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OOTB new venue1Hello. Out Of The Bedroom is very happy to announce that we’ve returned alive and kicking with a new venue, and a new night as well. From now on OOTB will be located at the Argyle Bar in Marchmont (15-17 Argyle Place, EH9 1JJ) downstairs in the basement known as The Cellar Monkey. Our regular weekly event is now on Wednesdays at 8pm.

We are running two events before Christmas which will be on Wednesday 9th and 16th December at 8pm. Sign-up time is usually from 7:30pm, although it might be a good idea to turn up a little earlier as we could be quite busy. It’s first come first served, and the slots are likely to fill up quickly. OOTB will then return soon after new year in January.

There are no featured acts booked, so more fifteen-minute slots are up for grabs. Come on down, snatch a slot and check out our new venue. Original material only.

Will be great to see you there…

OOTB  😀  😀

No OOTB Until Further Notice

Posted 13/11/2015 By admin

Sorry to inform that there is no OOTB this Saturday and until further announcement. We are hoping to at least run two more unplugged OOTB events at the Kilderkin bar before Christmas.

We will let you know as soon as possible when the next event is on.


OOTB 617 – 7th November – Open Slots

Posted 15/10/2015 By admin

Open SlotsHello. After a longer than expected break, Out Of The Bedroom returns this Saturday – but with a small difference. OOTB will be running as an unplugged acoustic-only night from now because our venue, the Kilderkin bar, can no longer store our equipment. We are therefore looking for a new venue where we can go back to running it with amplification.

The Kilderkin has been a great venue, but unfortunately due to Council regulations they are no longer able to store our PA equipment and instruments.

So if any of you have any ideas about pubs or other venues that might be suitable hosts for the night, we’d love to hear from you.

We are ideally looking for somewhere with a separate room or area so that people who don’t want to listen to the music can go elsewhere to chat, and we don’t have to compete with too much background noise.

We would need to be able to store our equipment in a secure location at the venue when not being used, so it’s most likely we would be looking at places that don’t already run their own music events.

We’d also like it if we didn’t have to worry about the night getting bumped when there’s a football match or other sports event on!

If you fancy performing this Saturday then sign-up time is from 7:30pm and the first performance kicks off at 8pm. There’s no featured act this week so some more slots than usual are up for grabs. Original material only.

Will be great to see you there…


No OOTB until further notice

Posted 09/09/2015 By admin

Sorry to announce that there will be no more Out Of The Bedroom events until further notice due to unforeseen circumstances. We will update on the situation as soon as possible…


I am looking for bass/drums/guitar/keyboards, perhaps additional wind/string instruments. Both young bucks and old hands welcome. Backing vocals a bonus. This is a ‘for fun’ project to develop new and existing material to play live and to demo for publishers. Please email sound files or links to your playing samples. Here’s what I do: www.soundcloud.com/iansclater

Contact: iansclater@yahoo.co.uk

OOTB 616 – 18th July – Nathan Fynn

Posted 17/07/2015 By admin

nathan fynnHello. OOTB have booked a bright shining feature act this Saturday to enlighten our low-pressure cloud-ridden grey Scottish summer. Australian-born Nathan Fynn, now residing in Edinburgh, has been performing live for over twenty years now and has played extensively on Australia’s Gold Coast (and with us last year as feature act). His style is acoustic folk/blues and has a clear distinctive voice that can grab the attention of any audience.

Nathan released an album last summer entitled “Highway Down” and is available to listen on this link: nathanfynn.bandcamp.com/album/highway-down

Gilt our east coast with your original performances. Sign up from 7:30pm and the golden gong will chime at 8pm for an evening of unmissable acts.

Will be considered as gross misconduct not to see you there…


OOTB 615 – 11th July – Dave Keir

Posted 11/07/2015 By admin

Dave KeirHello. OOTB have booked a popular and talented musician for our featured act this Saturday. Dave Keir has been songwriting, gigging and recording since his youth. With such experience out there in the world of music, and with some European tours under his belt you can be rest-assured of a top quality performance. Dave’s music has a distinctive folk influence played with a strong finger-picking style on acoustic guitar which he is well recognised for. His vocals carry enchanting melodies with thoughtful deep lyrics which can’t help but draw you into Dave’s cleverly crafted songs.

Check out the official website for more insight to Dave’s musical history and his songs: www.dave-keir.com

Fancy a bit of stage-time this Saturday? Open slots are there for grabbing so you can show us what you got. Sign up time is from 7:30pm, and OOTB will kick off at 8pm. Original material only.

Will be like looking into a glory-hole to see you there.


OOTB 614 – 4th July – Open Slots

Posted 03/07/2015 By admin

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHello. Open slots is all we gots this Saturday as there is no featured act booked in for your hardened platinum listening ear-shaped devices. So yeah, more slots than usual are there for the taking.

Fifteen minutes of stage time awaits those with satisfactory awkward performance gaits eager to reveal creation-based workings, all cogs agog. Sign up from 7:30pm and OOTB will make space-time stand still at 8pm. Original material only ya bass.

Will be rather independent in an American way to see you there…


OlderNotWiserHello. Now that the summer solstice is over and the length of each day from now will gradually shorten into the long dark abyss of this coming winter, OOTB have another feature act to brighten your shadowed Saturday evening. Older Not Wiser is fronted by David Roberts who is a prolific songwriter, busker and live performer in Edinburgh. His songs cover a wide field of subjects and experiences with varying styles of music coming through along with his band-members providing extra instrumentation, percussion and vocals. Well worth a listen if you’re dropping into the Kilderkin bar.

Here’s a link to Older Not Wiser’s music: soundcloud.com/oldernotwiser

Open slots for any performing sun-spots are waiting to be brightened by your burning creations. Sign up from 7:30pm and we’ll bloody well get going, quite thoroughly, at 8pm. Original material only.

Will be the will of wills to see you there…


OOTB 612 – 20th June – Lynzie Dray

Posted 18/06/2015 By admin

Lynzie DrayHello. Another week of toil, folly and regret has passed to make way for an amazing headline act this Saturday evening to replenish our minds with positive creative inspiration. Lynzie Dray, otherwise known as Little Songbird, has her own unique style of song-smithing. Influences of acoustic pop, rock and folk come into play sung with Lynzie’s confident vocals taking her audiences on a journey of her own life experiences. She’s a prolific performer in and around Edinburgh, so expect a great session from this very talented little songbird. Here’s a link to some of Lynzie’s music: soundcloud.com/lynziedray

Open slots are available for fifteen minutes of stage time. Sign up from 7:30pm and OOTB will start the performance wings a fluttering at 8pm. Original material only.

Will be like sucking on an ice-pop to see you there…


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