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OOTB 641, Tuesday 14 February 2017

Posted 16/02/2017 By reviewer
OOTB stage at Out of the Bedroom 641

Valentine’s Day 2017 and we were feeling the love from the Out of the Bedroom stage tonight. There was no obligation on the musicians to play songs commemorating the 3rd Century saint’s day but there were some notable tributes made. Line-up: Vincent Gauchot, Nicholas Loveridge, Rui Alma, Tina Louise Avery, Jack Blimey, Nyk Stoddart, James Igoe. […]

OOTB 641 – 14th February – Open Slots

Posted 03/02/2017 By admin

This is not a love song. It’s an entire evening of open slots this Valentine’s Tuesday, which means without a feature act we have a handful more slots up for grabs. Grabbing slots is apparently quite common on such a special day. So come on down to the Outhouse and play us some of those […]

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