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OOTB 17 – 21 Feb 2002

Derek Archer (debut), Kieran Rafferty (debut), Riley Briggs


OOTB 16 – 14 Feb 2002

Norman Lamont, Riley & Ian, Colin Donati, Les Miseres (debut)


OOTB 15 – 7 Feb 2002

Jim & Nelson, Jill Hepburn, Scott Reilly, Ian from Kin (debut), Freeloadin’ Frank, The Boy Jed from Kin (debut), Philly & Callum, Riley Briggs.


OOTB 14 – 31 Jan 2002

Jim & Nelson, Scott Reily, The Abrahams (debut), Riley Briggs, Julie Dawid, Norman Lamont, Claire Milne, Tam (debut), Joe (debut), Iain Firth.


OOTB 13 – 24 Jan 2002

Jim and Nelson, Jill Hepburn, Martin Chiesa, Scott Reilly, The G, Riley and Ian, Philly and Callum, A.D.


OOTB 12 – 17 Jan 2002

Jim & Nelson, IaIn Roberts (debut) , Norman Lamont & Graeme McDonald, Martin Chiesa (debut), Freeloadin’ Frank, Matt’s band (debut), Riley & Ian, Colin Donati.


OOTB 11 – 10 Jan 2002

Trip Fontaine, Scott Reilly, Norman Lamont, Freeloadin’ Frank, Lynsey Hutchinson, Iain Firth, Riley Briggs/Ian Stoddart (debut).


OOTB 10 – 3 Jan 2002

Helen Woods & Frank Macdonald (debut), Scott Reilly, Fraser Calder (debut), Gordon Ballboy, Fee Brown & Wez (debut), Lynsey Hutchinson, Stephen Watkins (debut), Momma Would Like It (debut), Iain Firth.


OOTB 9 – 27 Dec 2001

Freeloadin’ Frank, Jean-Marie (debut), and Jim Igoe.


OOTB 8 – 20 Dec 2001

Jim Igoe , Jill Hepburn, Danny Mullins (debut), Lynsey Hutchinson (debut), Freeloadin’ Frank, Colin Donati, Jimmy Spence (debut), Scott Reilly (debut)

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