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OOTB 554 – 1st March – Open Slots

Posted 26/02/2014 By admin

Hello. Lots of big robots with silver dots have gots the hots for electronic open slots to initiate a new month of forged metal love. Oily squeak-free musical intercourse spreads its pneumatic legs with a hiss of compressed air to reveal a triangle of open stage time measuring five-minutes on each of its three sides. […]

Hello all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant. Featured act for this week is popular songwriter Cameron Phair. Cameron is a well known, experienced and confident performer out there in musicland, and is seen to host open mic events regularly around Edinburgh too. His songs are catchy and soulful with an indie folk/pop/rock flavour carrying influences […]

Hello. Valentine’s Day creeps before us all for yet another expectant annual sweaty bang. Thousands upon thousands of carbon units with slushy emotions having to visit a well known British store to mechanically buy a generic £20 ‘romantic’-themed ready-made meal for two in order to save precious time and effort in today’s unforgiving consumer lifestyle. […]

OOTB 551 – 8th February – Open Slots

Posted 05/02/2014 By admin

Hello. Lone Posts are so isolated that they have to rearrange themselves into Open Slots to be filled in with original musicality. Stool Pens are only good for drawing crap, so they also rearrange in the same way to more usefully create fifteen-minutes of stage time. Snot Poles of green goo reorder to establish more […]

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