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OOTB 320 – 30 Oct 2008

Ian Sclater, Ross Neilson, Ms. Fi, Norman Lamont, Broken Tooth, Main act:
Alistair Kilgour, Duncan Drever, Wahid, John Fink, Steve

OOTB 317 – 9 Oct 2008

Sam Barber, Neil Watson, Ross Neilson, Nyk Stoddart, Hannah O’Reilly, Dave
o’Hara, Broken Tooth, Gustav Gustav Gustav Holst, Bill Philip, Calum
Carlyle, Johnny Pugh, Sophie Ramsay, Stewart Maclenan and Graham McLeod

OOTB 316 – 2 Oct 2008

OOTB 316
Ms Fi, Nelson Wright, Tica, Nicky, Paul Hughes, Susanna and Gudrun, Calum Carlyle, The Weather Underground, Broken Tooth, Ross Neilson, Jenny, Kevin
O’Neil, Casey Graham

OOTB 314 – 18 Sep 2008

OOTB 20080918

Calum Carlisle, Mick & Jeff, Tica Douglas, Broken Tooth, Hughes & McQuade,
Pan Am, Craig Hood, John Fink, Nyk Stoddart

OOTB 313 – 11 Sep 2008

OOTB No 313
Well, playing a little bit of catch-up here. There’s so many people signing up to the mailing list, you see, it’s taken us two weeks just to type their email addresses!

OOTB 312 – 4 Sep 2008


Calum Carlyle, Fraser, Machar Granite, Broken Tooth, Two Carved Stones (Featured Act), Nyk Stoddart, Ben Young, Colin Milne, John, Chris.

OOTB 310 – 17 July 2008

Goodnight, this was Nyk
And now the weather…well, rain of course!

OOTB 309 – 10 July 2008

OOTB 309 – 10 July 2008
Stephen Harrison, Pip Robinson, Calum Carlyle, Eddie and Ivor, Nyk
(Featured Act), Colin, John (debut), Barney, Dave (debut), Chris Bull.

OOTB 308 – 3 July 2008

Out Of The Bedroom 308 (3rd July 2008)

After the round-the-campfire quietness in the Canons’ Gait basement last
week (I was there!) it was back to the familiar combination of
amplification, soundman, compere and audience.

OOTB 307 – 26 June 2008

OOTB 26/6/08

Konichiwa b*tches.

Now then. You and I are to have words. You weren’t there. You don’t know.

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