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OOTB 640, Tuesday 17 January 2017

Posted 26/01/2017 By reviewer

Back to The Outhouse for the first OOTB of 2017. Backdrop left at home and no guitar tuner to be found but with a bit of soft lilac lighting and a few good musical ears and the night got underway. Line-up: Tina Louise Avery, Sam Brown, Tau Boo, Nyk Stoddart, Jack Blimey, Freeloadin’ Frank, James […]

OOTB 640 – 17th January – Open Slots

Posted 08/01/2017 By admin

Hello. OOTB 640 is our first event of the new year and it’s an entire evening of open slots for all you talented performers out there. No feature act means there are a handful more slots up for grabs. Out Of The Bedroom is open to musicians, comedy, spoken word magicians and the like. As […]

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