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OOTB 27 – 2 May 2002

Nelson & Jim, Jill Hepburn, Scott Reilly, Echo (aka Derek Archer), Ben & Sally, The Alpha, Playtone (debut), Eirik (debut).

OOTB 26 – 25 Apr 2002

Norman Lamont, Olle Karlsson, Jill Hepburn, Darron, Rosie Bell, Ben & Sally (debut), The Alpha (previously known as “Matt’s Band”), Stewart Hanratty, Scott Reilly, Rowinia (debut).

OOTB 25 – 18 Apr 2002

Nelson & Jim, Jill Hepburn, Olle Karlsson, Dave Christopher (debut), the G, I Looked Up, Scott Reilly, Dave Watson (debut, with Norman Lamont)

OOTB 24 – 11 Apr 2002

Nelson & Jim, Olle Karlsson, Anders Karlsson (debut), Stewart Hanratty, Lynsey Hutchinson, Andrew & Kathryn (from Gingergreen) (debut), Freeloading Frank, Graeme Mearns.

OOTB 23 – 4 Apr 2002

Nelson & Jim, Norman Lamont , Olle Karlsson, Rosie Bell, Stewart Hanratty, Johnny Mackel (debut), Freeloadin’ Frank, Vaughan Colgan (debut)

OOTB 22 – 28 Mar 2002

Nelson & Jim, Peter Michael Rowan (debut), Folk Ian (debut), Derek Archer, Stewart Hanratty, the G (aka Graeme McDonald), I Looked Up (band debut), Freeloadin’ Frank, Olle Karlsson, Lynsey Hutchinson, Gordon Ballboy.

OOTB 21 – 21 Mar 2002

Nelson & Jim, Derek Archer, Stewart Hanratty (debut), Jill Hepburn, Julie King (debut), Leslie (debut), Freeloadin’ Frank & Iain Firth, Norman Lamont, Lynsey Hutchinson, Claire Milne, Howard Booker Bridges III (debut)

OOTB 20 – 14 Mar 2002

Nelson & Jim, Olle Karlsson & Miika Salo (debut), Rosie Bell (debut), Derek Archer, Matt’s Band, Lynsey Hutchinson, Colin Donati, John Hunt.

OOTB 19 – 7 Mar 2002

Jim & Nelson, Derek Archer, Darren (debut), Neil MacLeod (debut), Graeme “theG” McDonald, Freeloadin’ Frank, Norman Lamont, Stephen Watkins, Fraser Calder, Matt’s Band, Kieran Rafferty & Gareth

OOTB 18 – 28 Feb 2002

Jim & Nelson, Jill Hepburn, Derek Archer, Freeloadin’ Frank, Riley Briggs.

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