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This is our last Out Of The Bedroom event until after the Edinburgh Festival, but we’ll return soon in September. We have yet another incredibly talented headline act for this Tuesday evening who is known as Ashlee Lovebox.

In her own words:

“Ashlee Lovebox swears a lot and sings about sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Without the sex and drugs in case her parents are listening. She also tries to be funny. Her songs are truthful with a childish naivety and drawing on her experiences and the crazy situations she has found herself in. Her influences are wide and varied but she finds most inspiration in strong solo female singer songwriters who emphasise their uniqueness, including Regina Spektor, Kimya Dawson, Tori Amos, Skunk Anansie and many more.”

Open slots are there for the taking if you’re up for a performance on the OOTB stage. Sign-up from 7:30pm and the first act starts soon after at 8pm.

Will be rather good to see you there…


OOTB 632 – 19th July – Aino Elina

Posted 15/07/2016 By admin

Aino ElinaYo. Two weeks of a rather grey and wet July, so far, have just about gone by. It’s time for another round of Out Of The Bedroom with an amazing headline act to brighten this Tuesday summer evening.

Finland-born Aino Elina moved to Edinburgh last year and has quickly built a reputation as a stand-out musical artist. Her music is emotional, lush and haunting where Aino in her own words describes her creations as “indie pop with elements of electronica, hip-hop, jazz, folk and world music. She writes both in English and Finnish – sometimes mixing the two languages together”.

Visit Aino’s website for more: ainoelina.com

This is a top-notch performance at the Outhouse definitely not to be missed.

Open slots are there for the taking on the night. Sign-up from 7:30pm and we’ll start the first act at 8pm. Original material only.

Will be like gratefully gargling grapefruit juice to see you there…


OOTB 631 – 5th July – Kevin Laing

Posted 30/06/2016 By admin

Kevin LaingOoooft my god, is that two weeks of our precious lives gone already? Let’s celebrate the passage of time by introducing our feature act for this Tuesday evening…

Kevin Laing is originally from Fife and has been singing and playing guitar for a while. In the last couple of years he has been working on his own material, so Kevin is quite new to the singer-songwriter open-mic scene. He doesn’t have any particular musical influences and is quite intrigued when people say his songs sound like Radiohead one day, Gordon Lightfoot the next, and some other people whose music he hasn’t paid attention to. Each song is the result of playing around with chords and images, and he is often surprised with the varied results. One of Kevin’s more recent songs has a salsa influence which draws from his rather wary experience of some dance classes.

Fifteen-minute performance slots are there for the taking if you fancy some stage time. Sign-up from 7:30pm and we’ll start boppin’ and a dancin’ at 8pm. Original material only.

Will be hip-swivellingly great to see you there…


Time for another round of Out Of The Bedroom this Tuesday evening which comes with a feature act worthy of your discerning musical minds.

Edinburgh born and bred, singer-songwriter Malcolm Finlayson is a relative newcomer to the live music scene. Emphasising rawness and emotion over polish or finesse, Malcolm’s music is firmly grounded in the visceral energy of rock while drawing on a wide range of other influences which are most notably pop and 60’s folk-rock. There’s no apparent photo of Malcolm to show you, which gives you an extra reason to join us at OOTB to see what he sounds and looks like.

Slots are up for grabs if you want to perform. Sign-up from 7:30pm and the first performance will kick off at 8pm. Original material only.

Will be logical and fascinating to see you there…


OOTB 629 – 7th June – Andy Hiles

Posted 03/06/2016 By admin

Andy HilesAnother fortnight has just about gone already and another fantastic headline act is booked for this Tuesday evening at Out Of The Bedroom.

Hailing all the way from Bristol, Andy Hiles has become a very popular and respected musician in Edinburgh’s live music scene. Andy is usually seen with electric guitar on stage and produces mixes of jazz, blues and slide in his well crafted songs.

If you haven’t seen Andy perform before, then it’s well worth coming along to the Outhouse this week to witness an entertaining performance from a rather talented and likeable musician.

Open slots are there for the taking if you want some stage time. Sign up from 7:30pm and we’ll do something about raising the curtain at 8pm. Original material only.

Will be so smooth to see you there…


OOTB 628 – 24th May – Dog On A Swing

Posted 19/05/2016 By admin

12633477_988533071227672_2525148180260125907_oOut Of The Bedroom are proud to have Dog On A Swing as our first feature act of this year at our new venue, The Outhouse. Dog On A Swing, aka Ed Ritchie, is a very popular Edinburgh musician and songwriter with his own distinctive brand of music. Ed describes his music as “3-minute(ish) pop(py?) songs”, and with three album and EP releases he is certainly prolific. His most recent release “After Work” has six great songs that are well worth a listen for your discerning ears.

Ed is also a regular live and experienced performer out there in musicland to great acclaim.

Visit Dog On A Swing’s official website for more: dogonaswing.co.uk

We have plenty of open slots available if you want to perform. Sign up from 7:30pm and we’ll start the canine swaying in timely fashion at 8pm. Original material only.

Will be barking mad to see you there…


Out Of The Bedroom has returned after a short break and is housed in a new venue. From now on we will be running fortnightly on Tuesdays starting from 10th May. Our new venue is the Outhouse (12a Broughton Street Lane, Edinburgh) which already hosts the very popular Live @ The Loft open sessions fortnightly on Wednesdays. We start at our usual time of 8pm and finish at 11pm, and you can sign up for a 15 minute slot (10 minutes if busy) from 7:30pm. Our usual rule of original material only applies as well.

OOTB is open to musicians, comedians, magicians, poetry, spoken word and the like. Come along and witness some rather talented live performances in our new surroundings. Will be great to see you there…


No OOTB Until Further Notice

Posted 20/03/2016 By admin

argyle barOut Of The Bedroom is cancelled until further notice. For various reasons the Argyle Bar hasn’t worked out as a venue and we’ll be doing our best to find somewhere new. (Any suggestions welcome!)

Keep watching this space for news and updates…


No OOTB – 9th March

Posted 09/03/2016 By admin

Unfortunately there will be no Out Of The Bedroom event tonight. We will return next week.


OOTB 626 – 2nd March – Open Slots

Posted 01/03/2016 By admin

slot-car-trackHello. OOTB have another great evening of bright shining talent-ridden performances for your strangely-shaped discerning ears this Wednesday. No featured act this week means there are a handful more open slots to be had.

Sign-up time is from 7:30pm and we’ll start the live stage proceedings at 8pm. Out Of The Bedroom is open to music, comedy, spoken word, magic and the like. Fifteen minutes of stage time await you.

Will be bleedin’ great to see you there…


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