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OOTB 614 – 4th July – Open Slots

Posted 03/07/2015 By admin

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHello. Open slots is all we gots this Saturday as there is no featured act booked in for your hardened platinum listening ear-shaped devices. So yeah, more slots than usual are there for the taking.

Fifteen minutes of stage time awaits those with satisfactory awkward performance gaits eager to reveal creation-based workings, all cogs agog. Sign up from 7:30pm and OOTB will make space-time stand still at 8pm. Original material only ya bass.

Will be rather independent in an American way to see you there…



OlderNotWiserHello. Now that the summer solstice is over and the length of each day from now will gradually shorten into the long dark abyss of this coming winter, OOTB have another feature act to brighten your shadowed Saturday evening. Older Not Wiser is fronted by David Roberts who is a prolific songwriter, busker and live performer in Edinburgh. His songs cover a wide field of subjects and experiences with varying styles of music coming through along with his band-members providing extra instrumentation, percussion and vocals. Well worth a listen if you’re dropping into the Kilderkin bar.

Here’s a link to Older Not Wiser’s music: soundcloud.com/oldernotwiser

Open slots for any performing sun-spots are waiting to be brightened by your burning creations. Sign up from 7:30pm and we’ll bloody well get going, quite thoroughly, at 8pm. Original material only.

Will be the will of wills to see you there…



OOTB 612 – 20th June – Lynzie Dray

Posted 18/06/2015 By admin

Lynzie DrayHello. Another week of toil, folly and regret has passed to make way for an amazing headline act this Saturday evening to replenish our minds with positive creative inspiration. Lynzie Dray, otherwise known as Little Songbird, has her own unique style of song-smithing. Influences of acoustic pop, rock and folk come into play sung with Lynzie’s confident vocals taking her audiences on a journey of her own life experiences. She’s a prolific performer in and around Edinburgh, so expect a great session from this very talented little songbird. Here’s a link to some of Lynzie’s music: soundcloud.com/lynziedray

Open slots are available for fifteen minutes of stage time. Sign up from 7:30pm and OOTB will start the performance wings a fluttering at 8pm. Original material only.

Will be like sucking on an ice-pop to see you there…



OOTB 611 – 13th June

Posted 12/06/2015 By admin

Hello. Whether whatever during this rare summer weather if OOTB have a feature act or not for this Saturday, open slots are up for grabs as per usual. If there ain’t no feature act then a handful more of those slots will be available to you which will make things a little more breathable through the Meadow’s stinking barbecue burnt meaty air.

Sign up from 7:30pm and we’ll apply apples to the performance application at 8pm. Original material only and that sort of thing ting-a-ling.

Will be like wearing cheap creaky science-fiction costumes to see you there…



OOTB 610 – 6th June – Ross Neilson

Posted 03/06/2015 By admin

Ross NeilsonHello, good morning, good evening and welcome. Another headline act is set to grace our awaiting stage this Saturday. Ross Neilson has been writing, recording and performing his songs over the last ten or so years now. With influences ranging from Neil Young, Pavement, Tom Petty and Elliott Smith – Ross always manages to put his own stamp on his music. His latest studio album entitled ‘Dark Side Of Morning’ was officially released last year and shows Ross as an emerging talent in Scotland. Do your good self and your good friends a good favour and come on down to the Kilderkin bar for a great evening of home-grown music. Here’s a link to some of R. Neilson’s music: soundcloud.com/ross-neilson

Open slotties for all you musical hotties are available for picking up a fifteen-minute date. Sign up time is from 7:30pm and shortly after the tuneful fanfare of live music rides the creaky bed-springs at 8pm. Original material only.

Will be like sneezing into an aloe-vera dipped handkerchief to see you there…



OOTB 609 – 30th May – Ian Sclater

Posted 28/05/2015 By admin

Ian SclaterGood hello-ings to you all. Another week and another Saturday evening looms for another talented headline act. Oh yes, you better believe it. Ian Sclater is a regular and popular performer in Edinburgh singing self-penned songs of his own life’s experiences, and has a long seasoned involvement with gigging on this planet. Ian’s music is a healthy mixture of varying styles including pop, rock and folk. He is also headlining this Sunday at The Listening Room in Edinburgh if you can’t catch him at OOTB this Saturday. So no excuses really to witness a worthy songwriter this weekend.

Here’s a link to Ian’s music: soundcloud.com/iansclater

And oh yes uh-huh, free open slots are available as per usual. Sign up from 7:30pm and OOTB will make the planet spin a little faster, perhaps, at 8pm.

Will be like sniffing peppermint oil to see you there…



OOTB 608 – 23rd May – Andy Northall

Posted 22/05/2015 By admin

Andy NorthallHello and stuff like that. This week’s headline act is the talented Andy Northall. A regular performer as a solo artist in Edinburgh and experienced member of the popular band “Infallible” where Andy plays bass guitar and sings. When out performing solo, influences of folk and rock come through mixed with Andy’s laid back ambient style of playing and singing. A seasoned musician and performer awaits to fill your unbending ears with top notch original music. Not one to miss this Saturday.

Here’s a link to one of Andy’s songs: reverbnation.com/andynorthall

Noisy and hungry available slots impatiently wait for your creative powers to fill with performance nourishment. Sign up from 7:30pm and OOTB will start feverishly consuming at 8pm. Original material only.

Will be like drinking magical water to see you there…



OOTB 607 – 16th May – Mhairi McCall

Posted 13/05/2015 By admin

Mhairi McCollYes yes yes, hello and all that jazz for goodness’ sake. Mhairi McCall is yet another worthwhile headline act booked for this week to melt your earwax-filled iron-clad hairy ears. Mhairi’s music has pop ballad elements to it with a little bit of comedy thrown in occasionally for good measure. She claims that she’s a “singer/songwriter who writes songs about what you shouldn’t write songs about”, and with one of her songs titled “Smelly Love” you probably get some idea where Mhairi is going creatively.

Here’s a link to some of her music: soundcloud.com/mhairi-mccall

Let’s hear some of your creative creations that have been created through the usual human excretion methods of blood, sweat, gravy, egg, urine and tears. Sign up from 7:30pm and OOTB will lay the necessary rubber stage mat on the floor at 8pm.

Will be biotexly clean and refreshing to see you there…



OOTB 606 – 9th May – Aino Elina

Posted 07/05/2015 By admin

Aino ElinaHello. Gear yourselves up for a fantastic evening of live original performances and a featured act that is well worthy of your attention. Aino Elina has just recently relocated to Edinburgh and is already out there playing live with a small band she’s just put together.  In her own words:

“Aino Elina is a singer-songwriter originally from Lapland, Finland. She is currently working on her debut album, which will be released June 2015. Aino Elina’s music is melodic pop music with elements of hip-hop, jazz, classical and world music. The songs are about life, love and relationships – in good and bad – with the emphasis on beautiful melody lines.”

Here’s a link to Aino’s recent single: ainoelina.bandcamp.com/album/sea-in-me-single

Sign up from 7:30pm and the ‘bel canto’ journey will start at 8pm. Original material only.

Will be flubbery wubbery to see you there…



OOTB 605 – 2nd May – Sam Morris

Posted 30/04/2015 By admin

sam morrisHello and all that sort of thing ting-a-ling. More open slots are up for the taking this Saturday evening along with a great headline act who blew us away last Saturday, so we had to feature him this week.

Sam Morris is a very talented singer/songwriter with a great sense of humour. Armed with guitar and harmonica, his musical style has an Americana folk/country style sung with confident vocals. I’m not sure where he originally comes from, but he seems to have an American accent (sorry Sam if you’re Canadian or of other descent). Online there’s not much information about Sam, so I’m just going on what I heard from his three songs last week at OOTB. Also online there are lots and lots of Sam Morris’s out there and I could only find his regular Facebook page where I stole and edited the above photo for you all to see. So no links to any of his music. You’ll just have to get along to the Kilderkin bar and hear for yourselves this emerging new talent.

Sign up from 7:30pm if you want some stage time and we’ll whistle-start the performance train at 8pm. Original material only if you please.

Will be utterly unshabby to see you there…


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