiences around a poetic vision. Here’s a link to some of Julien’s music: soundcloud.com/julienpearly

Oh you know how it is, slots are up for the taking to show an eager-earred style audience your creative wares that have been sweated over many times. Sign up around 7:15pm-7:30pm and OOTB opens the performance floodgate at 8pm.

Will be insanely prickly to see you there…


OOTB 583 – 1st November – The Woods

Posted 29/10/2014 By admin

the woodsHello. This week’s headline act is worthy of grabbing your attention. The Woods (aka Johnny McFadzean) has played some remarkable sets at OOTB recently. His blend of romantic catchy ballads, lyrical singing and fantastic finger picking has been amazing us all. He will undoubtedly go on to do very well in the Edinburgh music scene – and if you come along this Saturday, you can say you heard him here first. Here’s a link to some of Johnny’s music: soundcloud.com/musicfromthewoods

Holy slots of divine creation are available to ride your musical chariots for fifteen-minutes on the sweet breath of celestial angels. Sign up around 7:15pm-7:30pm and OOTB will start the sermon at 8pm. Original material only for our dear parish.

Will be softly hairy to see you there…


OOTB 582 – 25th October – Open Slots

Posted 22/10/2014 By admin

pokie2Yo. No featured act this Saturday, so we have plenty of raw slots exposed to our wide-eyed audiences and performers for another musical gang-bang. More center-page holes in full display are up for grabbing and groping to the delightful yet mechanical moans of the lucky recipients. It’s a fifteen-minute ride on stage which usually covers about three sensual positions of tuneful ecstasy.

Sign up time is 7:15pm-7:30pm and then shortly after OOTB gets the bed rocking at 8pm.

Harden your stare to create a bolder step.


Kevin O'RourkeHiya, how are you my little cream puffs? Well then my wee pets, OOTB have booked a worthy of your attention headline act for this Saturday. You see my little darlings, Kevin O’Rourke is well known figure on the Edinburgh grass roots music scene. He has been involved with many music projects over the years, notably in the band Underclass. He has since moved onto solo projects, and has delighted us at OOTB with his witty and highly melodic songs for a while now. Get yourselves down to the Kilderkin bar for a rather entertaining evening of original performances, you lovely wee choochter-woochters.

Sign up for a performance slot around 7:15pm-7:30pm, and we’ll raise the silky yet metaphorical curtain at 8pm.

Don’t forget that The Listening Room is back at the Blue Blazer bar every Sunday 7pm. Turn up a little earlier to sign up.

It’s alright to look on the left side of life.


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