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Hello. Three weeks through January have gone by with three great Saturday evenings of entirely open slots. So this Saturday OOTB have the first featured act of this year to behold. Nick Splinter Smith has played on the OOTB stage many times and is a regular and well known performer in and around Edinburgh. Armed […]

Hello. Absolutely no featured act again this Saturday, so for the third week in a row we have plenty of raw slots exposed to our wide-eyed audiences and performers for another musical gang-bang. More center-page holes in full display are up for grabbing and groping to the delightful yet mechanical moans of the lucky recipients. […]

Hello. It’s another week and another round of open slots regardless of where they may reside on one’s skin-wrapped flesh-ridden body. With orifices agape for fifteen-minutes each carrying oral sounds of original melody and tune for all present in attendance to hear. No featured act means that more chirping apertures hungry for song are available […]

OOTB 547 – 11th January – Open Slots

Posted 08/01/2014 By admin

Our slots, which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy time. Thy creations come. Thy will be done on stage, As it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily G-strings. And forgive us our brass nuts, As we forgive those that rub against them. And lead us not into cover versions, But deliver us […]

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