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Running order: Matthew Mcghie, Neil Fox, Callaghan & Farrell, Tina Avery, Kathy Muir, Sir Tom Watton, Simone Finally, Majk Stokes, Alex Hendrie, feature act: Ben Inglis.

Scott Candlish, our excellent host for the evening, introduced our first act Matthew Mcghie, making his OOTB debut. Matthew was an innovative performer with an impressive vocal dynamic range. ‘Open’ showcased his high-pitched, guttural singing while telling an aching story of goodbyes which kept me intrigued from start to finish.  ‘Love’ was written in the last week and hinted at an unhappy experience (sample lyric: “you will suffocate until you drown”). Again, he used his voice as a powerful instrument and this was deeply affecting. Read the remainder of this entry »

Running order: Small Feet Little Toes, Darren Edmund, Majk Stokes, Impossible Songs, Startled Bee, Snakeskin Shoe Review, Adam Naylor, feature act: Sonja Sleator.

It was a warm, balmy Leith evening… and hosting Out of the Bedroom this evening was the very lovely Peach opening the evening in her stage persona Small Feet Little Toes, The toes were visible this evening as SFLT was barefoot – well, it is summer yes? ‘The Tides’, written at a songwriting retreat in September, and had a graceful riff, a deeply melodic vocal and the overall effect was one of washing away the past (sample lyric: “I got strong / I am free”). ‘Sweeter’, a love song written when in a bad relationship, showcased a growing confidence in her delivery with clear lyrics and astounding vocal dynamics with muted guitar picking adding to add effect and intensity. The final song was written when she was 19, and was jazzy and Jeff Buckley-esque at times, matching the great man’s intensity with phenomenal guitar playing. Read the remainder of this entry »

Running order: Majk Stokes, Ben Inglis, Nyk Stoddart, Ewan Stein, James Igoe, feature act: The Trailer Park Saints.

Host for the evening Majk Stokes opened the evening with a gangster rap song that he tried out at Out if the Bedroom recently. More polished now, Majk’s rap celebrated his love of Yorkshire managing to rhyme “Yorkshire” with “Porsche” which was possibly a world-first! ‘Your Days Are Numbered’ was a birthday song (!) influenced by local act Jim Bryce’s birthday song and Monty Python’s ‘Galaxy Song’ – most amusing. Majk closed his set with ‘We Need The Bees’ about the current and impending environmental crisis. “Where can a bear shit when there aren’t any woods?” was a sample of the honesty and humour inherent in Majk’s very fine repertoire. Read the remainder of this entry »

Running order: James Igoe, Chris Fogerty, Jim Bryce, Startled Bee, Adam Naylor, Majk Stokes, The Trailer Park Saints, Lach, Andy Hiles, feature act: Dog On A Swing.

Host for the evening James Igoe started the evening off with ‘Inge’s Eyes’. There was a comment about the depth and maturity of his voice tonight; this was entirely down to him having just recovered from a heavy cold! Still, he was happy with his performance [Ed’s note: James, it’s virtually impossible to review your own performance!]. Read the remainder of this entry »

Running order: Tina Louise Avery; Jim Bryce; Majk Stokes; Dog On A Swing; Sarah.T; Sonny Casey; Skip, The Android; feature act: Ali Tod.

Host for the evening was Tina Louise Avery who started off with a new song ‘Weave The Sea’. As those who follow Tina know, her songs reflect her love of water. This elegant, uptempo number featured some beautiful singing and was a welcome addition to her strong watery repertoire. I could vividly picture the old man weaving by the sea. ‘Travel Writing’, about a couple growing old perhaps not happily, was performed very pleasantly indeed. ‘Francis’ was about Francis Cadell, a Scottish Colourist who painted seascapes. This was in waltz time and was evocative of Cadell’s paintings (sample lyric: “there I’ll be seated on the chair painted red”). Read the remainder of this entry »

Running order: Jim Bryce, Euan Glasgow, Pink Kudu, Impossible Songs, Bill Phillip, The Old Town Rambler, Suzanne Dyson, Michael, Skip the Android, Savona, Ali Tod, feature act: Scott Candlish.

Was 666 a spooky or otherwise cursed night for OOTB? Not at all, simply a terrific evening of old and new performers and a wide range of musical styles making for a very fine April evening. Read the remainder of this entry »

Running order: Scott Candlish, Tau Boo, Tina Louise Avery, Michael, Dow Joan, Suzanne Dyson, Rosie Smith, feature act Ewan Stein. Read the remainder of this entry »

A lighter night, a fuller crowd and the best show of 2018 so far…

Running order: Small Feet Little Toes, Ewan Stein, Tina Louise Avery, Khalid and Jamie, Jon Mclean, Callum McKinnon, Robert King, Michael, Jim Bryce, James McGinley, feature act: DB Hews. Read the remainder of this entry »

The Leith weather was mild outside for the fourth OOTB of the year but inside the music was hotter than a pepper sprout with love, lust and travel being some of the main themes of the evening. A good and appreciative audience built up as the night went on. Though we could have slotted in more musicians, there was certainly enough quality to make for a very enjoyable evening.

Running order: James Igoe, Scott Candlish, Ewan Stein, Michael, Natalie Docherty-Gibson feature act: Jeanice Lee. Read the remainder of this entry »

A mild February evening brought a few fresh faces and some welcome returners to Woodland Creatures this evening. Themes of the evening included historical characters, both real and apocryphal, Brexit, alcohol and chips. A good mix of topics!

Running order: Jim Bryce, Tina Louise Avery, Samantha Preis, Rosie Smith, Colin Whitelaw, Cloudland Blue Quartet, Note To Self:, Jacob O’Sullivan, DB Hews, feature act: Conor Michael Riordan.

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