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OOTB 584 – 8th November – Julien Pearly

Julien PearlyHello all you flavoursome roast chicken and herb chinwags. We have a rather tasty treat on stage as this Saturday’s headline act. Originally from Avignon City in the South of France, Julien Pearly has been playing in Edinburgh music scene for 9 years. After completing an MSc Sound Design in 2005 at the University of Edinburgh where he released his 1st conceptual album β€œThe Changing Man”, he worked freelance creating musical soundtracks and sound design for multimedia video projects. As a collective project Pundigrion (Album 2009) was the starting point for a creative journey exploring genres, live performances and cultures, playing with meanings and poetry in songs. Pundigrion Films followed shortly after to make unique cinematographic experiences around a poetic vision. Here’s a link to some of Julien’s music:Β soundcloud.com/julienpearly

Oh you know how it is, slots are up for the taking to show an eager-earred style audience your creative wares that have been sweated over many times. Sign up around 7:15pm-7:30pm and OOTB opens the performance floodgate at 8pm.

Will be insanely prickly to see you there…


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