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Out of the Bedroom is taking a well-earned break during August and most of September. We’ll be back with OOTB 653 on Thursday 21 September.

See you soon!

[Note: this post was updated Sunday 27 August – return date has been changed]

Out of the Bedroom 409

Posted 30/01/2011 By admin

OOTB Presents…

Hi everybody and welcome to this week.

Out of the Bedroom 409

It’s Out of the Bedroom 409 this week! This was going to be the week when we reinstated the fabled “featured act” at Out of the Bedroom, however Cameron Phair has injured himself (needing six stitches!) so… He can’t play the featured act slot this week, sadly. Get well soon Cameron! This does mean however that there will be slightly more space for open slots this week. There have been such a lot of performers coming to OOTB in fact that we might have to go to two songs each to fit everyone in, we’ll see on Tuesday. While i remember, here are the photos of OOTB 408 on facebook, by Malcolm Mclean.

And that reminds me, there have been a lot of new faces at OOTB, and we’ve been out of circulation for a while, so i’m just going to take a quick opportunity to outline what you can expect to find if you come along to Out of the Bedroom. First of all, it’s on every Tuesday night at the Montague Bar on St Leonards Street, it’s one block south of the police station on the other side of the road. If you want to play, best get there before 7:30pm to sign up on the list, and the music starts at 8pm if you want to listen.

If you’re a performer, be assured that we have two guitars which you are free to use (though they may have rather elderly strings on them). We’ve got a PA and three microphones with stands, we also have a music stand, and there should be a couple of capos as well. We also have an electronic keyboard, but please let us know at the start of the night if you need to use it. You are also able to bring along laptops and other sonic devices and plug them into the PA if you like, but again make us aware at the start of the night.

Performers are allowed three songs or fifteen minutes, whichever comes first, unless the host says otherwise, as i mentioned before, if there are a lot of performers, we might cut it down to two songs each. The other thing we do is “squashees” which are one song slots for people who arrived too late to get a full size slot. Also, another thing we sometimes do is the people who performed last week might only get to do one song, in order to give people who weren’t there the previous week a chance to do three songs.

February Album Writing Month

FAWM.org - 14 songs in 28 days

FAWM.org - 14 songs in 28 days

Calling all songwriters, i’ve mentioned this before, but now’s the moment, if you’ve not signed up at www.fawm.org yet then get in gear, because FAWM starts on Tuesday 1 February! If you’re not aware, FAWM’s a challenge to songwriters to write 14 new songs during the month of February. In reality, it’s a hub of collaboration and creativity, with hundreds of songwriters communicating online for the whole month and beyond. Join in, it’s great, and the worst that could happen is you’ll end up with some new songs. Here’s where you can sign up, here’s more information about the event, and if you’re still in any doubt, check out how wacky and fun these songwriters are on the web forum!

This Week In Music

Well, there are a ton of things happening as usual, and so far this year everything i’ve been at has been really busy, so it’s looking positive for 2011 in my view. Let’s see, well tonight it’s The Listening Room, though i’m not sure who the featured act is, the open mic section starts at 8pm anyway.

Tomorrow, the Captain’s Bar have their usual Monday night singer-songwriter session.

On Tuesday (in addition to being the first day of FAWM!) it’s Out of the Bedroom 409. 8pm at the Montague Bar. Open slots all night, before we start the featured act slots again next week.

It’s Acoustic Edinburgh on Tuesday as well, starring Augustalia, which is in Medina at 8pm i think. It’s unfortunate we’re on the same night as them, but that’s the way it goes, too many gigs, not enough evenings…

On Wednesday 2 February it’s Secret CDs. Here’s what to expect this month: Fitzroy Soul, Lorraine McCauley and the Borderlands, Calum Carlyle and the Mixed Reactions, and Man Gone Missing. it’s only £2 (£2 if you buy a CD), and it’s in the Voodoo Rooms on West Register Street at 8pm (7:30pm doors) on Wednesday.

Thursday, have an early night so you can be fresh and chipper for the McEwans Ale House open mic on Friday night, starting at 9pm in the McEwans Ale House across the road from the old Odeon. It’s always a right rollicking bundle of jocularity, and no mistake.

And by the weekend of course, those of you who signed up to FAWM will already be busy writing songs. I’ll post some links next week, if any Edinburgh songwriters get any new songs uploaded by then…

See you at OOTB!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

Our Stage, Your Music!

Posted 15/10/2009 By admin
Our Stage, Your Music: OOTB on Thursdays

Our Stage, Your Music: OOTB on Thursdays

Open Slots!

Posted 09/07/2012 By admin

OOTB Presents…



Thanks so much to those that came along on Saturday night, helped out and played their songs to everyone. Special thanks goes to Dave Keir, and his excellent feature set. He has CDs for sale too!…just go to http://www.dave-keir.com/.

Just to mention, both the Listening Room (Blue Blazer, Sundays, 8pm) and The Ale House (Clerk St, Tuesday & Fridays, 9.30pm) are also excellent open mics and well worth a visit.

You may also want to check out the latest news on the open mic and gig front by going to http://edinburghunlimited.blogspot.com. brought to you by the man whom, by sheer coincidence, is presenting Katie Forbes, Stevie B Good, Caro Bridges and himself (Calum Carlyle) Live for only £3 at The Third Door, Lothian Street, 8pm.

This Saturday coming, we have a special evening of Open Slots! Yes, that’s right, three hours of non-stop (well almost non-stop) songwriting mayhem! So bring along your songs and your friends, and pin back your ears to hear some fantastic music!

All the best

See you out there! 🙂

Nyk Stoddart – OOTB Secretary



It’s Out of the Bedroom 400 this week! it’s our first (and only?) covers night of 2010. Learn some covers, especially covers of someone else you’ve heard at OOTB, and come along. There will be cakes, it’ll be reviewed by Visual-Opinions.com. It’ll probably all run hideously off-schedule, but that’s rock ‘n’ roll! I’m certain it’ll be memorable. Come along, and in years to come, you’ll be able to say you were there. Mark my words, it’ll be an all star extravaganza of epic proportions.

One thing i really wanted to mention to you last week, and forgot, is the 50/90 Songwriting Challenge. Can you write 50 songs in 90 days? Even if you think the answer’s ‘no’, do you want to be part of a thriving online community of songwriters, all writing songs simultaneously, collaborating, commenting on each other’s work and generally egging each other on? Check out the site, anyway. I’ve already written three songs since 5090 started on Sunday, only 47 to go!

Now, other interesting events… Two things are happening next Tuesday (13th July) that i wanted to mention, first of all it’s Niall Connolly at the Roxy Art House at 8pm, he’s an accomplished acoustic performer, and he’ll be doing the final gig of his tour in Edinburgh. Also on Tuesday 13th July, it’s the fourth Regent Showcase. These are on every month, on the second Tuesday, at The Regent at the top of Abbeymount near London Road. I think they start at 8pm, and it’s free to get in. There’s comedy this month from Graeme Thomas and tons of music by performers that will be both familiar and new to OOTB regulars.

There are bound to be some other events on this week, obviously, there’s The Listening Room at The Blue Blazer on Spittal Street/Bread Street, it’s on Sunday, get there before 8pm if you want to play in the open mic section of the evening. On Friday, there’s the McEwan’s Ale House open mic night, starting at 9pm on South Clerk Street, across the road from what used to be the Odeon. There are various others, but to be honest i think we’ll let them do their own email publicity for once. 🙂 See you on Thursday!

Check it out! www.ootbcolorado.com

Thorn's Coloradan Journey...

Thorn’s Coloradan Journey…

It’s monthly, it’s Out of the Bedroom and it’s in Woodland Park, Colorado. Yes, that cornerstone of OOTB Darren Thornberry has established an OOTB outreach station in the wilds of Colorado and has had some success finding indigenous singer songwriters in their natural habitat. Furthermore he’s now got a website devoted to his findings! Check out www.ootbcolorado.com for more information.

OOTB update + other events

Posted 01/06/2009 By admin

Well, I’m beginning to think that the OOTB Reviewers’ Union must have called for industrial action and forgot to tell us! I am sure one of these days i’ll end up with half a dozen reviews for you to read all in one week, but in the meantime, we’re all just going to have to wait expectantly, i’m afraid…. Please accept our apologies once again for not having a review along with this email.

Now, the sun’s out, we’ve all had a lovely weekend, and what could be nicer in weather like this than going out to the Tron and sitting in a basement all evening? Actually, in all seriousness, it’ll be a good night, so do pop along. ……..Aaaaaand I’ve just been informed of the late breaking and utterly thrilling news that Sam Barber will be playing the feature slot this Tuesday at OOTB. Do come along and have a half a shandy and listen to the sweet crooning of Sam Barber, ladies and gentlemen!

Also this week, there’ll be an abundance of musical events going on, and i’d like to mention just a couple of them here. First of all, Secret CDs is on again at the Phoenix Cellar Bar on Broughton Street, £2/£1 to get in, this Wednesday, featuring Thorn’s Musical Journey, playing their farewell gig, so this is your last chance to hear them, also playing are Fanattica, Sophie Ramsay and Blueflint. I’ll certainly be there because that sounds like an evening not to be missed.

And on Thursday and Friday, you could pop along to the Jazz Bar on Chambers Street for Doctor Ruby’s Musical Surgery, an informal open mic session from about 5pm till 8pm, it’s good, and very varied. You could pop along to The Listening Room at the Blue Blazer on Sunday as well, starts at 8pm and goes till 10pm, there’s an open mic section at the start of the night, last night was very enjoyable indeed. And also on Sunday, you might pop along to the top bar of Espionage on Victoria Street for an open mic night that’s just recently started running there from 9pm till about 1am, lots of acoustic blues/country/folk energy on show.

Other than that, have a good week and see you on Tuesday (and maybe, in an alternate universe, i might even have a review for you next week!)

OOTB Presents… The Ferny Brackens!

Posted 07/04/2012 By admin

Tonight at The Montague from 8pm (7:15 for performers), it’s Out of the Bedroom with The Ferny Brackens. They’re an eclectic quartet with an eclectic repertoire. And it’s FREE! Be there. 🙂

Also, i am going to just mention the excellent bulletin from James of Secret CDs, which he sent out a few days ago. Check out the information below for upcoming and regular gigs you might be interested in.

Take care, and have a good weekend!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

OOTB Presents… Stephen Harrison!

Posted 08/06/2012 By admin

Hi there,

If this is your first time reading the OOTB newsletter, then hello and welcome. If not then welcome back! 🙂 If you’re reading this somewhere else than your email inbox, and you’d like to join our mailing list, then you can do so at www.outofthebedroom.co.uk.

This week the featured act is Stephen Harrison. He’s really good. We wouldn’t have booked him otherwise. ALSO there are a lot of OPEN SLOTS. They’re not just beginners fiddling around with half baked songs, these slots are usually full of QUALITY PERFORMERS perhaps trying out new songs, or just lifting the tone with their musicianly mien. ANYway, you too could hear these luminaries in action, and if you’re of a mind (and if you’ve written your OWN SONGS) then you too could sign up for one of the open slots, just turn up by about 7:15-7:30pm tomorrow (Saturday 9th of June) at The Montague Bar on St Leonards Street!

One or two other things you might be interested in:

Well, as usual the Ale House open mic is running tonight (Friday) from 9:30pm, search for their page on facebook if you’d like to book a slot in advance, otherwise why not just pop in? It’s a great atmosphere and there’s live music all night.

And on Sunday, it’s the Caro Bridges EP launch! that’s on 10th June at 2.30-5pm in the Meadow Bar, support will be by Kaley Ukulele, playing some songs, and Tom Watton, doing some storytelling. Sounds awesome!

Then in the evening on Sunday, The Last of Barrett’s Privateers are playing the featured act set at The Listening Room, in The Blue Blazer on Spittal/Bread Streets, and that starts at 8pm.

And ALL the stuff i just told you about is FREE!

See you there!

Out of the Bedroom Needs YOU!

We Need YOU!I can’t believe i forgot to mention this, but Out of the Bedroom seriously needs your assistance. We urgently need more people who can act as the compere, or the sound person. If YOU could fill this role, then please let us know.

It’s completely voluntary, but can be very rewarding too. Out of the Bedroom is in its eleventh year because of the involvement of volunteers, and now we’re looking for the next generation of volunteers.

“How can i sign up?” i can hear you clamouring! Well, it’s as simple as replying to this email (or if you are reading this online, the address is reviews@outofthebedroom.co.uk), or better still, leave a comment on our Facebook page.

Let us know whether you’d like to host a night or do the sound, and we’ll fit you into our rigorous training schedule and get back to you. 🙂

And there’s more…

And while i’m at it, a couple more events to mention to you as well. The first is the Ale House Songwriters Night, which is on at… yes, you guessed it, the Ale House, on Tuesdays from 9:30pm. It’s been really good so i hear, so that’s on Tuesday.

Then on Wednesday it’s a gig you can’t miss, in fact make sure all your friends know about it too, because it’s also a gig THEY can’t miss, and that’s Edinburgh Unlimited at The Third Door on Wednesday 13 June starting at 8pm. This month the performers are Darren Hendrie appearing with his band for their debut performance, as well as the incredibly talented Lake Montgomery, and the equally excellent Aaron Wright, and ALL THIS for only £3. Don’t miss it.

Okay, i think that really is it this time…

See you all out there in Musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

OOTB Presents… Pol Arida (and more…)

Posted 18/07/2011 By admin

This week at OOTB it’s Pol Arida doing the featured act slot. He’s got a bunch of huge and impressive songs, and he manages to play them solo, with his own guitar/amp setup and his trademark fingertip guitar playing style. come along and enjoy the melodic onslaught of Pol Arida! 8pm start, 7:30pm for performers, it’s free, and it’s on Tuesday at the Montague Bar on St Leonards Street.

The other thing i wanted to tell you about this week is that we’re running extra special Saturday events all throughout August in a not-actually-connected-but-doing-it-because-of-because-of-the-Festival sort of way. We’re calling them Out Of The Ordinary, and they’ll be in the Montague Bar, same place, same time, but on Saturdays. The format is going to be THREE featured acts every Saturday (and they’re all stoaters, though our Events Officer’s been keeping his cards close to his chest on the exact lineup), as well as a shorter, and therefore probably packed and dynamic, open mic session every Saturday too.

BUT don’t forget we’re also running on the Tuesdays as usual at The Montague Bar, during the Festival AS WELL as Saturdays! Check out our website for details of upcoming featured acts. A quick look down the list reveals the next few Tuesdays feature: Holly Shepherdson, Calypso, The Last Of Barrett’s Privateers, Paul Gilbody, Caro Bridges, Ben Young (yes, he’s back from outer space!), and Lost Telegrams (phew!). Also all the open slots tend to get filled up with an array of incredible performers as well, so get out of your slippers and get down to OOTB on Tuesdays. If you don’t, you’re missing it. 🙂

By the way, Lost Telegrams (while we’re talking about them) were awesome at Edinburgh Unplugged on Wednesday last, as were Edward And The Itch (and as usual my hat’s off to Susanna Mulvihill and Sir Tom Watton for joining me as Calum Carlyle and the Mixed Reactions, i loved playing the gig with them, as i always do). Kirkcaldy band “Little Buddha” never showed up (and have ignored my attempt to contact them subsequently, obviously they don’t take their music, or other people for that matter, all that seriously) but despite their unexpected non-attendance we all had a fantastic time. The photos are on Facebook, courtesy of imagemeister extraordinaire Malcolm Mclean.

Oh yeah, tons of songs are getting written as part of the 50/90 challenge, click the link to listen. Some of our favourite Edinburgh songwriters are doing this this year, have fun listening to all the new songs. Remember, everything on that site has been written since 4 July!

I haven’t even got to other events. The place is heaving with them though, i’m struggling to keep up. I think i’m going to keep it mainly to OOTB, Secret CDs, Ed Unplugged and Out Of the Ordinary listings for the next month or two, as far as this email is concerned, unless people have specific gigs they want me to mention (in which case, just reply to this email letting me know, and i’ll list them too).

Oh i might just briefly mention that there’s a 7-9pm event happening from now till at least the end of the Festival on Sundays, and going to be Thursdays at The Black Rose Tavern on Rose Street, i’ll probably include those too, since there are so many performers from OOTB and the McEwans Ale House extended network playing at them. I may mention the odd Red Dog Music Sunday too, for the same reason. Just warning you. 🙂

Okay, see you all out there in musicland!

Calum Carlyle
Out of the Bedroom

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