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OOTB 641 – 14th February – Open Slots

Posted 03/02/2017 By admin

This is not a love song. It’s an entire evening of open slots this Valentine’s Tuesday, which means without a feature act we have a handful more slots up for grabs. Grabbing slots is apparently quite common on such a special day.

So come on down to the Outhouse and play us some of those self-penned emotional songs. Sign-up from 7:30pm and we’ll start the first act at 8pm. Original material only.

Will be like tongue-tied French kissing to see you there…


OOTB 640, Tuesday 17 January 2017

Posted 26/01/2017 By reviewer

Back to The Outhouse for the first OOTB of 2017. Backdrop left at home and no guitar tuner to be found but with a bit of soft lilac lighting and a few good musical ears and the night got underway.

Line-up: Tina Louise Avery, Sam Brown, Tau Boo, Nyk Stoddart, Jack Blimey, Freeloadin’ Frank, James Igoe.

Tina Louise Avery with Jack Blimey on desk OOTB 640

Tina Louise Avery

Compere for the evening James Igoe introduced Tina Louise Avery to the stage. Tina was to play the Danny Kyle stage at Celtic Connections the following weekend – very impressive – but withheld this information from us on the night, possibly to manage our expectations. No need, we expect Tina to be great and she didn’t disappoint. Tina started with ‘Travel Writing’ featured on The Listening Room Volume 1 and it was a very pleasant version with the refrain “I will sit by the fireside tonight” staying in my head long after the night had ended. ‘Tea Amongst The Birds’ is possibly my favourite Tina song: a haunting, beautiful piece of melancholy reminiscent of late ‘60s Judy Collins and mid ‘80s Suzanne Vega. ‘Diving Under Water’ was written after the Victoria shootings and is possibly one of the nicest sounding songs about mass murder that you will ever hear with some impressive guitar picking.

Sam Brown debut OOTB 640

Sam Brown

The first, and only, debutante this evening was Sam Brown. We were lucky to catch Sam this evening as he is off to India for three months. Song 1 was about taking the wrong path, featured the refrain ‘Sleight of Hand’ (his first two songs didn’t have titles) and was accompanied by some funky guitar playing. ‘Wisdom Teeth’ seemed to be about growing pains and had a descending guitar phrase which reminded me of early Cream. Keeping his best to last, ‘24/42’ had some impressive slap-jazzy guitar playing, reminiscent of local guitar genius Graeme Mearns. A very promising debut, I hope Sam comes back soon after his trip.

Tau Boo and audience OOTB 640

Tau Boo

The vocal ranges this evening descended from alto (Tina), tenor (Sam) to the deep bass of Tau Boo. First song ‘Daydream’ featured his trademark vocal: like Paul Robeson if he had been primarily influenced by early ‘90s shoegazing bands like Chapterhouse and Slowdive. Seriously epic and full of Zeppelin-esque time signature changes. The atmospheric Song 2 featured the lyric “catch the wind in your sails my friend”. ‘Your Eyes’ was slightly more upbeat than the previous two (lyric: “beautiful, then fade away”) and Tau had an interesting trick of making his 6-stringed guitar sound like a 12-string without any effects pedals.

Nyk Stoddart OOTB 640

Nyk Stoddart

Nyk Stoddart showed his more serious side tonight with a trilogy of reflective songs written for an intriguing new musical project. ‘Out in the Sun’ was a romantic song about a warmer time of the year and featured some excellent guitar picking from someone who knows his way around a fretboard. ‘Fly Away’ – no relation to the Lenny Kravitz chart topper – was a mellow love song with the lyric “I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to be with you”. ‘Mystery in the Universe’ featured some demonic picking and seamless strumming with sample lyric “there is a mystery in the universe that is love”. A heartfelt set from Nyk.

Jack Blimey OOTB 640

Jack Blimey

After the break, Jack Blimey ventured from behind the sound desk to the stage with his Schecter electric guitar and showcasing his very original style of songwriting. His opening song had a sound that could be described as pleasantly psychotic English folk, while showing an understanding of the blues. ‘Wherever You Come From’ was in the murder ballad tradition of Nick Cave with a deeply poetic conversational lyric. ‘War on Terror’ talked about the beginning of World War 3 which we might be in already. I wonder if this was written as a poem? I can hear this going down well at a performance poetry session. Cracking chords and excellent guitar playing from Jack.

Freeloadin' Frank OOTB 640

Freeloadin’ Frank

Freeloadin’ Frank played just before an operation on his nondominant hand so we valued his contribution even more than usual. ‘Butterfly’, written in his back garden (currently being developed by dodgy builders), is a conversation with “Smithers” about a sunny day in May. The epic ‘King Kong’ was a love song written from the perspective of the colossal ape. This sounds like a song The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band could have written in their late ‘60s prime. The open mic classic ‘Magic Cornflake’ took us on an imaginary tour of the world – both inner and outer – or maybe it was just a song about a nice breakfast? Classic Frank.

James Igoe OOTB 640

James Igoe

Like Frank, James Igoe played a three-song set that would be familiar to open mic goers over the last few years. Starting with ‘Inga’s Eyes’ a “song about lust” and taboo hair-stroking. ‘Braveheart Beggar’ followed, written before his belief that Scotland should be an independent country it is a critical account of hypocritical Scottish culture in the mid-late 1990s. ‘Cowboy Song 2’, a song about travelling, was dedicated to Sam and imminent his trip to India.

Due to a slight dearth of acts this evening, those who had played earlier had another opportunity.

Sam Brown played ‘Meet The Bones’ (a play on words with “meat on the bones”?) in his jazzy style – very pleasant.

Tau Boo played again, but unfortunately this reviewer had to spend a penny so this song will remain a mystery.

Nyk Stoddart played ‘Aeroplanes’, a mainly-instrumental, acid-drenched song closer to the style of the songs when he first made his name at OOTB in the Canon’s Gait.

Jack Blimey played ‘Desolation Street’, a dark tale of a dysfunctional neighbourhood, with a chord that impressed the aforementioned local musical genius Graeme Mearns some years hence.

Freeloadin’ Frank played ‘Rupert’, his “leftie” song, noting that the protagonist Mr. Murdoch helped put the incumbent President Trump in the White House. Lyrics were updated to reflect recent political changes in the USA and UK.

Plenty of great stuff this evening, if perhaps not a classic, well-attended OOTB. A promising start to 2017 and hopefully there will be many great OOTB nights to look forward to this year.

James Igoe (review)

OOTB 640 – 17th January – Open Slots

Posted 08/01/2017 By admin

Hello. OOTB 640 is our first event of the new year and it’s an entire evening of open slots for all you talented performers out there. No feature act means there are a handful more slots up for grabs.

Out Of The Bedroom is open to musicians, comedy, spoken word magicians and the like. As long as any material used is original. So it will be great to see a variety of talent this Tuesday evening.

Sign-up from 7:30pm and the first act will kick off at 8pm.

Looking forward to seeing you all there…


This Tuesday is our last OOTB of the year and we celebrate with a Christmas special. No feature act as Santa was all booked up, so it’s an evening of open slots for all you festive performers out there.

We’ll even break our rule, a little, of original material only to allow any Christmas song to be performed if you desire to do so.

Sign-up from 7:30pm and the first act of our last event of 2016 will start the sleigh-bells at 8pm.

Will be quite jolly to see you there…


OOTB 638 – 13th December – Open Slots

Posted 10/12/2016 By admin

Hello. This is our penultimate OOTB event of the year and we have an evening of open slots for all you performers out there. Next Tuesday evening will be our Christmas celebration open mic to round things off. OOTB will return soon in January after the new year hangovers have gone.

All kinds of acts are welcome as long as any material used is original.

Sign up from 7:30pm and we’ll start the first act at 8pm.

Will be blubbery wubbery to see you there…


adam-nalyor-2Out Of The Bedroom is ready for another evening of top notch performances after an excellent celebration last week for our fifteenth birthday. Thanks to everyone who turned up to play, watch and listen.

This week we have a booked an amazing feature act for you all to hear. Adam Naylor describes his music as ‘bright and energetic acoustic rock with a Scottish twang’, which we got a taste of when Adam played a couple of songs at our birthday last Tuesday. Well worth catching this time round for a half hour set of his self-penned creations.

Open slots are available as usual. Sign-up from 7:30pm and we’ll get the first act on at 8pm. Original material only.

Will be like skating with socks on a well polished floor to see you there…


cakeOut Of The Bedroom this Tuesday celebrates fifteen years of hosting original live performances in Edinburgh from so many talented artists who have turned up to play. We certainly have the reputation for being Edinburgh’s longest running open mic and bound to have many more years of OOTB events to come.

It’s an evening of open slots, so come along from 7:30pm to sign-up and we’ll start the first act at 8pm.

Hopefully faces new and old will turn up to help us celebrate a long successful run of ‘originals only’ open mic events. Out Of The Bedroom is open to all performers as long as any material used is original. Apparently, there may be some cake going around as well.

Will be greatly fantastic to see you there…

OOTB  😀  😀

OOTB 635 – 18th October – Open Slots

Posted 17/10/2016 By admin

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s another Tuesday evening upon us and another round of open slots available for all you talented performers out there. It’s fifteen minutes of stage time and we are open to all performers as long as any material used is original.

Sign-up from 7:30pm and we’ll start the first act at 8pm.

This is our second and last event for October, but OOTB returns twice every month. The dates are on our events calendar.

Would sound something like ‘Edward Woodward would’ to see you there…


OOTB 634 – 11th October – Open Slots

Posted 21/09/2016 By admin

Open SlotsOut Of The Bedroom returns this autumn at the Outhouse bar and venue in Edinburgh on Tuesday evenings twice per month. The dates are published on our events calendar to the left.

Our first event starts 8pm Tuesday 11th October with fifteen-minute open slots up for grabs, just sign-up from 7:30pm to book a slot (first come first serve basis). There’s no feature act booked, so a couple of extra slots will be available on the night.

Out Of The Bedroom is open to all performers such as musicians, poets, magicians, comedians and the like. We only ask that any material used is original.

Looks to be a great night and will be good to see you there too…


This is our last Out Of The Bedroom event until after the Edinburgh Festival, but we’ll return soon in September. We have yet another incredibly talented headline act for this Tuesday evening who is known as Ashlee Lovebox.

In her own words:

“Ashlee Lovebox swears a lot and sings about sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. Without the sex and drugs in case her parents are listening. She also tries to be funny. Her songs are truthful with a childish naivety and drawing on her experiences and the crazy situations she has found herself in. Her influences are wide and varied but she finds most inspiration in strong solo female singer songwriters who emphasise their uniqueness, including Regina Spektor, Kimya Dawson, Tori Amos, Skunk Anansie and many more.”

Open slots are there for the taking if you’re up for a performance on the OOTB stage. Sign-up from 7:30pm and the first act starts soon after at 8pm.

Will be rather good to see you there…


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